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Global Warming, Is It Possible To Stop It?

April 27, 2009
By Frosty10001 BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
Frosty10001 BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
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Global Warming, is it possible to stop the crisis? Unlike 2012 and the 2000 year end predictions, this one is real. Many young children have interesting ideas to help stop it.

But, heres a question that you should have on your minds, who will help stop it? The water is too heavily polluted to purify it. Forests are being chopped by the second. How is it going to stop completly? There is no way the sewers are going to suddenly stop spurting it's waste out the pipe, unless we'll have a back fill. Wood cutters are too careless to think about our Earth.

If you pause and think about it, you might ponder and wonder, is it really possible to stop Global Warming to it's destination? I've heard many admirable choices and suggestions, but for that you'll need willing people, and a lot of it.

The government is not doing much about it. And when the government is displaying it's weak point, cruel people destory it for massive damage. And that damage is on our Earth. We'll need our planet to live on. We are living on Earth, and we are backstabbing it. How could we do this to our only chance of life?

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