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What The Future Holds

December 11, 2018
By Miraculous_Sparky GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
Miraculous_Sparky GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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        What the Future Holds

                                                            Cast of Characters

Maya Thomas:          She is 17 years old and has long brown hair. She is also wearing a                                         maroon tank top with the words “Sorry not Sorry” in black letters on it,                                 along with some jean shorts. She is smart, caring, and very sarcastic.                                   She loves music and her best friend is Jax Lovato.

Jax Lovato:                He is 17 years old and he has short dark hair and is fit and tall. He                                        wears a plain white t-shirt and jeans. He is funny, witty, and sweet but                                  just a little bit of a bad boy. He loves to play football and his best                                          friend is Maya Thomas.

(Grown up) Maya:      She is 29 years old and she has her brown hair in a ballerina bun. She                                  wears a maroon sweater and some jeans. She is a little strict but still                                    playful and funny.

(Grown up) Jax:        He is 29 years old and he has short dark hair. He wears a short sleeve,                                  white button-down shirt with some jeans. He is goofy, romantic, and                                    loves football.

Demi:                      She is a 6-year-old little girl with attitude. She has dark brown hair                                       that is tied up into small ponytails. She is very sassy and witty. She                                       wears a black tank top, and a short purple skirt with bright pink                                           leggings.

Mrs. Greenfield:       She is a 54-year-old high school chemistry teacher. She has dirty blond                                 hair that is starting to turn white with age. She wears a long sleeve,                                     dark blue button-down shirt with a long black skirt, and a pair of skinny                                 glasses, she wears at the tip of her nose. She talks in a British accent                                   and is a very strict teacher.


Scene 1


The setting is in a high school hallway in the morning before the first block class. The characters are by some lockers under a staircase on upstage left and center next to a classroom door on upstage right. Students are walking through up and centerstage from the right to the left. The main characters move between upstage left to upstage right. The extras are talking amongst themselves and putting items in and out of lockers throughout most of the scene.


JAX: Ok what’s wrong? [arms cross]

MAYA: What do you mean? [looks a Jax from the side facing toward her locker]

JAX: [rolls eyes] Oh, come on! I am your best friend, I know when somethings wrong. So, what’s up?

MAYA: You really do me well, don’t you? [smirks]

JAX: Well, we have known each other since we were 5 years old after I moved in next door, so yeah, I think I know you pretty well. [shrugs and smiles]

MAYA: Then I think you know what is wrong. [frowns and looks away]

JAX: [clinches jaw and looks down] M, you just have to ignore them!

MAYA: [Sighs and looks back up] But, I just don’t understand why people think a guy and a girl can’t be really close without having to date! I mean it is just ridiculous, right? Because its not like we would ever…[slowly stops talking]

JAX: No, of course not that would be crazy! Right? [looks away from Maya]

MAYA: Right. [looks away from Jax]

[awkward silence] [5-minute-bell rings]

MAYA: Well we’d better get to class before Mrs. Greenfield throws you back in detention. [elbows Jax in the hip] [walks toward the door on upstage right]

JAX: [walks with Maya] Oh, she would never put someone as famous as me in detention.

MAYA: [groans playful] Are you still on that?! For the last time just because your last name is Lovato doesn’t mean your related to Demi Lovato.

JAX: [smiles annoyingly] Hey, you don’t know that! There is no proof that says otherwise. [stops walking and is now in front of classroom door]

MAYA: [stops walking once at classroom door] I’ll tell you what, the day you’re related to Demi Lovato is the day I shave my eyebrows!

JAX: I’ll take that bet. [reaches hand out]

MAYA: [shakes Jax’ hand] [holds hand little too long] [awkwardly let’s go] Ok now let’s go in before Mrs. Greenfield does something drastic, like locking us out of the classroom.

JAX & MAYA: [laughs while going through the door and off stage]

[stage goes dark and the stage crew removes the lockers]

Scene 2


The setting is in a two-story house. The characters are going to be in the living room of the house. The staircase in going to be in the same place. Under the stairs on upstage left is a television. In the middle of upstage left and left centerstage will be a couch facing the back of the stage. There will be a large oval rug on centerstage and some chairs and a table in between right centerstage and downstage right. There is also a big banner above the staircase that says Happy Birthday as well as balloons tied to the staircase railing. Maya and Jax come through the door on upstage right.

