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The Trees Need Our Help

October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

The words of a concerned citizen: “We will not be alive in one hundred years to see the trees that grow to replace the ones they want to cut down today.” So why cut them down in the first place? We have tree farms, right? We didn’t make the forest, so we should leave it alone. Am I wrong? Volunteer Ship and Motivation of the Youth and Public; that’s what needs to happen that is what you should do as well. People are always saying we need to do something, let’s get them to it!

First, I would focus on having a group of volunteers go up once a month and clean up all of the forest trails of litter and garbage. It shouldn’t be that bad, unless your littering and you know how bad it is ‘cause you littering.. But you don’t know right? When you go up hiking in the foothills and the forests, do you want to see McDonald’s Cups and French Fry wrappers littering the trails? No, you do not!

Next, I would organize a community meeting and have everybody talk about recycling. How it’s good for the environment and keeps our state cleaner. It also lifts your spirits and makes you feel good about helping the environment. Who doesn’t want to feel like that? We want to get rid of all the landfills, let’s recycle!

Last, I would focus on school field trips to the Idaho trails. The young people (like me) are the nurturers of Idaho’s landscape in the near future. Let us get THEM motivated. What are you going to do if the people of the next generation kill away the forests and fill them with McDonalds and Burger Kings? That is right; you got it now, GET THEM MOTIVATED!

See what I’m trying to say? We can still get out of this big mess. We made it. It’ll be fun to help right? Get the community involved. Don’t cut trees down, adore their majesty.

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