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June 4, 2008
By Anonymous

I had went to bed after one really ruff night, I had gone hiking all day up in Mt. Hood and I was really tired. So I went to bed at Eight O’clock and slept in until four thirty, then all of a sudden my uncle Joe comes in yelling, get up sonny it’s time to go hunting we’re going to Starkey. Then I got up and got all my clothes and hunting gear, but the most important thing my gun. When we got all ready, we head off in my uncle’s crazy junk jeep wrangler. It has really big wheels 32’s which makes it really bumpy. Finally after a crazy ride there were going up the passage to were our camp site is. While were heading up there. I look up on the hill and there is a whole herd of elk but mainly cows. I tell my uncle and he pulls over almost into the creek that’s right there and says dang boy I’d think we being going up over that hill when the day comes. He has a redneck accent and he sounds dumb. Then we get there and all of his friends and two brothers are there all ready having the tent up, the tent is an army tent it is 50 feet long. The cook we have there Cathy is already set up. That is a good thing that way we don’t have to help put things up, but our cots. Then we got all settled in. Know after we got camp all set up we head up the mountain to get fire wood and a windbreak. We cut up about four tree’s total the whole time were up hunting. After we are on our way back down we see doe eating grass up on the hill with 3 fawn. Then I help put up some of the wind break and pull it out of the truck. After everything is all done I lay down on my cot and go to sleep. Every other Three days we go to laimain hot springs. They have different pools of sizes and warmness. The first pull is About 80 Degrees, the next 90, the next one 100, and the last one that they don’t allow people to go in is 125 degrees. I go in the 90 Degree one it is much better to swim in. After I do that I then get my gun and stuff ready for opening morning. Then we wake up, Cathy gets the cow bell and rings it for five minutes until everybody is awake and makes morning burritos. Before we head off to go to the target range and up the pasture right there, it’s a long walk up. Know after we gey there me and my uncle Go up another hill and his friend Gail and Joe go up the other one. Finally my uncle and I are there and we look down another hill and there is one herd on that mountain side and another on the right. The one on the left is getting chased by a coyote, there running in a circle then gun shots go off on both sides, on the left three go down and the coyote. On the right none go down they missed every shot. But me and my uncle are to for away and shoot but he tales me to anyway so I shoot about five times and on the six one I hit something and it fell on it’s head. After all that stuff the whole herd is whining and yelling. Then me and my uncle go down there and it turns out it was a branched antlered bull not a spike, I only have a spike tag. My uncle goes and finds somebody when we are on our way back down. So then we tell them were it is and they go find it. And I go to sleep when we back to camp from the adventure we had then the next day we leave and tell my aunt Shebelle what kind of adventure we had. Then unpacked all our stuff and took a nice hot shower.

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