October 13, 2012
By MarieNoel GOLD, Accra, Other
MarieNoel GOLD, Accra, Other
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The number of street children have increased in recent times. A lot of people and the government have expressed concern about how to take those street children away from the street.
The economic situation in the country and migration of the rural people to the city are the major causes of the problem.
The people who travel from the villages to the city should be made to understand that,city life is not all that comfortable.Rent for accommodation is high. Accommodation is very scarce because of the high population density. If the people move from the villages to the cities with their children ,accommodation would be a big problem.
The government should therefore make a law to make it a crime for children to be found on the street. Heavy fine should be imposed on parents whose children are found in the street should be made to work on penal farms.
Child labour should be stopped in the country. The community and the people should be educated on the dangers of child labour. Some of the dangers are vehicles knocking down children disrupting the smooth movement of vehicular traffic.
The government should try to create more jobs in the country to help parents get good jobs to do. i am sure when parents are in well paid jobs,they can cater for their children well.
The government should make education affordable so that more children would be in school. Scholarship should be awarded to intelligent but needy children so that they could go to school.
Non-governmental organizations(NGOs) should help so that children get skills and vocation in schools.

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