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A Touch of Destiny

November 12, 2008
By Anonymous

“Raven can you please get up? We are going to see the King today.” Said her mother. Her mother was a Duchess and was the most beautiful woman until she had her daughter. She was tall for her age and shapely too. She has long reddish black hair, bright blue eyes, and a shapely nose. She has plump lips and an evil smile.
“Why do we have to go see King Maggot? I don’t even like his son let alone him.” Said Raven with disgust. “He can bloody well go jump off a cliff for all I care.”
Raven is a black haired beauty with a tart tongue and even more tart personality. She has dark forest green eyes, almost like cat eyes. She has a nose just like her mother, and lips even a Goddess would die for. She always wears black and red.
“Raven! That’s treason talk and you know better than to talk that way about our king.”
“Mother you have to be kidding me! The king is a fool to think that I will marry his son let alone him,” explains Raven with a frown.
“Why would the king want to marry you? I mean he promised you to his son so why would he do that?” asks Raven’s mother clearly shocked at her daughter’s remark.
“You, of all people, ask me why he would ask that of me? You know that he is the biggest abuser in the realm. I mean just look at how many women he goes through in one week,” Explains Raven with a look of complete and total disgust on her face.
As they were talking a messenger had come to their country estate and asked for the Duchess and her daughter at once. The messenger was a royal one and from a friend at court.
“Duchess Alice and Lady Raven,” began the messenger, “You have been summoned to the castle immediately to present yourselves to the king of the realm and ruler of your lands.”
Raven noticed that the messenger was really edgy and asked, “There’s another message isn’t there?”
“Aye there is my lady and it’s to be said in private for it’s from my master and he told me to deliver the kings message so I could talk to you before the king does.”
“Mother, why don’t we go to our sitting room and write down the things we’re going to need done while we’re gone?” asked Raven so innocently that none of the servants noticed that the messenger went with them.
“Raven my girl you are as slick as a snake when it comes to being in a tight spot like that,” said her mother surprised. “So what’s this other message that we need to hear in private?”
The messenger started to explain, “The king is going to have your daughter arrested if she doesn’t agree to marry him with in a fortnight of today. If she agrees, then she will be safe, but if not, then she will be arrested for high treason and hanged at the harbor’s mouth at sunset on the seventh day from today.”
“But why would he arrest her for high treason when she hasn’t even done anything treasonous to him?” asks Ravens mother.
“The reason as to why he would do that is because nobody is allowed to refuse him what he wants?” explained Raven and the messenger at the same time.
“My master also said for you, Lady Raven to go to the castle and tell the king that you need time to think and to make a decision. The king will have no choice but to agree with you and then you are to leave your home and run for your life. For if you don’t then your life and your family will be in grave danger,” said the messenger with a frown and a look of sadness on his face.
Raven knowing that what the messenger said was true said, “I don’t know any life but the one I am use to living. I know that I’ve been spoiled all my life and now I wish I wasn’t. I only know what I’ve learned on my own and that was in the forest. So I know how to survive and how to ride a horse but the only thing I need to learn now is how to ride a dragon.”
“Why on earth would you need to learn how to ride a dragon? Dragons are long gone and they are only a myth. Besides what would you do with a dragon if you had one?” asked her mother with a smug look on her face.
Raven, knowing her mother would doubt that dragons existed, decided to call her pet and best friend, a dragon named Drackos, the last of his kind and family.
“As you can see dragons aren’t a myth any more mother. I hand raised this one by my self in my room where nobody could find him because of all the protecting and slicing spells you put on my room. His name is Drackos and he is my friend. He is the only one who has truly understood me all my life.”
Ravens mother and the messenger looked at her in complete and total shock. Duchess Alice was in the most shock because she couldn’t understand how and why her daughter -who had everything she ever wanted- could keep something like this from her. Asked her, “Why did you keep him a secret? Why did you not tell me that you had a pet dragon in the house let alone that you raised him from an egg?”
Raven expecting this said, “I kept him a secret because I didn’t want the king to know that I had the last remaining dragon, because if he found out that I did then he would have me killed in order to get my dragon”
Alice understanding this said, “You really need to leave the country and not come back until this king is dead and his son is on the throne. His son is a lot more generous and not at all like his father when it comes to women. I love you so much, but I don’t want to see you hung or marry the king who is a very bad man.”
“I’ll go with you to the palace and tell the king that you need some time to think about his offer and to tell him that you are going to a distant relative for the week. That should give him something to knaw on for a while and it will give you time to leave and hide. In the mean time I’ll help you pack and have the hostlers get your horses ready for a really long trip.”
“I know you don’t want me to go but I have to and don’t worry I’ll be fine. I know how to survive in the wild and I’ll have the best protection in the world. I have a dragon for a pet and a friend.”
Unknowing to the Duchess and lady Raven the messenger was listening to them and had opened up a listening spell to the spymaster at the palace. The spymaster is an evil man who wanted to destroy every noble in the realm because if he did he would get their lands and servants as well as the slaves. He would do anything to cause people harm.