[lights come up on right up, down, and centerstage]

JAX & MAYA: [come into the room] [laughing] [looks around the room] [both stop laughing]

JAX: Ummmmm…this isn’t Algebra class. [looks around confused]

MAYA: Well that is a good thing because we were going to Chemistry class. [looks around scared]

JAX: Well, we’re not there either! [has panic in voice]

MAYA: Yeah, I noticed! [has panic in voice] Where the heck are we?!

JAX: How should I know?! [pauses] [takes a deep breath in] Ok, just let me think. [pauses] Now, I know this is a bit of a stretch, but what if we [emphasis] were late to class and Mrs. Greenfield got so mad that we got knocked out and this is all just a dream.

MAYA: Together…? [voice gets annoyed and frustrated] We’re in a dream together?!

JAX: [throws hands up in the air] Well I don’t see you coming up with anything!  

MAYA: [pauses to think] Well maybe we are in a coma?!

JAX: [voice gets louder] Together? We can be in a coma together, but not a dream?!

MAYA: Oh, shut up Jax! [glares at Jax]

JAX: [sighs] [voice gets calm and softer] Ok M, you need to calm down. We both know how you get when you panic.

MAYA: Ok…ok [tries to calm down] [takes deep breath in] [breathes out quickly] [yells] I CAN’T I’M PANICING!

JAX: Its ok Maya, just breathe. [tries to comfort Maya] Well figure this out. [has worry and doubt in voice]

MAYA: [puts hands over face] Oh my Gosh! [starts hyperventilating]

JAX: M, you need to chill out. [puts arm around Maya’s shoulder]

[woman walks out on right centerstage] [she sweeps around right centerstage and downstage right]

JAX & MAYA: [both look up at woman] [both are quiet]

JAX: Ummm…who the hell is that?! [still has arm around Maya]

MAYA: How should I know? [voice is shaky]

[watches her for a few seconds] [Jax starts to walk slowly toward right centerstage toward the woman]

MAYA: [grabs Jax’s hand] Where are you going?!

JAX: [turns head to face Maya] I’m going to talk to her. Maybe she can tell us where the hell we are! [starts to walk towards woman] Excuse me…Miss? Hello…Hello? [gets in front of a woman]

MAYA: [follows close behind Jax]

JAX: [snaps fingers twice in front of woman’s face] [yells] HELLO?!

MAYA: I don’t think she can hear us. Or even see us for that matter. [pauses] Jax, I was thinking, maybe we are not in a coma…maybe we are [emphasis] dead! [starts breathing heavy]

JAX: I am sure that’s no true. We’re going to be fine…we are fine. [has concern in voice] [put arm around Maya]

[lights fill the whole stage] [reveals a television and a couch on upstage left] [a man in watching a football game but audience can only see the back of the man’s head] [very low sound of the football game]

(GROWN UP) JAX: [yells] Are you about done in there Maya?

(GROWN UP) MAYA: [sighs frustrated and yells] I would be done a lot faster if you would help.

MAYA: [looks confused] Wait, did whoever that was just say….?

(GU) MAYA: [sighs again] [sets the broom down] [walks quickly over to centerstage and faces the couch] [yells] Jax Lovato! You get off your ass right now!

JAX & MAYA: [quickly look at each other] [both run to center stage] [gaping]

(GU) JAX: [pauses the television with a remote] [turns around in the couch so that the audience can see him] You know Maya, you are becoming more and more of a stick in the mud every day. Better be careful or you may end up just like Mrs. Greenfield. [smirks and turns back around toward the television and plays]

(GU) MAYA: [gasps] You take that back! Jax…Jax are you seriously ignoring me! [sighs frustrated] I swear you will never grow up.

(GU) JAX: Now you really sound like Mrs. Greenfield. [head still turned to television]

(GU) MAYA: [turns away from the couch and turns more toward the audience] [looks angry but then looks a little hurt] [a mischievous smile spreads across her face] [slowly walks over to the couch with a smile] [steals the remote of the couch and runs to centerstage] [turns off the television]

JAX & MAYA: [move toward right centerstage and downstage right]

(GU) JAX: [jumps up of the couch and turns toward the audience] Maya Teresa, you give me that back right now! [firm voice]

(GU) MAYA: [playful smile] Oh come on Jax, don’t be such a stick in the mud.

(GU) JAX: [smiles and rolls eyes] Haha very funny. [says sarcastically] But, I guess I had that one coming. [pauses and sighs] You know seeing you like this makes me remember why I feel in love with you.

JAX & MAYA: [looks shocked] [gasp] [awkwardly step and turn away from each other]

(GU) MAYA: [smiles knowingly] [rolls eyes] Oh…don’t you even start. I think we both know you are just trying to distract me.

