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Moe's Cafe

November 12, 2008
By Anonymous

My car broke down. I got it to a mechanic, but he told me it might be a few hours. I asked if he knew of any place to get a bite to eat. The greasy mechanic pointed out the door to his left.

“Moe’s Café,” he mumbled.

I might as well give it a try. I walked in and took the first booth to my right. The place made me cringe. The floor was so dusty that every time you took a step, dust flew up from the yellow carpet and engulfed itself around your feet. As I sat in my booth, a young looking woman wearing tattered blue jeans and a flannel shirt, walked up to me. I could tell by her name tag that she was Candice. She asked what I wanted, so I told her my order. As she walked away I noticed the chef (assuming his name is Moe) look at her strangely. Moe was a rather muscular looking man; he wore a blue bandana and had a brownish grey beard that was about six inches in length. A few moments later, Candice came out of the kitchen carrying an orange soda. She plopped the soda on top of a napkin on my table which was covered in crumbs from many other meals eaten there, and swiftly walked away. I noticed a piece of receipt paper lying by the napkin placed under my drink. I looked at the paper very secretively, and written on the paper was…

I don't know if you can help me, but iI am being held here against my will. There are three other women in the back of the kitchen. Please, help us.

At this point, I am unsure of what to do. I understand fully what she is saying but I wondered why she was being held captive. I needed to devise a plan. I asked Moe to hold off on my order because I needed to go to the mechanics place to check up on my car. I walked outside and sat on the curb, thinking. How am I going to help them? I got up and walk the perimeter of Moe’s Café. In doing so, I noticed a brown wooden door on the back side of the building. I assumed this is the kitchen door. I considered busting in and just saving the women that way. I soon realized that strategy would be too risky. I walked back to the front of the Café and tried to think of another approach. I got nothing. Across the street, was a pay phone. Call the cops? Not, a bad idea. I walked over to the phone and dropped in my first quarter. Just then, Moe came running out of the Café, headed towards me. When he finally crossed the street and was standing no more than four feet in front of me, he asked if this was mine. He handed me a piece of paper. It’s the exact same one Candice had given to me. At this point, I think to myself, how could I be so stupid?

“This musta fell outta your pocket. I found it on the floor of my Café.”

I felt like my heart stopped and my blood quit flowing. I looked into Moe’s dark brown eyes, I saw nothing. Moe started back for the Café. When he made it halfway there, he turned around and said that the Café was closed. What was I supposed to do now? Candice and the three other girls were still in there. I still had to wait for my car, which meant I was stuck here. I had time, so I knew that I needed to do something.

Just then, it hit me. I should go talk to the mechanic and tell him, he might be of help. As I walked in the door to the mechanic’s place I spotted my car, not done yet. But, that wasn’t why I was here. I also noticed many other broken down cars that had been taken apart, all of their parts lying on the floor. I had to find the mechanic. I spotted him over by the spare tires. I approached quickly. I must have startled him because he flew back at least five feet out of his shoes. Tires went flying every which way. I apologized for the scare and then I pulled out the note from Candice from my pocket. The mechanic read it over. He looked at me.

“Candice, from Moe’s place give ya’ this?” he asked, still a little out of breath.

“Yes Sir,” I replied.

“I am an undercover cop. I have been following this case for about six months, just waiting for the right piece of evidence to show up. I believe this piece of paper may be it. I’ve got other evidence in the back, follow me. I will let you have a look.” stated the mechanic.
I followed the mechanic into the back room. He shut the door behind us. He told me to grab a seat. Since there was only one in the room, I sat in it. As I sat in the chair, a sharp burst of what seemed to be an electric current overcame my entire body. I could feel my face cringing at the unbearable pain that shot up my whole entire spine. I struggled to get to my feet, but the pain was too intense. I blacked out, and in estimation, I was most likely out for a few hours. Of course, I didn’t know this for sure, but upon waking up, I found myself lying in a kitchen. I then noticed that I was back at Moe’s Café wearing tattered blue jeans and a flannel shirt. At this point I was very confused; I just wanted my car to be fixed so I could leave. Just then, a loud noise, it was Moe calling out the next order. For some reason I found my self picking it up and delivering it to the next unsuspecting victim.

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on Jun. 13 2021 at 11:21 pm
SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
200 articles 23 photos 1053 comments

Favorite Quote:
"It Will Be Good." (complicated semi-spiritual emotional story.)

"Upon his bench the pieces lay
As if an artwork on display
Of gears and hands
And wire-thin bands
That glisten in dim candle play." -Janice T., Clockwork[love that poem, dont know why, im not steampunk]

i knew he wasnt trustworthy.
this reminds me of a store near a car place we used to go to. yeah I have so many memories of it it has to be real. in my mind it was the bagel shop, even tho I know they also sold chips and juice and presumably other stuff. it will always be the bagel store to me.

number_38 GOLD said...
on Jun. 13 2021 at 6:10 pm
number_38 GOLD, Christchurch, Other
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oh wow

on Jan. 26 2021 at 12:50 pm
living-dead-girl-666 PLATINUM, Coffeyville, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
The roses are wilted
The violets are dead
The demons run circles
Round and round inside my head

that was AMAZING

on Mar. 3 2018 at 7:34 pm
Daylightwonders SILVER, Hiram, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"I have taken the road less traveled by, and it has made all the difference"

The plot twist was awesome!

on Jan. 25 2015 at 9:12 am
Gabrielmm. GOLD, Ogetashi, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you are the world.

This is very interesting. I love the twist ending!