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The Wolf and Little Bad Riding Hood

January 28, 2009
By fenderblitz GOLD, Maplewood, Missouri
fenderblitz GOLD, Maplewood, Missouri
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--'There she is, finally I've found her'. At last he had caught up to riding hood in the Enchanted Forest. Sneaking through the light speckled bush from the mid-day sun he waited for her to arrive at the clearing up ahead. 'That's when I'll make my move,' he thought to himself as he lay in wait. He had been following her for three days. At last she arrived, 'the time for revenge is almost here,' he thought. Then he saw it, 'the perfect chance to pounce', he thought. Suddenly he dove from the cover of the forest, on a collision course with the unsuspecting maiden. But then, in a fraction of a second, it all changed. The girl whirled around, surreptitiously withdrawing a crossbow from her voluminous cape. It caught him in mid-air. The sudden change in direction made him dizzy, which only added to this sudden sharp pain in his side. Next thing he knew he was laying against a tree. He tried to move but encountered a horrible burning pain in his side. An arrow had pierced him between his ribs pinning him to the trunk of the tree. 'I wouldn't move, it will only cause the silver nanites to spread faster', she stated in that cold malicious tone he knew so well. 'How?!?' he growled in a mix of confusion and anger. 'Leader trained me well', she replied giggling like the giddy, malevolent, little schoolgirl she was. 'I didn't mean how did you hit me, I meant how could you do it, how could you do what you did', he pleaded. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, she replied, 'they were deranged to live with a monster like you.' 'You're the monster, with what you've done its hard to believe your human,' he barked. 'No matter. They're gone now and soon, you will be to,' she said coolly as she turned to walk away. 'Aren't you going to finish the job,' he snarled mockingly. 'Dear, you should know by now, I like to play with my prey before I kill it.' With a twirl of her cape and one last maniacal laugh to pierce the tranquility of this idyllic forest, she vanished
'She's attacked me countless times, made my life a living hell and turned the whole world against me, but for this, for this she will pay dearly,' this was his solemn proclamation to the whole forest. He would not only avenge his family, but all those families who were torn asunder by Riding Hood's remorseless slaying. He had a long arduous journey ahead and many obstacles were in his path, but before he could get started there was one thing he had to figure out, 'How am I going to get this arrow out of my side?'

The author's comments:
A revisionist fairytale.

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