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October 28, 2009
By Skaterkid797 BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
Skaterkid797 BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
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You hear steps coming. Hurry there almost here. Open the door or are you to weak? Times is about to run out. It’s too late you can’t save her the virus has spread to far. No it has not! Oh yes she’s turning right in front of you. If you won’t pull the trigger I will. Lift the gun now and be a good boy. That’s it just like that and put your fingers around the trigger and…..Boom! Ah just perfectly. HmmmHaaahaaaaha!!!
Journal Entry 17 July 26, 2017
1:00 am 36 hours after infection
I wake in a jolt falling off the tree. Using my reflex’s I land on my feet. That’s why I don’t allow myself more than 5 hours asleep at a time. Priding my new powers as I grab my survival supplies my phone beeps. Watch out Zombies in your area from Sarah. Heeding my sister’s advice I head north to meet her at temporary base camp. While walking I make mental notes of what I have and what needs to be done.
Cleaned Gun Barrels
Have supplies for the week
Need to find a cure for Bri
The list was pretty simple in my eyes except for the cure part but there’s got to be one right? Crossing a small creek I spot a TAINTED and am immediately on my toes. I haven’t killed a zombie in maybe 2 days and that’s when I started to become one. Grabbing my serrated edged knife from my belt I jump so quickly the zombie doesn’t know what hit it. It goes down like a freshly cut tree. Blood…my hunger for flesh and blood was getting more and more intense. More would start coming if I didn’t get out of here. The land started to become a marsh this was to my advantage it would make it harder for the zombies to see me. Hearing someone cock a gun I turn right as the dart hits my neck I sink to my knees.
Journal Entry One July 12, 2017 about Me Page
Hey the names Alex I am 16 and work for the Zombie Survivalist United or Z.S.U for short I helped found it and it’s a pretty decent group we go around place to place trying to find a cure to the zombie outbreak that happened in 2014. In it are some of my friends and family. My sister and partner Sara, my best friend Blake and Girlfriend Bri are just a few people. Well back in 2014 there were some scientist trying to find a cure for cancer but while researching for data they came across this disease called Zombicafarben for short the Z-Virus a very powerful one at that. They injected it into some people’s blood streams and the people were freaking out. Turns out it was only meant for Bears and equaled pandemic for people. Causing a major Zombie panic. So we here at Z.S.U protect the uninfected kill zombies and try and find a cure. There have been rumors of that bears hold the cure but no bears are in sight. Dang we have to move out well who ever finds this publish it trust me it will be useful.
Property of Z.S.U
Specimen Alex Kingston’s Journal Entry’s 1 and 17 fragments Classified Leave in safe 245634 Transmission terminated.

The author's comments:
This Guy named ALex gets infect into a zombie. There will be more!!!!

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