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Whole Foods: Why

November 24, 2007
By Anonymous

I would whine at my mother. Why Organic food? Why Whole Foods? Why do you insist on feeing us this food that doesn't taste any different? What's the difference? Why bother?
It was only years later when in geography we were learning about how our environment changes and what affects it, that I understood why we bothered and what the difference was.
The Ozone layer. Almost like an onion it was a layer surrounding the earth, protecting the earth. Without it the earth wouldn’t exist. The Sun is what causes the earth to thrive, yet at the same time it can kill all living breathing life on earth. The ozone layer stops it from doing this.

However it’s thinning. Man & woman here on earth are releasing hazardous gases into the air. Pollution. This pollution is thinning the ozone layer. Where the ozone layer is thing we are letting in very powerful UV sun rays onto the earth. Ice caps are rapidly melting. The highest mountains are losing their snow. This is what will happen if we continue the path were on. As global warming occurs and time passes, the ozone layer thins and thins and thins. Soon humans will not be able to step outside without huge special clothing screening all the body if the thin level of stratosphere ozone ceases to renew. All animal life will die if not kept indoors and never allowed outside. Most plant life will not be able to grow. All plants that provide food that humans and animals eat will not be able to grow. We’ll begin to struggle to eat, slowly the earth shall begin to starve. While the earth is slowly descending into starvation, the ice caps have been melting. As we all know when ice melts it doesn’t just disappear, it melts into water.
The more the ice caps melt the more water, the more water, the larger the ocean gets, the larger the ocean gets, the more room it takes up. Until finally sea levels will rise and rise and rise, beginning to flood countries. The small things we do, using aerosol cans, buying huge motorized refrigerators, spewing harmful fumes when we use our cars and working in factories that chug out tonnes of pollution daily.

So those small things you do can change the world. Why bother? You’re saving millions upon millions of lives if you do. Buy a Hybrid car or use a car gas exchanger making the gases your car produces less harmful. Buy organic foods, the less we use chemicals the less harmful gases we produce into the air, and the healthier we make our planet as well ourselves (as were no longer consuming chemical foods). So many small things can make all the difference.

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