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Broken toy

June 20, 2013
By Orangesummer PLATINUM, Boise, Idaho
Orangesummer PLATINUM, Boise, Idaho
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Lost boy, better boy, hurt boy
Learn the leaves as she climbs the trees
In their endless tangled branches
She will never reach the top.

Lost boy
A girl once loved
And almost stolen
She stayed true
Even when given every reason not to
Like when the shapeshifter reflected her past
She did not fall for him
A thousand ways to say goodbye
Not a single whisper escapes the lips in a lost tragedy
The fire was long
As his fingers were
In the darkening summer sky
And she smiled because she loved
But didn't speak because she was afraid of what couldn't happen
Thousands of stars
Holes in the night
But she couldn't feel safe
Even if she wanted to
And as the truck drove down the road
Whispers missed
A lost dog and a stolen bike

Better boy
Once left in the dark with a knife in his back
She had a knife and a thorn in hers
With glass in her feet
But one day he reached
Bent his arm the wrong way
And pulled it out
Her arms were long but not long enough to reach her freedom
Scars scattered her
And the yells pulled her apart
Fiber by fiber
Until she shattered onto the carpet
But his back was healed
And his mouth was clean
He looked at her
A broken toy
And let her drown
With another knife stuck in her spine
And cauterized wounds
From what was there before

Hurt boy
Wearing a dark mask
Only taking it off for her on those nights
And since that man passed away
And the other boys hit her
And wouldn't stop
They had worn dark masks
Which duplicated his smile
And those girls left her to rot in the bathroom
Where blood went down the drain in the sink
He was forced
To watch them do things to her
And she was forced
To see him self destruct
At every funeral
And his broken smile
Broke her
But there was nothing she could do
And her scars
And the battered knuckles those boys had
Battered him too
But there was nothing he could do
But watch
And let them beat her
As he dug her grave
But on those nights
Each of their lives
Could become a broken life
In a fragmented picture
Of still moments
And Polaroids
Of what happens
And black and whites
Of a towel on the bathroom floor
Soaked in her blood
Soaked in her defeat
And there was nothing either of them could do about it

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