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The Kiss of Death

August 21, 2011
By Kay... BRONZE, London, Other
Kay... BRONZE, London, Other
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He killed her. She was stone cold dead. Her face was a pale white, almost as if all the blood from her body had drained out. His eyes seemed to coruscate with joy, or was it pleasure? He released the lifeless body, and licked his lips, as if he just had a savouring dinner, or a luscious drink. I knew those lips, those lips used to caress my own, they use to work their way down to my neck and tease a bite. But that was before he tried to kill me. Before he craved my blood. My whole body shook with fear, leaving the hairs on my arm to stand up. Petrified to move breath or even blink, I held my breath in an attempt to slow my breathing. Big mistake. I noticed my heart beating louder, and the thing that was in front of me could hear a healthy heart beat from a mile away. He...or should I say it, looked in the direction I was hiding in. My body froze stiff. He knew I was here, and he could smell my blood. My blood to him was like honey to a bee. I was his drug, and his addiction could become fatal. I knew what it was, this thing...he wasn’t a monster, or a demon. No. He was far worst, and only one word could describe him.
He began to approach me. Step by step. His eyes locked with mine, causing my insides to burn with an awkward but familiar sensation. He couldn’t set me in a trance, and he knew he couldn’t. Those who are in love or infatuated with their victim, no longer have the ability to daze or harm them. That’s what the myth says. And he knew it. He couldn’t hurt me, even if he tried, and it was all because he imprinted with me. I was no longer scared, but weak. Weak because the rope which tied our love could never be broken, and we would always find each other. This life was planned for me before I was even born. It was my destiny.
His hands touched my face and gently caressed my left cheek. He knew what his touch did to me. He knew how it sent electrical impulses all over my body which always left me breathless. I couldn’t resist his touch, just like how he couldn’t resist my blood. He leaned in as if he were about to kiss me, hovering over my lips but not touching them, then moving his way down my neck. His breath brushed my skin, enchanting me all over. I closed my eyes and then opened them again. I saw the dead girl. How could I have forgotten? Her limp body just laid there, and not a single soul would know. Apart from mine.
With all the willpower in the world, I managed to part from his deadly but passionate grasp. He was not happy with this at all. He flashed his pearly white teeth exposing his sharp fangs. His eyes turned a deep dark chestnut red, and an ominous hiss came from the back of his throat. He was no good for me and I needed to get as far away from him as possible. I needed more time, so I slowed it with my brain. An ability I was born with but mastered when I met him.
I was confined in a small four walled room with no windows, and one door. He had the key to that door. The wall was a bleak colour. It was a dirty grey, as if it were here for centuries. The ceiling had spots of blood on it, and so did the floor. I needed to escape. I tried the door knowing that it wouldn’t budge, and I knew I didn’t have the strength to kick it down. There was no window for me to break and no air convents for me to climb into. Even if I did escape, he would be able smell my blood and track me down. If I reached too far from him, all he would need to do is think of me and he would find out where I was. There was no use.
Everything came back to time now and he was standing there, fist clenched and eyes penetrating, oblivious to what I did. It looked like he was watching something or someone else, even though it was only him and I who were in the room. As I was just about to say something, he pushed me out of the way before a dark shady figure had the chance to lung at me. The figure came back for a second attempt, but by this time Jason already had me in a force field. The dark shady figure tried to attack me again, but it bounced back of an invisible layer. Jason was furious now. He jumped at the figure, and revealed his fangs once again, but this time he flashed them to sink them. The figure tried to escape, it moved and thrashed and even tried to scratch, but it was no use. Jason’s teeth were already in, and all the life from this figure was being drained slowly and painfully. I watched Jason timorously. It frightened me how easy it was for him to take a life. Even when he weren’t thirsty.
My adrenalin kicked in making me anxious, petrified and panicky. I kicked the force that was around me over and over again In order to get out. It was pointless. So then I punched the force over and over, elbowing, kneeing and anything I could do to get out. I was beginning to feel claustrophobic and I was going to lose my mind if I didn’t escape. Jason looked around, finished with his “surprise” dinner, and came over to me. He touched the invisible air around me and deactivated the force field. Filled with exhaustion, fear, and disorientation, I collapsed in his arms, scaring him for a change.
It was night, and I was unconsciously walking to a forsaken well. The clouds above me were muted silver in colour, and looked as if they were to burst any time. I stopped once I reached the well and saw a muscular body with broad shoulders. Dark black wings were attached to his back, and they seemed to move in synchronization to the wind. His outstanding beauty left me speechless. A black Raven flew above my head and landed on his shoulder. He looked at me and whispered something, something that froze all movement in my body. A dreadful image filled my thoughts leaving me screaming.
I woke up in a familiar place. The walls were no longer a dreary grey; instead they were a warm gold colour with the red floral pattern I was familiar with. The floor was a calm cream with a red rug to contrast. As my eyes wondered the room, I realised where I was. Jason’s bedroom. He looked at me with worry written all of his face and held out his hand.