“My king your future queen is planning to escape your grasp by telling you that she needs time to think about your offer to her and that she is going to a distant relative to think. But when she leaves she won’t be coming back until you have passed on. Her mother is going to help her do this. They are packing her things into gigantic saddle bags that could only fit on one creature, a winged creature that is the last of its kind and family. She has a dragon named Drackos and plans to learn to ride him and leave this very night.” The spymaster is a clever man and has just said exactly what the king wanted to hear about his bride and now he can force her to stay with him by threatening her mother and her dragon which he will use for war and evil.
“Now I can finally get the wife I want and the creature I desire in one easy step. Tonight when she plans to leave have a group of soldiers completely surround her home and make sure that no one leaves that house for if she escapes I will hold you personally responsible for her return to me and then she will have no choice but to marry me or she will have no family or home.” The king had a triumphant look on his face until the spymaster said something very unpleasant to the king.
“Your son has fallen in love with your bride and is also leaving tonight to help her though she is unaware of his love or help. Your son is already gone but don’t worry I have had the pleasure of planting a tracker spell on him that he is very unaware of.”
“How can you say that to me now, now I have to worry about not only my bride but my disobedient son. He is a traitor to his father and kingdom.”
“But sire didn’t you promise your bride to your son? That might be why he is doing this to spite you for taking her away from him.” Explained the spymaster. The king was getting very, very upset at his spymaster. “Sire please I’m only saying this because I’ve been around the boy more then you have in his whole life and that boy hasn’t got a mean bone in his entire body. But I think that he truly loves her and doesn’t know how to tell you.”
“I don’t care! He is going to die by the next full moon he is not allowed to see the first snows. He must die! Also I don’t care how you do it just bring her back to me in one whole living piece and kill him.”
Unfortunately enough for the king his spymaster didn’t close the listening spell and the Duchess and Lady Raven heard everything the king and spymaster said and knew every thing. The messenger then closed the spell and explained his actions. “It was necessary to do the spell because I wanted you to hear exactly what the king and spymaster had planned for you and that you must leave now with no delay. If you want to know who I really am I am the prince and yes I do plan to help you on your journey and yes I do love you Lady Raven. My father is a treacherous man and never to be trusted he had my mother killed when I was only ten summers old. He had her killed just for looking at another man. He will do the same to you if you marry him.”
The prince is a very handsome man and every girl in the realm desires him. He has hazel green eyes, long brown hair a straight nose that has seen a few fights, and has a mouth to die for. The prince is only eighteen summers old.
“I don’t trust you even if you are the prince of this realm.” Raven said very rudely. “I’m not going to leave with you because this is about me not you. So why don’t you go back to your father and tell him that I’m not going to marry you or him and if he don’t like it then he can have fun looking for me because nobody will be able to find me ask my mother how hard it is to find me when I don’t want to be found.”
The duchess who is starting to get worried said to her daughter, “Raven you need to hurry up and pack so you can get out of here as fast as you can.” To the prince she said, “You need to leave as well but don’t follow my daughter because if you do then she will make your life a living hell. For you’re not the only one who has magic, she is the most powerful in our whole family and she can control any thing and anyone. So be careful around her because she has a nasty streak that won’t quit.” Advised the Duchess.
“Aye, you can count on that Duchess. I’ve seen her in a temper at court and I don’t plan to make her angry. But that is the least of my worries.”
“Prince Jon why do you say that, Raven is no longer in trouble with the king now that you warned us of his plans. So I don’t seem to understand as to why you are so upset.” The Duchess looking at Raven and watching her pack the things she would need for the road said, “Be careful with her she is very gentle when it comes to animals and children, but when it comes to her heart she is not so gentle she will protect any living creature when she sees them in trouble she will protect herself when need be. But she doesn’t like to fight though she was born to fight with her magic and body she has no limits and no boundaries she is built to only to protect others. She is the one that this kingdom has been waiting for and now she is ready to accept her destiny and fulfill the prophecy.”
“What prophecy are you talking about your Grace? I haven’t heard of any prophecy.”
“The prophecy is an ancient one. ‘It says that a girl child born at midnight on Halloween when the moon is full will grow up and become the savior of a kingdom ruled by a man who is a tyrant and betrays his people. She will marry the son of the king and become the rightful queen. It is also said that she will be twice royal and the rightful queen.’ Well that child is my daughter and she has the power to take the crown but she doesn’t want it. She just wants to be left alone in peace but now she has no choice. I just have one request of you Prince Jon.”
“What is the request your Grace? You know that I would do anything for your family.”
“Take care of her for she is our only hope to ever live in peace instead of fear.”
“I will take care of her your Grace because I know that she will come to hardships and I will be right there beside her to help and guide her. Don’t worry, everything will be alright very soon.”

This is just the beginning of Raven and Prince Jon’s adventures if you want to read more look forward to the next chapter of

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"It Will Be Good." (complicated semi-spiritual emotional story.)

"Upon his bench the pieces lay
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