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1 act play

January 9, 2023
By Anonymous

 intro-  kitchen -night     

Kent is laying on the hard wooden floor, he looked like he fell and hit his head on the island. But by the fridge theres a knife covered in blood. But not just any blood kents blood. The window above the sink is open making the kitchen very cold.


                                 Female police officer

 What was kent doing when he was coming to the kitchen( while she is inspecting the kitchen and the stab mark on kents stomach)


                                 Kent's girlfriend Mia

he was going to the kitchen to grab us a knife so we could cut my birthday cake( a tear falls down her face looking at her dead boyfriend laying on her kitchen floor)


  Kent's best friend josh

 We were in the room right next to him and we didn't hear anything going on in here, not even him open the drawer to grab the knife.


     Female police officer

 Are you guys sure there wasn't anyone else in the house with you guys because either he stabbed himself or someone stabbed him to dealth.


 there was f*cking no one in the house( making her hands into fists )


                               Josh's girlfriend lydia

   mia calm down 


     Female police officer

 were gonna have to take you guys down to the police station to ask some questions



 we are not leaving this house till we know who killed my boyfriend



 i agree with mia we need to stay here and find who just killed my best friend


                                   Male police officer

you guys don't understand that this is the least safe place you guys could be right now, we need to take you guys back to the station


yeah to be honest i don't feel very safe here i feel like someones watching us( fidgeting her hands)



                                     Female police officer

 okay we need to ask you all a few questions, what were guys doing when he left the room




 we were all just drinking some wine and talking about a movie we just saw



                                   Female police officer

 are you sure you guys didn't hear a noise come from the kitchen before he went in there



 very sure it was complete silence, we could hear when the cat was in there but not when a whole ass person climbed through the window

                                   Male police officer

 alright no need to get mad, were trying to help you all find out who did this to kent we are on your side 


                                   Female police officer

 we never told you guys our names, im officer jones and he is officer peters 


                                         Officer peters

 was kent ever in any trouble with someone that this might of happened, for example drugs, money, stealing?



kent was a smoker and had a very sketchy dealer, his name was profit. He was always selling random drugs to kent that would make him not himself


                                         Officer jones

 was there ever a certain location or place they would meet up to distribute the drugs, and what drugs would Kent buy from this “profit”



                  he would only buy marijuana from him

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