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Karthmung and The Pod of Hope

December 1, 2008
By Anonymous

It was dark. The man walked out of his woodland hut and took his flute off the stump. He couldn’t waste any time. He ran into the middle of the woods, he waited and waited standing there wait for it to come .Waiting until… until it appeared the pod of hope. Every year it emerged with something amazing waiting to come out and help the forest dwellers. He then started to play his flute. The sound was enchanting to everyone around to hear it. Animals, bugs, and birds gathered around the pod of hope awaiting the arrival of some amazing. No one new what that something was. Then the pod opened and a beautiful butterfly appeared. She started to speak. “I’m here to help you all” “How”? Said a Chipmunk. “You shall see in time”, She said. Then suddenly a caterpillar named Ac (flem) med grabbed one of her wings and pulled her to the ground. Both her wings were then ripped off and Ac (flem) med ran away.

The butterfly stayed on the ground paralyzed with shock. Then she started to cry,” Why, why did that evil little caterpillar have to do that to me?” “I just want to help not spread evil like him,” she said as she sniffled. “I’ll get your wings back for you,” said the man. “That would be very kind of you,” said the butterfly. So then off the man went to find Ac (flem) med. The man who was named Karthmung had a long journey ahead of him. Karthmung had never been to the village of death where Ac(flem)med and his family lived. Karthmung was well on his way when suddenly a bear so magnificently large walked by. Karthmung hoping the bear wouldn’t notice him started to tiptoe away slowly. As Karthmung was tiptoeing away the bear turned right in his direction and growled. Karthmung stared at the bear paralyzed with fear. Then the bear started to approach him. Karthmung ran he ran into the river and then onto a log. The bear jumped into the water and he to, climbed onto that same log and tried to push Karthmung off the log. Karthmung was to fast for him and he jumped off the log and ran into the forest. He ran for his life until he was so out of breath that he fell to the ground. He was breathing so hard that he fainted. Later that night he awoke to a voice so sweet. The voice murmured in his ear saying “wake up wake up”. But when he awoke no one was there.

Then Karthmung continued on his journey to the village of death. The sun was just starting to rise when karthmung reached the village of death. Ac (flem) med was there when he entered the village. It seemed like he was expecting Karthmung to come to get the butterfly’s wings back. “I’ve been expecting you,” said Ac (flem) med. “What have you done with the butterfly’s wings,” said Karthmung. “Something maybe Nothing, You’ll find out soon,” said Ac (flem) med. “First you have to complete some tasks and then maybe just maybe I’ll give them to you.” The first task will be simple all you have to do is climb that tree.” Said Ac (flem) med. luckily the tree had steps on it so it was quite easy for Karthmung to climb tree. “The second task you must do is so take this stone out of my mouth in 30 seconds.” said ac (flem) med. This task wasn’t very easy for Karthmung and he failed to complete the task. Ha now you’ll never get the wings because you failed. “There must be some other ways I can get those wings back,” said Karthmung. “Hmmm let me think… NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” said Ac (flem) med “You’ll never get them back never!!! Ha-ha ha-ha!” “You are not a very nice caterpillar Ac (flem) med you just hate everyone but yourself,” said Karthmung. “No I hate myself to”, said Ac (flem) med. “You don’t even like yourself wow you must love being miserable and making others miserable just like you,” said karthmung. “No.” said Ac (flem) med. “I hate that I hate myself but I do and I hate being mean but I am,” said Ac (flem) med.

“A few years ago when the pod of hope opened a magical nymph came out, I wasn’t a very happy person then either so she put a spell on me so I would be happy forever,” “Then one day I couldn’t stand it anymore I hated being happy all the time so I started to get very angry and I wasn’t happy anymore, but I didn’t exactly break the spell, I revered it so now instead of being happy all the time I’m mad all the time,” said Ac (flem) med. “Isn’t there anything I can to help you break the spell?” asked Karthmung. “No, well maybe if we could talk to the nymph and see if she can break the spell,” said Ac(flem)med. “I know just how to find her,” said karthmung. Then he started to play his flute.
Then suddenly about 10 nymphs 60 fairies and 8 butterflies came running or flying right to where Karthmung was standing. “Hello leader,” They said. “Hello my children,” said Karthmung. “Do you know the nymphs name ac (flem) med?” asked Karthmung. “I’m pretty sure that her name was lanai,” said Ac (flem) med. “Is there a nymph here named lanai?” asked Karthmung. “Yes she’s right her,” said the nymphs as they pushed lanai forward. “All I ask of you is that you break the spell that you put on Ac (flem) med a few years ago,” said Karthmung. “Where is Ac (flem) med anyway?” asked lanai. “I’m right here,” said Ac (flem) med. “Now break the spell you put on me!” “Well fine I will I don’t like mean people so I’ll just break the spell,” said lanai in a snooty tone. Then she took out a thin piece of wood taped it on Ac (flem) med’s head and said “Jek nik mathna.” Then Ac (flem) med started to smile and then he started to cry. He was so happy that he had all of his emotions back! “Here take the wings and bring them back to the butterfly,” said Ac (flem) med. So Karthmung took the wings and brought them back to the butterfly. “Thank you,” she said. Then she gave him a little kiss and flew away.

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