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I'll Hide You Seek

July 17, 2015
By creativewriter144108 SILVER, Keizer, Oregon
creativewriter144108 SILVER, Keizer, Oregon
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Many years ago...a queen and king took over what was left of the fallen land thanks to other royals. It was Alaska. The queen was named Alishay. The king, was Brett. Soon they had a son named Kurt. The king later died and it was time for Kurt to seek love and rule his kingdom. That’s when he found Tess. He flew to Asia and found Tess as a slave for his cousin Tuck when Tuck was still a prince. So he got to know Tess for the month that he stayed with Tuck, and proposed to her. He had then brought Tess back to his castle in Alaska to live with him and his mother. His mother had soon passed away.
15 years later, they had a son named Valdamere. Five years after that, they had a daughter named Marie. It was Marie’s sixth birthday when she met Rose.They stopped at a bakery to get Marie’s -6 foot tall- birthday cake. It was pink. It had small white polka dots on it with edible roses that had orange tips. Rose had ran into Valdamere with the sample of the cake that she was to give to Kurt. Valdamere was getting ready to hit her when Marie stepped in his way and stopped him.
“What are you doing?”, he puts his hand down.
Valdamere has dark brown hair that was slicked back at the time. he has pale skin and light brown eyes. He’s pretty tall for an 11 year old. And he’s wearing a dark purple and black suit with an orange tie.
“Don’t hurt her, it was just an accident”, Marie replied.
Marie has dark-red-auburn-straight hair that reach just below her shoulders. She has pale skin with rosy cheeks with eyes that are light brown.  She’s not as tall as Valdamere, but is still tall for her age. Valdamere sighs and turns to his mother Tess, as an older woman runs out and cleans Valdamere. Marie turns to Rose. Rose dark brown hair that’s almost black and has perfect layered ringlets that reach the small of her back. She has dark tan skin with dark brown eyes as dark as her hair. She has a few scattered freckles but a cute one on the small space of her nose, just beneath the tip, between the tops of her nostrils. Marie thought she was adorable in her small torn grey dress. 
“What is your name?”, Marie smiled at her.
“R-Rose, your majesty”, Rose curtsied for Marie.
“Oh no need. Don’t worry I won’t hurt you”, says Marie.
Rose stands tall and looks at Marie. Marie looks beautiful in her aqua lace slim dress and silver tiara. 
“Rose, how old are you?”, Marie asked.
“I-I’m 5..I’ll be six in August”, Rose replied. 
“Don’t you have any family?”, Marie asks.
“No. I’ve never had family. The baker knew my mother and he took care of me when she died after I was born. Or at least, that’s what he said”, Rose responds.
Marie looks at Rose’s scratched hands, torn dress, no shoes, and scratched up face. She puts her hands on her shoulders. “I will take care of you now”
Marie talked to King Kurt -her father- and queen Tess -her mother- about adopting Rose and taking care of the poor girl. They accepted and took Rose home with them. They washed her, and erased the scars and dried blood, they brushed her perfect and gave her dresses and shoes. King Kurt ordered his best Protector -Dean- to train Rose so she would grow to become Princess Marie’s Protector. As Rose grew, she could now defend herself and her darling Princess Marie. She threw out her dresses and heels and threw on protector riding boots and protectors’ uniforms with medals and badges. She is now Marie’s Protector, at the age of 15. 

I, Roseline White, am now 15. I am thy darling Princess Marie’s protector. Marie’s 16th birthday is coming up. Which can be a dangerous thing for a princess, When the princess of our kingdom turns 16, dark souls try to kill her. Because of course, at the age of 16, thy princess must become Queen soon after her 16th birthday. And to do that, she must seek love, So to seek her love, her secret admirers find her and try to get to know her and get her to fall for them. But, if thy princess’ admirers don’t find her after the week of her birthday...the dark spirits kill her.
By dark spirits, I mean witches, vampires, living shadows, werewolves, headless  horsemen..and much more along those lines. Once the spirits find her, there’s no way to protect her. They are undead, invincable creatures that cannot be stopped. The only way to keep them from finding her is by simply hiding her...or by killing her yourself. I’m not just her Protector for this reason. No, not at all. It’s also the King’s request if he’s going to provide this home for me. Plus, there are other dangers in this world like bandits and other killers. But they can be killed. No one know’s why dark spirits do what they do. Marie and I have become very fond of each other. We’ve gotten to know each other very well. 
