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The Criminal Download (The CD) Part 1

July 31, 2011
By haleyy. SILVER, Daleville, Alabama
haleyy. SILVER, Daleville, Alabama
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- Eminem

Speed. That's all I care about right now. Running. That's the only task my body can perfrom at the moment. No matter how tired I get, I have to keep going. I want so badly to turn around and see how far he is behind me, but I know if I do my body will naturally slow down and I can't risk that. Can't risk getting caught. So I keep running full speed ahead; willing my legs to keep going a little bit farther before giving out on me.

Leaves and dirt. The taste of them is in my mouth. Why? I fell. I tripped over a tree root. With the thought of losing time and getting caught, I quickly regain my balance and keep going. I push my muscles beyond their limits to make up for the lost time. My only saving grace being the damp, softness of the leaves that covers the heavy sounds of my pounding feet. The darkness of the cloudy night and lack of stars enable me to a kind of cloak of invisiblity that can only be revealed up close. To any innocent bystanders riding in their cars on the highway only 20 feet away, I seem like only the shadow of a swaying tree limb. Which is fine with me. Nobody else needs to get hurt because of me. Because of me......... flashes of Carson lying on the school's gym floor covered in glass and blood popped into my head. Carson. My best friend. My partner in crime. ( People have no idea how close they come to real situations, like mine, when they make up these sayings. ) He got hurt because he helped me. Helped me........ another memory flashed in my mind. This time, one of him throwing the all - important disc into my hands, screaming "GO ADDY! RUN! RUN ADDALYNN!" before taking off in the opposite direction, towards my follower, and meeting a bright flash of light and shattering glass as one of the gym lights was shot down from the ceiling.

Focus Addy. I force myself back to reality before I fall again. Getting caught won't help Carson. It won't help anything. But I realize that particular fact too late. My memories betray me........ I feel a stinging and a sharp pain on the back of my right leg before I hit the leafy ground again, and realize how much time I spent thinking of Carson. I turn to inspect my leg and see a rock the size of my fist laying nearby. A rock? Seriously? I let a rock take me down? After all I went through, something as simple as a rock was my downfall. I continued to chastise myself as I tried to use a tree trunk to pull myself up. But not before I hear the sound of approaching footsteps and heavy breathing. Oh........ No. I was too late. I quickly secured the disc inside my jacket before he stepped into my line of
sight. I guess now would be a good time to start from the beginning.............

The author's comments:
I wrote this while my sister was doing my hair and makeup and I liked it so I decided to put it on here!(: I plan on making it into a book and I'm working on the other parts to it as I type this!(: Enjoy!

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