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How would you save the forest?

October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

If I was in charge of Idaho’s forests I would focus on saving the forest and the animals in it. What is the best way to save the forest? Some may say that really cracking on down on the poaching problem would do is the biggest problem; others say that picking up the trash and keeping the forests clean would solve the problem. Some might think that having a cut one plant one rule on cutting down trees would save the forests. Saving the forests will be hard and these are good places to start.

Poaching is a big problem for the animals in the Idaho forests. To really crack down on poaching we need to get more forest rangers out on the move in the forests. If this is too much to ask then the rangers that are out there right now need to be checking all camps that even look like hunting camps to make sure that everyone who is hunting has a license and a tag for the animal they are hunting. Does it sound fair to you that innocent animals being hunted illegally?
Another thing that just destroys the Idaho forests is the problem of littering. Really all we have to do is use the rule of leaving wherever you are better than it was when you got there. Picking up the trash would help a lot in my opinion because then the litter wouldn’t get just ground into the earth.
Having a cut one plant one rule on cutting down trees would really help the forests. This is a very big problem because we are really losing our trees all over the world. If we do not start planting more trees then we will not be doing so well. Where do you think we would be if we didn’t have forests?

Saving the forest is a great thing to do. Really cracking down on poaching is a splendid idea; having a cut one plant one regulation on cutting down trees would also help. Another grand idea is that picking up trash will help the forests keep growing. It’s hard to do but it can be done with just a little effort.

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