(GU) JAX: [walks around the outside of the couch to left centerstage] And yet it is working. [laughs to himself] But seriously babe, just give me the remote back. [reaches hand out for remote]

(GU) MAYA: You want it…[waves remote back and forth in hand tauntingly] come and get it.

(GU) JAX: [devilish smile spreads across face] [runs toward Maya]

[(GU) Jax chases (GU) Maya through out the stage] [laughing and smiling] [(GU) Jax catches (GU) Maya’s arm at centerstage] [(GU) Maya squeals] [(GU) Jax wrapped his arms around (GU) Maya’s stomach and holds her close] [both breathe heavy until they catch their breath] [both are facing audience]

(GU) JAX: [smiles] [talks sweetly] Looks like I caught you.

(GU) MAYA: [sighs happily] Yeah…I guess you did.

[looks at each other] [turns their heads and moves closer like they are about to kiss]

JAX & MAYA: [shifts around like they are uncomfortable] [looks away]

[before (GU) Jax and (GU) Maya kiss, loud rock music starts playing] [everyone covers their ears and then uncovers them] [Maya angrily groans and walks over to upstage right at the end of the staircase]

(GU) MAYA: [screams] DEMI LOVATO! YOU GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW! [walks back over to centerstage next to (GU) Jax]

[music goes off] [hears door open and close]

(GU) JAX: [whispers in (GU) Maya’s ear] Here we go again.

[Demi walks causal down the stairs] [walks slower toward centerstage] [has a pouty face]

(GU) MAYA: [crosses arms] Oh, don’t you give us that look Demi Marie. We have told you multiple times. You can’t have your music that loud.

(GU) JAX: [squats down in front of Demi] We really don’t want to get anymore complaints from the neighbors and it is bad for your ears sweetie.

DEMI: [sad look on her face] But, it’s my birthday!

(GU) MAYA: [squats down] We know it is your birthday. Why do you think I have been cleaning the house all morning? It’s so we’ll be ready for your party this afternoon. [pauses] But, that doesn’t change that fact that rules are rules and we don’t want to have to punish you on your birthday. [smiles] Besides if you have your music so loud you won’t be able to hear the big surprise we have for you.

DEMI: [sighs and starts walking toward the stairs] No thanks Mommy. The only thing I wanted for my birthday is impossible to get because all the Demi Lovato concerts are sold out.

(GU) JAX: But that’s just it. We found something better!

DEMI: [keeps walking up the stairs] I don’t think that is possible. [sad voice]

(GU) MAYA: [smiles over at Jax] Well you heard her, she doesn’t want to go to the autograph signing.

DEMI: [stops dead her tracks at the top of the staircase] [turns and sprints back to centerstage] [breathes heavily] What autograph signing?!

(GU) JAX: Oh, you know the one today that we were about to leave for. Ummmm…I forget, who did they say was going to be there? Do you remember? [looks at (GU) Maya]

(GU) MAYA: [wondering face] I think they said something about Demi Lovato…

DEMI: [squeals] OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! I’m going to get her to sign my poster! [sprints upstairs]

(GU) MAYA: [stands back up] [yells] Don’t forget your shoes! [shakes head and laughs]

[hears sound of door slamming]

(GU) JAX: [stands back up] [softly laughing] She really is your daughter.

(GU) MAYA: [turns around to look at (GU) Jax] Hey, she is yours too.

(GU) JAX: But, she is a lot more like you. [tired voice] [rolls eyes]

(GU) MAYA: [sarcastic voice] Well lucky her.

(GU) JAX: [smile] [says romantically] Yeah, lucky her. [grabs (GU) Maya’s hand and kisses it] [pulls her in for a hug] I love you so much.

(GU) MAYA: [hugs him back] [closes eyes] I love you too.

JAX & MAYA: [slowly look over at each other]

[the sound of a door opening and slamming closed] [(GU) Jax and (GU) Maya break apart] [everyone looks toward the steps]

DEMI: [runs down the steps and stops when she is just a few steps from the bottom] Come on! We have to get there before the line gets to long! [has a huge smile]

[(GU) Maya walks over to the couch on upstage left and grabs a purse on the couch, then walk over to the door at the bottom of the steps on upstage right] [At the same time (GU) Jax walks over to upstage right and faces the stairs]

(GU) JAX: You ready to go my little quarterback! [holds hands out for Demi]

DEMI: Yeah, daddy I’m ready! [sounds confident] [jumps off the stairs and into (GU) Jax’s arms]

[(GU) Jax reaches for the doorknob]

DEMI: Wait! [turns to (GU) Maya] Mommy do you think I look cool enough to meet [emphasis] the Demi Lovato?

