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The Man With No Past

May 10, 2016
By C_R_Chrzan BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
C_R_Chrzan BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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I sit up suddenly, trying to remember how I have gotten here. i am in a strange place, unlike anywhere I've ever been. The walls are a weird blue color and the floor is cold and hard. You walk over to the only door in the room and try to open it, but can't because it is locked.

I looked around at the room again, it is completely bare. No furniture or anything, just walls and a floor. It scarily reminds me of a prison cell actually, now that I think about it. I walk over to a corner and sit down, trying not to panic.

I think about where I am and handI got here. I realize remember nothing of the day before, heck,hI remember nothing at all! Suddenly I feel incredibly scared, then the door opens. A weird lizard looking creature came in.

"Hello Missssster...?" He paused, waiting for me to answer his unspoken question.

"Where am I?" I ask, afraid.

"What do you mean?" He replies, not even bothering to look up from some papers he is fiddling with.

"Where... Am... I...?" I am are starting to get angry, and he seems to tell.

"Uh, the Argone General Hosssptial... Why would you ask?"

"I don't remember anything." I confess, worried he will make fun of me.

He doesn't though, he takes me seriously, more so than I thought he would. "Nothing at all?" He asks, very serious all of a sudden.

"Nothing!" I exclaim,

"Lay back." He commands,

I look around for a bed or something soft, then remember there was nothing, so I lay down on the cold hard floor. He grabs a light and shines it into my eyes.

"Hmmmm..." He mutters,

"What is it?" I ask, but he doesn't answer, he just shushes me.

"You have to have amnesia." Without waiting for a response he continues, "Something we gave you must have triggerred a reaction... Do you have any other allergies you didn't tell us about?"

"I don't know! I don't even know how I got here!"

"I see so it is severe..." He examines me some more, suddenly I get uncomfortable.

"Hey," I tell him, "I want to leave now." He doesn't move at all. "Hey!" I try again and try to sit up. He isn't finished examining though so he puts a hand on my chest to stop me. In a blur, I grab his scaly hand and break it. I freak out as he backs up screaming. "I am so sorry!" I panic, "I didn't mean to-" But he doesn't let me finish.

"Get security to room C24 now!!!" He screams into a microphone installed in his uniform. I panic and run towards the door, I open it and immediately run straight into two robots that have the words, Argone General Hospital Robotic Security, on their chests. They are on treads instead of legs, so they have one giant fat leg.

"Halt." They command in a cold robotic voice. I realize it is a BP10488 Security Droid, quite common and cheap. It has very little armor and arms that can extend into staffs that can electrify attackers to neutralize them.

I stop for a second, how did I know that!? But I don't have any more time to stop as one swings at me with its staff. I duck instinctively then grab a nearby mop and block the second swing head on. It looks at me, then its eyes turn red.

"Attack mode initiated."

I then break off the bottom of the mop so I have an equally balanced makeshift staff, then defend against their wave of mad swings. I take a step back, duck one staff, then block another. I jump backwards, drop down to avoid another staff, then I manage to redirect one of their attacks into the other one. It shakes and makes a loud noise, then shuts off.

Just one more robot left. I look down the hallway and see more coming. I can't fight all these! I look around and see a hallway going to the right away from the robots. I turn around and grab the lizard who has been staring at my fight with the robots since the beginning, and hold him in front of me.

"Ssssstop!!!" He yells, clawing at my skin. I ignore the pain as I move towards the open hallway. The robot and his newly arrived friends move toward me, but do not swing as I have the lizard in front of me. I get to where I was heading, then I shove him at the robots and run down the hallway.

I start running, and I amaze myself at how fast I am running. I hear whirring behind me and realize that the robots are now starting after me again because the lizard is out of their way. This is not good, I think, because of their treads instead of feet they can get up to high speeds. But... I suddenly remember, they cannot take sharp turns at those high speeds, I look down the different doorways, looking for a hallway or something to help.

I hear behind me the robots getting closer, I see a sign up ahead above on the doorways that reads, Stairs. That is where I need to go, I think. They are getting dangerously close, so I put on an extra burst of speed, and turn into the stairwell, almost making me fall over the railing. I exhale, and start running down the stairs. I take the stairs two or three at a time, rushing for the bottom floor as fast as possible. I get to the ground floor, and burst through the door.

I see a bunch of people staring at me. I ignore them and start running. No sign of any robots... That's good. Oh wait, there's one. I see a robot zooming towards me at full speed. The audience of gawking people step aside as they realize what's going on. The robot isn't stopping, it's going to try to hit me while moving I realize. You then stop moving altogether and wait for the perfect moment.

And... Now! I jump to the right with my half wooden mop sticking towards the robot, although it tries to adjust to hit me while I am jumping, it misses me and my mop handle goes into its tread making it crash and flip. I am still freaking out. I am looking for the front door, but can't find it. So I ask a nearby odd looking person who backs away, terrified of me. "Where is the front door?"

"It's, um," The blue alien gulps, "Over there." She points a shaky blue finger to the direction where the robot came from.

"Thanks." I reply before running off to grab my now broken in half makeshift staff and head off in that direction. As I run I see an odd, yellow, alien stranger with a large head staring at me. But he is different than the others, he is looking at me with interest while everyone else is looking at me with fear.

But I have no time to think about unusual strangers. I run out of the front door into the blinding sun. I stumble around for a moment until my eyes adjust, then I continue running. I run and I run in this urban jungle.


I wake up in an old abandoned building that I slept at last night. After running yesterday, it got dark and I decided to find a place to sleep. And this was the best place I could find.

I open my eyes to see a short, fat, hairy man standing over me.

"Wakey wakey..." He says with a grin. "You may not know this, but this building is ours." I stand to face him and I find myself looking down to see him.

"Ours?" I ask, as I only see him, and no one else.

He laughs, then says, "C'mon in here boys!"

A few come in, but you hear one yell, "Why? I'm busy!"

He angrily responds, "Get your whiny butt in here, or I'll rip ya apart and feed you to my pet!!!" Moments later you see someone come in with an unhappy look on his face. "Now..." He starts, "Let me restart..." He then gets in my face and yells, "This place is ours!!!" Spit flies all over my face, but I ignore it.

There are a half dozen or so people in this one room, and all have some form of a weapon. Most have a metal object while the leader, the short one who woke you up, has an electro-staff. I don't want to fight them. So I say, "Alright fine, I'll leave."

I start to walk towards the door, but he gets in my way, "Oh no sunny boy, you should've gone earlier!" He then grins evilly.

They approach me, so I get my staff ready in defense. "Look I don't want any trouble..."

"Oh that's too bad..." He says mockingly, "I do." And then he swings his electro-staff at me. I duck quickly underneath it and swing at his feet. It hits, and with a crack, he screams and falls down. "Gahh!!!" He yells in pain, "Get this bloody fool!"

Three different guys approach me, two have metal pipes and one has a crowbar. As they wildly swing at me, I easily block and retaliate so that two of them are on the ground within moments.

There are only three more now. I fight with one for a bit, then catch him off guard with a kick in the side, then I follow up with a  wack to the leg and he crumbles to the floor.

Then there are only two. One looks scared and the other just looks like he doesn't care to be here. The second one comes at me with surprising speed, and I hardly manage to block his flurry of blows. He hits me on the legs twice but he didn't break anything.

Now there is only one more. The scared one. As I approach him in victory, he drops his weapon and he surrenders, but I don't care. I go to swing at him, but then I hear a voice.


I turn around and see a short redheaded girl looking at me with a face filled with fear and unbelief.

"He just surrendered!!" She came in and started screaming at me, not caring about overstepping all the unconscious bodies or the fact that a battle just took place. "Why would you still want to hit him!? He was done fighting and he said so! He dropped his weapon!! Don't you think that -"

I interrupt her and say, "Don't you think I could be dangerous?" As she is right in my face now. Her expression changes slowly as I continue, "I mean, you just saw me beat up all these guys, why wouldn't I beat you too?" Out of the corner of my eye I see the remaining thug trying to slip away. I roll my eyes and give him a light slap on the leg with my staff. He moves back to where he was before.

The girl gives me a hard look because of what I just did, then says, "Well yeah, I guess you could be..." She trails off and looks away. "No I mean..." She sighs and continues, "Just, let me start over."

"Leave me alone..." I say, but she continues anyways.

"Hello my name is Barb, and I am-" I start to walk away, I don't feel like talking. I am in a bad mood, I just got woken up by a spitting short thug who tried to beat the crap out of me and then I got yelled at by a short pretty girl who thinks she's invincible. I don't feel like talking. But she gets in my way and stops me anyways.

"Just let me finish!" She replies, annoyed. I cross my arms and stand back impatiently as she continues. "I am with the -" Then someone else interrupts.

"Hey guys... This is nice, but can I go?" The voice came from behind you, it was the remaining thug. Barb then decided to walk up to him all while yelling about how rude it is to interrupt someone just like she did to me earlier. I finally decide to have mercy on him and interrupt her.

"Yes, you can go." I motion towards the door with my mop stick staff, and he quickly goes. Barb just stands there looking agitated. "Short version?" I ask, trying to be a little polite, then she quickly responds.

"I am Barb, follow me, someone is interested in meeting you."

"Who?" I ask,

"Just come with me."

"I'm supposed to just trust you?"

"Yeah. Who else do you know that you can trust?"

"Wait." I stop her, "How do you know that?" I feel myself getting infuriated, I need to know. I need to find out who I am, or who I used to be, anyways.

"Just trust me." She repeated and made a half smirk face. I stay silent, though irritated, and walk with her while I think. I have no where else to go though, so I decide to go with her. If only I knew how much my whole life would change, just by going with her.

The author's comments:

While writing this, I was greatly inspired by two different movie series. Firstly, the Jason Bourne movie series, from which I got the whole character of Matt, and the Star Wars series, where I got the planet/surroundings from. This is not by any means a Fan Fiction though, these are all my own original characters. Thanks for reading!

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