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A Step Closer

July 1, 2008
By Anonymous

"What we do today, right now, will have an accumulated effect on all of our tomorrows."
— Alexandra Stoddard

Step outside and take in the scenery around you, depending on the area of where you are, you will see different occurrences. You might take in dozens of cars emitting gaseous fumes, thick smoke filled skies, and various planes cutting through the smog leaving a trail of carbon dioxide in their wake. You coughed slightly and your eyes are starting to water. Yet this scenario is so familiar to you, that it goes unnoticed and you too, hop into your vehicle and drive to your destination only twenty minutes away. Unbeknownst, you are actually contributing to air pollution. Directly and indirectly.

To eliminate this issue, I believe we should take a simpler approach to it. Instead of thinking large, there are ways to help the environment in smaller ways and keep it to most people's budgets. Instead of having to be transported each day by vehicles if we are traveling a short distance; I think we should take bikes and walking into consideration. Sounds crazy? Not at all. Bicycles do not require gas and nor do our bodies. If one was to ride a bicycle the short distance they would have drove in a car, that act is a step closer toward saving our planet. Mopeds are also a great idea for these short distances, they are cost efficient and run by battery.

For those larger distances, I believe we can look into the option of hybrid cars. A concept that has been thought of and invented, but hasn't been use to its fullest potential. If possible, I believe that the car industries should stop creating regular cars and for those who still own them, I think that we should be able to trade them in for a hybrid vehicle. Those cars that have been traded in can be recycled for other uses and products.

Imagine a completely different scenario from the one above. You step outside from your home, as soon as your feet land onto the ground, you breathe in the fresh air around you. Your bike is parked near, after all, you aren't traveling too far today. The sky is a dazzling cerulean, differ than the tainted grey you were once use to. Hybrid cars are traveling up and down the streets; people in them are wearing a smile of accomplishment. You nod slowly to yourself knowing that you are taking a step closer to saving our planet and saving our future.

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on Aug. 12 2008 at 2:45 am
Very good article, I think we should follow this; because although as you said the ideas are simple. They are intelligent too.