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October 10, 2008
By Anonymous

Here I grow on this tree
Excitedly I turn a beautiful green.

I spread myself out, casting a shade
Can’t wait for the children to come out and play

Here they come; they’re on their way
It’s it just the most wonderful day

Oh no, oh dear they’re pulling on my friends
I hope this monstrosity comes to an end

The dark clouds roll in and start to sing
The raindrops fall on me with a quiet ping.

The rain is so sweet, for I needed a drink
I hear the raindrops ping in sync

The clouds disappear and the sun comes into view
Why the sun makes me happy, I haven’t a clue

The days go by and the bugs get worse
Those little unheavenly things feel like a curse

The sun isn’t as warm
But the caterpillars still change form

I feel the wind shake the frost off me
I feel almost as stiff as the tree

I’m really starting to worry
For I witnessed an early flurry

I know I’m running out of time
Because the temperature is making its slow decline

I’m getting really scared so I start to cry
Until I realize I’ve cried myself dry

I am no longer a beautiful green
And not quite sure what it means

I see my friends fall away from the tree
What are they doing? Did they forget about me?

I feel myself getting weak
And then I hear a quiet creak

I feel the wind rush passed me
Glad someone has answered my plea

Happy to be on the ground with my friends
Even though this might mean the end.

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