(GU) JAX: [cuts off (GU) Maya] Are you kidding?! I think your even cooler than her! [smiles confidently]

DEMI & (GU) MAYA: [looks back and forth between (GU) Jax and each other] [both have confused look on their faces]

DEMI: Mommy…Daddy is insane!

(GU) MAYA: Yes, sweetheart I know. [shakes head]

[they all look at each other and then burst out laughing] [(GU) Maya opens the door] [(GU) Jax, (GU) Maya, and Demi exit the stage through the door while laughing]

[the light on upstage, centerstage left, and downstage left go out] [Maya and Jax both slowly walk downstage center] [they are silent for a little bit]

MAYA: [turns to Jax] Jax…Did that really just happen?

[stage goes black]

Scene 3


The setting it at thrust stage. There will be a wall with a door in between thrust stage and the normal stage. The door is on the right side of the wall, and the rest of thrust stage is made to look like a classroom. There are three rows of desks and three desks in each row. Jax and Maya will be sitting at two desks on the left side of thrust stage in the row closest to the audience. There will be extras in the other desks posing as other students.

[stage is still dark]

MRS. GREENFIELD: [in a low voice] Jax, Maya…[repeats louder] Jax, Maya!

[lights go up on thrust stage] [Maya and Jax both have their heads down on their desks] [Mrs. Greenfield is standing on the left by their desks] [all the other students are looking at them]

MRS. GREENFIELD: [raises voice] Ms. Thomas! Mr. Lovato!

[Jax and Maya both jolt awake] [both in shock] [both look at each other and then at Mrs. Greenfield]

MRS. GREENFIELD: [crosses arms] You two better have a good reason for falling asleep in my class.

JAX: [a smirk grows across face] Of course we do.

MRS. GREENFIELD: [sighs] Alright Mr. Lovato what kind of excuse do you have this time.

[the other students snicker]

JAX: You see…[pauses] Maya and I were up really late last night working on all of the homework you gave us.

[other students laugh]

MRS. GREENFIELD: Quiet! [pauses] Now Mr. Lovato I can see how that excuse may work for Ms. Thomas considering the fact that she actually turned in her homework…

MAYA: [interrupts Mrs. Greenfield] Wait, I did? [looks shocked]

MRS. GREENFIELD: Yes, you did, now don’t interrupt. Jax was about to explain why he didn’t have his homework done. [smirks]

JAX: [laughs to himself] Alas, I must have left it at home.

[students giggle]

MRS. GREENFIELD: [clinches jaw] I see.

[bell rings] [students get up and leave] [Jax and Maya start to leave]

MRS. GREENFIELD: Not so fast you two. You are going to stay in here and I am going to go speak to the principle about what I think we should do with you. [starts to leave but then turns around] And don’t even think about leaving because if you do, go ahead and consider yourselves [emphasis] expelled! [leave classroom through the door]

JAX & MAYA: [both get up and go to the front and center of thrust stage] [both sway awkwardly]

JAX: Sooo…[looks at Maya]

MAYA: Did you…? [looks at Jax]

JAX & MAYA: [both have realization on their faces] [yells] THAT WAS SO WEIRD! [both burst out laughing]

JAX: [breathes heavily] [smiles] But I told you it was a dream. [laughs softly]

MAYA: [stops laughing] [looks to the ground with concern]

JAX: [has concerning look] What’s wrong?

MAYA: [looks back up at Jax] I just…[pauses] Was it a really dream? I mean, like I said before you can’t really have a dream with someone else, and it just felt so real!

JAX: Do you think it was real? [seriousness in voice]

MAYA: [pauses] Do you think it could be real?

JAX: [pondering look] Well I know one thing for sure… and that is you. M, you would never let anyone decide your future. You never have, and you never will.

MAYA: [laughs softly and looks to the ground] Yeah, I guess that’s true. [looks back at Jax] Why are you smiling at me like that?

JAX: [walk closer to Maya] Well, I actually know one more thing. [gets really close to Maya]

MAYA: [voice is shaky but is not moving] And what is that? [looks into Jax’s eyes]

JAX: [smirks] You need to be prepared to shave your eyebrows.

MAYA: [sighs and rolls eyes] And why would I do that? [says playfully]

JAX: Because someday [reaches hand up and caresses Maya’s cheek then places his hand on her neck] I will be related to Demi Lovato.

[both look into each other’s eyes and smile]

[stage goes black]

The End.

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