“What happened?” Jason asked.
“I saw him. He wants me, that’s why he’s trying to kill you! How could I have not seen this before?” I cried.
“Krystal what are you talking about?” His face looked perplexed and questions were drifting through his mind.
“It’s Zane! He thinks I'm his other half. He wants to tie our souls together.” The fear in my voice turned the sound into a whisper, making the words come out unsteady and broken, almost connoting what would happen to my spirit if Zane succeeded.
“He can’t do that.” Jason tried to assure me.
“Yes he can. You’ve imprinted with me and Zane is infatuated with me, leaving me vulnerable and him being able to haunt me in my dreams! I won’t be able to fall asleep, it’s too dangerous. If he manages to tie our souls in my dream, then he would be able to do the same in reality, and you know how weak I am in my dreams.” I explained, even though he knew all of this already.
“Yes that is true, but you’re also forgetting that he has to kill me first in order to tie his soul with yours, and there is no way I would let that happen. Tell me what happened in the dream.” Jason said.
“I was walking to a well and I saw Zane standing in front of it. He stepped closer to me until he was a feet away, and then he whispered something awful in my ears. He breathed on my neck filling my thoughts with dreadful images; images of him murdering you and my whole family. Then followed by a scene where he finally ties our souls on a mountain, meaning infinity with him.” I told him.
“What did he whisper?” Jason asked me.
“The Eternal oath. He began to recite the unbreakable vow.” I answered.
“S***!” Jason looked furious. His hands began to tremble with rage, and his iris dilated. He was about to lose control.
“Calm down. He won’t be able to harm me.” I whispered reassuringly.
“I bloody know that. He recited the frigging Eternal oath.” Jason shouted.
“Yeah, but it’s no use unless I recite it with him, and we both know that will never happen.” I told him.
“You don’t know the full truth behind the Eternal oath Krystal! By him reciting that to you in your dream he’s already influenced an unconscious part of your brain.” He shouted.
My head really was spinning, so I got up and went to stand next to the window. It was amazing at how ironic life was; only 5 months ago I was the happiest teenager alive, and I so badly wanted Jason to be mine. Now I wish I never met Jason and I could not feel any worst! I watched an ant attempting to rescue an injured ant on the windowsill. As small as the ant was, it still had mercy and risked its own life to save another. It struggled across the windowsill and looked as if it was lost, but that still didn’t stop the ant. The ant, with its injured ally on its back, slowly but successfully made their way to a hole in the window pane, and disappeared out of sight. If insects could behave like this, then why couldn’t humans. Zane would do anything to tie my soul with his, and Jason would do anything to prevent that from happening. Where did I lie in all of this? Didn’t I have a say in all of this?
“Just don’t worry.” I tried to sound calm and reassuring, but I'm sure he noticed the fear and uncertainty in my voice. “More importantly, you have to tell me why you broke your promise.”
“What do you mean?” He asked, knowing very well where I was coming from.
“You promised me you wouldn’t feed of humans again.” I said.
“And I still haven’t broken your promise.” He replied. He knew that if he were to continue beating around the bush, it would tick my nerve.
“I saw you kill that girl Jason!” I shouted, annoyed by the fact that he still had the cheek to lie to me, even though he knew I bluntly saw him kill that girl.
“I did that to protect you.” It looked as if he were remembering something very painful, for he winced at a memory.
“What do you mean?” I questioned.
“That girl was sent to kidnap you, Zane marked you as her target.” He answered sensing my impatience.
“You really think I'm scared of a human girl? As if she would have been able to force me against my will. I can handle myself you know.” I felt flushed and embarrassed; the last thing I wanted to be was someone’s damsel in distress.
“You don’t understand; she was a half breed. She had the strength of a vampire, but the blood of a human. She would have been able to take you against your will in a flash, leaving you with more than just the odd bruise.” He told me. “Krystal, listen to me. You are the target, and they will stop at nothing to get you. For the millions of years they’ve been walking this earth, they have been able to kill their enemy’s, and get their victims with no hesitation and without failure. Zane wants you, and he would wipe out humanity if he had to in order to get to you. Don’t take this lightly.” He explained. He himself was trembling with what seemed to be fear. If Zane succeeded, the world would darken and collapse, annihilating all light. Like a black hole.
“I need to kiss Zane.” I said to Jason, after a long pause.
“I know. The Kiss Of Death. And you’re the only being that can perform that kiss.” He whispered. “Make him regret everything. Every single thing. Kill him with the very thing he wants.”

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Kay... BRONZE said...
on Dec. 17 2011 at 4:41 am
Kay... BRONZE, London, Other
3 articles 0 photos 20 comments

Favorite Quote:
Life is not accomplished when reaching the Destination, it is the journey that creates success.


Kay... BRONZE said...
on Dec. 17 2011 at 4:41 am
Kay... BRONZE, London, Other
3 articles 0 photos 20 comments

Favorite Quote:
Life is not accomplished when reaching the Destination, it is the journey that creates success.

Thank You very much. :)

on Dec. 16 2011 at 3:25 pm
Tongue_Blep PLATINUM, ????, Ohio
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sorry I havent commented in so long! I feel bad! sorry! Great story by the way! Keep writing! :)(:

on Dec. 16 2011 at 3:24 pm
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great story!!!! :)(: