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Seeking Solace

January 31, 2009
By onemanband101 PLATINUM, Hackettstown, New Jersey
onemanband101 PLATINUM, Hackettstown, New Jersey
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The sunlight shown on me like a spotlight in a theater, and the trees that stood over me were my audience. They were the only audience who I knew wouldn't judge me for what I was, who I was.

Smiling, I bowed deeply to the darkness that clouded my audience. Then straightening myself, closed my eyes and let my arms rise above my head. My head tilt towards the ground, and the world shut off.

In my mind I drew a picture. In my picture was a void, where all my fears and triumphs were compressed together. My picture held all my love and hate, my bliss and sadness. My picture was everything in me. In my mind was avoid of feelings and I concentrated every thought in my mind towards that void.

I let myself forget the warmth of the sun on my flesh. My skin forgot the cool breeze that brushed it, and whipped up my short blonde hair. My feet forgot the blades of grass that tickled my feet.

I could see fire angrily burning and water gently swaying. My picture included rich silvers and golds, calm jade and passionate purple. I forgot the world, and lost myself in every emotion I've ever felt.

All the emotions clashed together in frenzy, trying to gather themselves in the right places, all trying to figure out how to play out themselves. Patiently I waited for the right moment, the moment when I could feel the rhythm pulse through my veins.

At that moment my eyes snapped open, and the world around me was truly alive. The winds pulsed through the air to the time of my heart beat, shaking the limbs of the trees and my hair about furiously. The blades of grass under my bare feet glowed gold from the sun, and little flames danced off the light. Rays of the sun illuminated my skin as well, so that its light bounced off me and lit up the dim forest with a gold glow.

Meanwhile the spirit of dance throbbed through my veins, and gradually took over me. My skin could sense all the movement around me, as well as within me. A spirit within me compiled all the movements together and formed one movement.

A Spir dance.

My body moved to the rhythm my feelings had formed inside. The picture, the void erupted sending vibrations through my limbs. The Spir rushed through my veins at unearthly speeds, and my pulse kept time with the beat. The forest spun around me as the Spir warped my memories into vigorous motions that played a story, my story.

The pounding of my feet on the ground made the earth quake, but didn't even blow out the flames. Instead the flames flew up to my knees, and didn't burn me but felt cool against my skin. The flames jumped dancing with the wind, and soaring through the air.

Droplets formed from the water and the air and reflected the Spir's light throughout the forest, as it danced around the skirt of my white dress that twirled out around my body. The beads of water bounced off and around me like a hurricane, not even soaking my dress in the posses, and never touched my skin.

My hand rose up towards the electric blue sky and swung low letting my fingertips brush the tiny flames that danced on the tips of grass. The movement carried the rest of my body in the same direction, and I flung my hands up above my head and I twirled. As my spun slowed, I filled my lungs with sweet, rich air and my fingers fell to my toes where everything slowed down. One of my hands swung back to my hip, the other slid up my leg as I exhaled.

That brought me to where I began.

The wind blew furiously around me in a funnel as a response to my movements, forcing the fire to die down, and settled them back as they were as small lights on the grass. My hair replaced the fire in the sky and wove itself in the air, the sun turning its color a pure gold. Little hairs flicked at my face and tickled my nose, making me giggle.

Some foliage was picked up by the winds and encircled me, mimicking my Spir dance. The leaves made shadows that whirled and twirled on the walls of the forest like some special effects in a theater. Some leaves caught in my hair a got themselves tangled there, but I didn't bother to get them out.

The limbs of the trees shook in encore, letting their leaves fall off and join the dance. A grin spread across my face, and crossing one of my arms against my waist I bowed.

Without warning, the breeze took advantage of the moment to playfully raise up the back of my dress. I snapped up, and quickly held my dress down before anything was exposed.

My face burned with embarrassment, coloring my face a tomato red. The winds whispered giggles in my ears, which sent my blush to my neck and ears. I swatted at the leaves that flew through the air, and pulled out the remaining ones in my hair.

Immediately I heard a deep chuckle from behind me, which sent a silence throughout the forest. The light mood vanished and was replaced with a tense air.

The wind fell, and the foliage dropped with it. The once golden blades of grass faded back to their dull green, and the fire extinguished leaving not a scorch on the grass. Even the sun dimmed, and the life within the forest died out. What was left was the earlier dull shadows, and every trace of merriment had cleaned out.

My head snapped towards the direction of the sound and found myself staring into the darkness. I squinted as I peered deeper into the lush forest, which seemed as empty as ever.

