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A Place of My Own

December 6, 2007
By Anonymous

As I sit in the cool shade of the overhanging porch, I experience pure serenity. The lucid ripples of my aqua oasis gently intertwine with the wind, wafting the pungent sent of chlorine through my nose. Here I have the opportunity to experience emotions and thoughts unique to a wold autonomous from technology. The crisp pitch of singing birds arouse my sensations of the simplistic beauty of nature in my backyard. It is here that I am at home; it is here that I am one with the earth. The tangled vines dance up the wooden fence, giggling with violet flowers as they pass.

I immerse my bare fee into the chilling water and a shiver crawls up my body. The wispering trees sway in the wind, spreading rustling rumors through the air. The breeze tickles my ears with wisps of my hair and I feel cushioned by the sky's clouds. My mind is susceptible to clear images; there is nothing but nature before me. The warmth of the sun aids my body with the production of sweet melanin; with each moment, I can feel myself becoming stronger. I inhale the rich air; in return I exhale deeply. I am connected with naure; it is a feeling like no other.

My secluded section of serenity leaves me in solitude; it is only my mind and I. My backyard allows me to collect my thoughts and feel in control of my life, if only for a moment.

The rush of reality comes to a halt when I am in my backyard. Gossip is no more then what the trees murmur to the wind; technology is no more then the stark sundial sitting on the bench. I am at home with the trees and the grass, I am at home with the simplicity of nature's beauty, and I am at home here, in my backyard.

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