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I Remember

June 27, 2013
By Fangsgirl BRONZE, Vidor, Texas
Fangsgirl BRONZE, Vidor, Texas
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I still remember the last time I saw my sister Jamie. It was ten years ago, moments before she was stolen from me. We were at our city’s mall when she disappear. I remember how she looked that day. Her black hair hanging loose at her side, sunglasses over her dark blue eyes, and her smile shinnying brighter then the Sun. Remember the day still pains me. Now I work at an FBI, my life goal to try and find my sister. For the first time in ten paralyzing year ,we might just have a lead.

“James,” my boss called out,” We found this sticking out of your box this morning.”

Matthew handed me a beat up letter with the name Mystery on it. It read,

Dear James,

You probably don’t remember by now. You were only 17 when we first met, the day you saw something you weren’t suppose to. I am prepared to make you a deal. Meet me at the old shack on West Brook, and we’ll talk.



Reading the note a couple of times, I finally looked up at Matthew. Was this man the one that stole Jamie, or was this something else? Could I finally find my sister? Was this even real? “Matthew I’m going to West Brook.”

“Not without a partner.” Matthew growled,” I want you to come back from this Mr. James.”

“I can do this myself .” As I started to leave a women stood in front of me.

“James meet Ally. She will be your partner for this investigation.” Matthew walked out of my office and left me with Ally.

“Ally, Lets go.” Ally signed ,but didn’t argue. The car ride was silent. Neither Ally, or I would talk. Why would I need a partner? This is something I should do by myself. My sister is my responsibility .

Fifteen minutes later we stood outside the creepy, old shack that burned in a fire when I was ten. The thing was no one was there,” Ally signed let’s do a sweep over the perimeter. You take that side and I’ll take this side.”

Wind shivered through the trees around us, chilling me to the bone, but the wind wasn’t the only thing giving me the chills. Someone was watching me. My neck burned from where I felt the stares.

“Ally, how’s it looking over there.” She didn’t reply for a few minutes,” I don’t see anything. We should leave James. This has to be a trap.

As I turned around, admitting defeat, I felt something hit my head with a bang, and I was out.

When I woke up I felt a anguishing pain in my head. My surrounding had changed while I was out. There was one dusty window in front of me. The floors creaked under my feet, the smell of molding sawdust ripped through the air, and broken blinds swung back and forth hitting the window. My hands were tied onto an aged chair. Though my neck acked .I tried to turn around, but a voice stopped me.

“Don’t turn around.” That deep voice sounded familiar.

“Who are you?”

The man laughed, “That is not of your concern, but you will find out soon. If you try to escape you won’t make it out alive.” The door slammed shut, confirming I was alone.

About 20 minutes went by when I heard a gunshot. Then another. Soon the door swung open and someone started untying my bonds, “James are you okay?

It was Ally,” How did you find me?” She didn’t answer my question, but she still spoke,” We have to hurry before the man comes to.”

We ran out into the hall where I heard a growing voice,” Help! Help!”

Ally and I searched till we found a woman. Her features looked familiar. When I brought her into the Sun, I saw it. This person is Jamie. My sister is alive.

“Thank you for saving me,” she said as we walked into the FBI building,” Why do you look so familiar.”

“It’s me Jamie. It’s your older brother James.”

Without another word I wrapped Jamie into my embrace, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Later that day when it was time for me to clock out, Ally came up to me and asked, “So what are you going to do now that you found your sister?”

Smiling for the first time in years, I answered,” Show my sister the world she missed.”

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