I strained my ears for a sound, but over the beating of my heart I couldn't hear a thing. My pulse shook my entire personage and I struggled to gain control over myself. My shoulders racked, and I was too scared to turn my back to walk away from the laugh.

Then my eyes caught two brown eyes staring back at me. I jumped back five feet and slapped a hand over my mouth. The figure emerged out from the darkness and walked into the faint sunlight.

It was a boy. Well, he was older than a boy, sixteen, my age I presumed.

The boy had rusty auburn hair that was cut short around his face. There were a few stands of red that found a way to reflect the almost non-existent sunlight. The color of his hair made the clusters of freckles on his pink toned face stand out. His face was soft with a humored grin played on his face that made me remember my earlier embarrassment.

A heat wave shot through me as I looked up into his dark eyes, and it wasn't just because of the previous events he'd seen.

His eyes made me feel naked, like he could see right into me. I felt that he could see into my thoughts and feelings. I felt vulnerable, that he could figure me out.

I didn't like that, or maybe I did. I wasn't quite sure. Really I wasn't quite sure about anything at the moment.

I breathed out, then realizing that I'd been holding it. My heart beat painfully against my rib cage, and not only could the world not be heard, but my thoughts as well. Thoughts were racing inside my head try all to processes at once. The sight of him knocked the breath out of me, as well as all my sense.

His eyes were the most beautiful things I've ever seen; they were the most beautiful part of him. They didn't reflect the sunlight like his hair did. His eyes were dark, in a mysterious way. His eyes were filled with secrets I'd never know, secrets I now desperately wanted to know.

I was down to earth long enough to realize that he was looking me over as well, his eyes gleaming with laughter as he did. As if he was laughing at me to my face, and he didn't care if I was right in front of him.

I wanted to walk away, and I told myself to walk away. My feet were fixed to the ground though and I kicked myself for my weakness. So instead I resorted to glare at my feet and wish that I could die there. Maybe I'd die from this embarrassment, and I wished could.

Abruptly he stopped laughing, but I didn't look up.

'Hey, don't take it the wrong way,' he spoke sincere, but humor was evident in his voice.

My embarrassment faded quickly as it was eaten away by newfound anger. I ignored him; my anger was too loud to hear him though anyway. My fists clenched at my sides, and my knuckles flashed white.

My anger was not directed towards him, but at myself. For my stupidity, my foolishness by thinking for a second he'd understand. For thinking that maybe I wasn't the only one who was disturbed by the violence that the Spir had stirred up in theses people. I thought maybe he'd be the one person who wouldn't find me idiotic for exerting my Spir in a peaceful and beautiful way, but he was just like the rest of them.

He took a daring step towards me.

'You have ever right to be angry with me,' he started, holding up one hand. 'And I probably deserve some brutality from you or your Spir. But I've never seen a Spir dancer before and I was curious.'

My anger gradually faded from me and was replaced with hurt by the fact that he thought I'd hurt him in some way, but what had I expected.

The corners of his mouth turned up slightly in a sincere smile.

'The rumors are true.' My eye brows furrowed in confusion at his comment.

'You don't use your Spir for combat do you,' he spoke as if he'd read my mind.

I shook my head, still dazed by him but I was soon able to find my words.

'How'' I didn't need to finish my sentence; he knew what I was getting at. The shameless grin on his face said it all.

'You followed me,' I asked, his earlier words finally sinking in. My eyes grew wide with shock, and my cheeks heated up with a new embarrassment.

He smiled a crooked smile and raised an eyebrow.

'You're the talk of this place, the first Spir dancer known of in decades. You are a living example of an extinct culture. Did you expect to come by unnoticed?' Another example of my stupidity.

I stared at the ground and shrugged my shoulders.

'I don't really know much,' I mumbled stupidly, my face was now aflame. 'I, I just found my Spir a month or so ago, so''


Now it was his turn to be shocked.

'I thought' You- you weren't born with your Spir? I've never met anyone who had been born without there Spir and gained it later. That's amazing''

'Th- thanks,' I mumbled shyly. Out of the corner of my eye I could see his smile transform into a sly grin as his train of thought changed.

'That was quite a show you had going on here,' he added, hinting at more meaning to his words.

My infamous blush returned, rising up from my neck to the ends of my ears. He seemed to enjoy that.

'I swear I didn't see a thing,' he rose up both his hands to the sky in innocence and shook his head. But then he had to lower one of his hands to stifle another chuckle, but I didn't mind his laughter so much anymore. The sound of his laughter was just as beautiful as his eyes.

When he could control himself he stuck out his hand.

'By the way, I'm Lenid.' I took his hand in mind and shook it, smiling up into his gorgeous brown eyes.


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