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Blood-Thirsty or Majestic

May 23, 2008
By Anonymous

Blood-Thirsty or Majestic?
You decide.

The definition of a wolf is a wild carnivorous mammal that is the largest of the dog family, living and hunting in packs. It is native to both Eurasia and North America, but has been widely exterminated. Wolves were an endangered species, but thanks to the effort of wolf lovers around the world, they are recently off that tragic list. I do believe wolves should be brought back to Maine.

However, there are many people who disagree with me. They may say there will be too many attacks on humans. People who don’t know lots about wolves consider them blood-thirsty killers. They are greatly mistaken. There has never been a, healthy, wolf killing a human EVER recorded in the U.S.(unless the wolf felt threatened or was being harmed.)

There are 18,000 miles of Maine that are suitable for wolves to live on. We could reintroduce the wolves into those 18,000 miles. I think the wolves’ habitat, if they are brought back to Maine, should be marked off. The territory will not allow hunting, trapping, and (most of all) buildings! Trapping and hunting them would just be a waste of reintroducing the wolves to Maine. If we bring the wolves back...we want them to live and be safe... Don’t we?

(Facts from the website Wolves have been hunting down the moose, an other animals in the state if Alaska. This state is known for their great Fishing and Game. The citizens of Alaska are worried that there will not be enough Game anymore (because of the wolves.) Without a doubt, there will be a plentiful amount of Game even if the wolves kill of half of its population. But the people who live in Alaska are still fretting, practically for no reason. Sp, to take care of their problem they have been ariel shooting the wolves out of helicopters. Just within the last winter months, they have killed eighty-one wolves at five different control areas. I was very upset about this. There isn’t a fair reason for these innocent animals to be shot down.

Also, people say wolves would abolish Maine’s deer and moose herds. But the website states that” a population of 100 wolves (approximately 15-25 packs) would take less that one percent of the combined moose and deer populations in Maine.” If anything the wolves are going to help this state. Bringing wolves would definitely help our ecosystem. Wolves would mostly hunt the sick animals, because they are easier to stalk and kill. And if the wolves kill the ill creatures there won’t be any sickness for other animals to catch, leaving us healthy deer, moose, etc... to hunt. The Maine Wolf Coalition claims that having wolves in Maine may bring more visitors and money the the State too. They mentioned a Federal Environmental Impact Statement that talks of a large increase in visitor spending following the reintroduction of wolves at Yellowstone.

Nonetheless, wolves should most definitely be reintroduced to the state of Maine. In the future I would love to see wolves safely and happily living in ME.

I would like the future definition of a wolf to be this; a majestic, beautiful, and timid creature, which only will attack if felt threatened, or if it is unhealthy (has rabies.) Has most of the same DNA of our ordinary household pet...a dog. They are off the endangered list, and will be off it for good. The amounts of wolves across the world are blossoming everyday.

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