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Soul Artifact

September 17, 2009
By azvampiregirl SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
azvampiregirl SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
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Opening his eyes, he suddenly had to bring his hand up to shield his eyes from the bright light. Cautiously he lowered his hand, to gaze over it to see where the light was coming from. But when he could see without being blinded, he noticed that the light was all around him. Everywhere he turned white light covered. The floor, walls, ceiling, all white. He couldn't tell where the floor ended or where the walls started. The only dark that was against the white was himself. His skin was a light tan, his clothes and shoes were dark against the light.

Taking a step foreword, it felt as if he was on hard floor. He thought if there was a floor, there were walls. If he could just hold out his arms to the sides to feel for the wall, maybe he could find a door and get out of here. But then all of a sudden he stopped in mid-step. The last thought he had before he opened his eyes was that he was thinking about stealing a few artifacts from a large museum the next day before he fell asleep. So he knew he was dreaming. Bringing back one of his hands he pinched the skin of his arm. Wincing, he narrowed his eyes at the white around him.

"What is this?! Where am I? Answer me!" he shouted, but all it did was echo back through the vast whiteness. Clenching his fist, he frowned deeply. Beginning to walk again, he began to think on where he could be.

Thinking about the day before, he remembered that he and his crew of men hit the jack pot with stealing ancient artifacts from a shipment from Transylvania. They had to kill a few group of men to get them too. The artifacts were supposed to be thousands of dollars, and he was going to sell them on the black market for a bit more. Legends were supposed to be on the stupid things. Something about an evil spirit catcher that stole the souls of evil people that looked into the gems that were embedded into the artifacts. The tales told about them are said to be that once the evil soul is taken, it is to be put in a world of horrors that would scare the soul over and over again for the rest of eternity as the person would not wake again. But none of his crew or himself believed in any of the tales. Just some gypsy tales are to scare weaklings.

Just then knocking sounded, echoing off the space, disturbing him from his thoughts. The sounds were coming from ahead of him. In the distance he could make out a darker white dot.


He started to walk faster towards the knocking. The knocking soon became banging. It sounded as if someone was throwing chair against a wall. Running now, he saw the dot becoming larger and larger as he got closer. He started to slow down when he noticed that as he was close enough, that the dot was a door. It was a old wooden white door. As soon as he stood in front of it with his hand onto the door knob, the banging stopped suddenly. It was silent once more. Flashing in front of his eyes were two ruby red orbs for a moment. Instantly he took his hand away from the knob.

Those red orbs reminded him of the rubies that were embedded in the eye sockets of the artifact earlier in the day. The eyes belonged to a stone panther like creature with bone wings. A shiver ran down his spine, but he shook his head to clear his head.

"Great now I'm thinking about some stupid rock, as if some little stone artifact can steal a soul," he chuckled.

Taking the knob in his hand once more, he turned it and cautiously pushed inward. The white light shined in to give him some light, as there were none on inside. Peering around the door that creaked loudly on rusted hinges, he noticed that what he looked at looked like a house entrance way. Walking into the place the rest of way he looked around more. The floor was white tile that had a large amount of dust and what seemed like red specks of red paint. Cobwebs covered the corners of the ceiling, any furniture that was inside was covered in white sheets, the wallpaper was peeling off the walls and it smelled as if something died.

"Someone needs to do some house cleaning!"

He shouted through the house. Nothing came back to answer him. Behind him the door slammed shut all by itself. Spinning around to look at the door, he reached for the knob. Trying to turn it, it was no use, it was jammed. With both hands on the knob now, he pulled with all of his might, but it still didn’t budge. The curtains on the window of the door swayed to the side, so he could see into the panes. But it was not the white or his reflection he seen. It was a decaying man’s face. Looking at the man in the pane in horror, he watched as the man was clawing at his own face. Blood streamed down his face, he was screaming in agony. But then two clawed hands appeared on the man’s shoulders, digging into the flesh to quickly jerk him backwards away from the pane. Setting a hand on the wall next to the door, he leaned against it as his legs threatened to collapse under him. His head lowered to look down at the tiled floor, but something else caught his eye.

On the wood of the door were claw marks. It looked as if someone was trying to get out of the house. There were even pieces of nail in the marks, along with blood. As he looked at the door it was morphing into something else, even the walls. His heart beat was thumping against his rib cage. The wall under his hand was moving; slowly moving away, he watched as the wall had a glowing red eye open up, another was on the other side of the door. While the door turned into a smirk, showing rows of fangs.

He couldn’t move, he was frozen in place. Now the whole house or what looked like a house started to shake as if a earthquake was happening. In the corner of his right eye, in the dining room area, he could see something crawling along the ceiling. He looked to see some terrifying creature with a back scaly body, at least a dozen human eyes that didn’t all blink at once, it even had patches of pale skin sewn in its own rough hide. It was crawling faster and faster in his direction. That’s what got him to move, he ran down the hall behind him as fast as his legs could take him. As he ran he saw more and more creatures that were sewn with more body parts and what looked like melting flesh. The creatures began to howl and scream. At times they even sounded like people screaming in agony.

Down the hall towards the kitchen, he found a staircase to go upstairs. Speeding up the steps two or three at a time, he found about five doors on each side of the hall and one large door at the end of the hall. All ten of the smaller doors were glowing a bright red so he didn’t want to chance it to go in them. The larger door wasn’t glowing at all; he was hesitant to go any farther. He didn’t want to quite know what was on the other side of the door.

More screaming erupted from behind him. Spinning to look, at least seven of the ugliest creatures were at the top of the staircase smirking at him. He didn’t want to stay here with them, so he turned back to the large door. Taking the handle in hand, he jerked it open and ran inside. Closing the door behind him, he leaned the front of his body against the door.

No longer hearing the screaming of the creatures outside the door, he chuckled.

“This is one crazy nightmare.”

A second after he said that, he felt something breathing on the back of his neck. Gulping hard, his eyes slowly turned to what was behind him. He shoved his back as close to the door as he could. In front of him were two large ogres with stomachs that had large gems in them. In them were swirling souls, every moment someone’s face would appear to scream at him. Deep chuckling made him look back up at the ogres. Behind them on the walls were bodies of people, they were held up by large hooks that were impaled into their torsos. Patches of skin were sliced off and some were even ripped open to see their insides. Sharp instruments were piled on tables, still bloody and dull.

“Oh God.”

About to go for the door, the ogre in front of him grabbed his shoulders and dragged him back. He screamed as loud as he could, but no one came to his aid.

While outside in reality, a man named Nick Wilson never woke up from his slumber. In his hand was the panther demon artifact, its eyes were glowing a bright red

The author's comments:
It was a project for my Creative Writing class in High School.

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on May. 24 2011 at 12:52 pm
Asalah Boulos, Elmwood Park, Illinois
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This was amazing! I loved every sentence of it!

Blank said...
on Mar. 12 2010 at 9:18 am
That was an amazing story!