Today is a very special day. It is the Jousting Championships of the world. And as always, the royalty and their Protectors get front row thrones. Because of today’s schedule with the Jousting and Tax collecting, all Protectors and royalty have to be dressed in formal attire, for there is also a ball tonight. We wear the colors of kingdom which are purple, black, and Orange. Purple tux shirt, with black pants, black dress shoes, and orange tie. And of course the shirt is tucked in with a white belt. A maid comes in to fix up my hair a little. She doesn’t speak a word. She’s new. 
She brushes my hair and pulls it gently back into a tamed ponytail, with my perfect dark brown ringlets. Then ties a Orange ribbon around the rubber band and leaves two small straightened pieces of hair at the sides of my face. Then she curtsies in her black maid’s dress and leaves. Now I stand and walk to the door. I leave the room and walk straight down the hall to Marie’s room. I stand straighter and knock on her door.
“Come in”, I hear her soft gentle voice.
I twist the doorknob and enter the room to see her standing before her full mirror with a maid finishing her hair. I smile as Marie turns to me and motions for her maid to leave the room. The maid curtsies for Marie and I then exits the room.
“You look magnificent, my darling princess”, I bow to Marie.
“I don’t feel like it”, Marie looks down at her newly polished purple nails.
I walk towards her and put her shoulder.
“What’s wrong?”, I ask.
Marie shakes her head.
“Marie, look at me”, I put a finger under her chin and gently her to look up at me. “What’s wrong?”, I ask.
“Both you and Valdamere are Jousting today. I don’t want anything to happen to either of you”, she responds with tears in her eyes. 
“Marie. Dean has been training Valdamere and I like crazy”, I say.
“I know..you’ve gained a lot of muscle in the last few days”, she agrees.
“Plus your father has given us the two best horses in all the land. Nothing will happen, I promise”, I tell her.
She silently nods as a single tear runs down her cheek. I wipe it away gently. Then I kiss her cheek.
“You look great Marie”, I whisper as I pull away and remove my finger from her chin.
“Thank you Rose”, she says.
I smile. “You’re welcome”
She’s wearing a flowy Orange dress that reaches the floor. She has a purple and black ribbon that’s tied in a bow on the small of her back that goes around her stomach. Her red hair is down and curled with her silver tiara on top. 
“Well we should get going or we’ll be late for the competition”, I inform her.
“Right”, she nods.
“You ready?”, I ask.
She links arms with me. “Absolutely”, she smiles.
I smile and nod. Then we leave the room. 
“Welcome to the Jousting Championships of the world. Many royals and protectors have tried for these spots but did not succeed. For this competition, round 1 will be the royal and protector of King Kurt and Queen Tess against the royal and protector of King Alexander and Queen Diamond. Then the royal and protector of King Damion and Queen Amber against the royal and protector of King Victor and Queen Ivana. In round 2, it will be the winner royal and protector of King Kurt and King Alexander, against the winner protector and royal of King Damion and King Victor. Round 3 will be the winner royal and protector of round 2 against each other. The winner of round 3 is the winner of this entire competition. I am Dean Everett, and I will be your host”, informs Dean.
Dean is our best protector. He has hazel colored hair that is long enough to reach just below his shoulders and it’s always either down or in a ponytail. His hair is straight and thin. His skin is a light tan with dark grey eyes and a tall height. And of course, he’s in his formal  protector attire of our kingdom’s colors, and his hair dressed as Rose’s. He’s the most graceful in every way. 
“Before we begin, let’s welcome our Jousters. Of King Kurt and Queen Tess, darling Protector Roseline White age 15”, informs Dean.
Then Rose rides out of her tent in her full armor. Her armor is silver like a knight’s, and has a long jouster’s jersey over it that’s checkered with orange and purple. Her helmet’s mask is up so we can see her face. She’s galloping out in front of our thrones -mine, father’s and mother’s and Vivian’s- on a tall Friesian mare. The mare is also covered in silver armor, but over that, she wears a checkered blanket of orange and purple. She stops in front of our thrones then turns the nare to face the crowd. She drops the reins and removes her helmet and gracefully waves to the cheering crowd of our kingdom. 
“Next is our handsome Royal Prince Valdamere of King Kurt and Queen Tess”, informs Dean. 
Now Valdamere rides out of his tent in the same uniform as Rose. And they have matching Friesian mares. He gallops to us then stops next to Rose and turns his mare. Then drops the reins and removes his helmet and gracefully waves to our crowd. After Valdamere, I stopped listening to Dean because I only care about my brother and my beloved Protector Rose. Rose and I have been in love ever since we first rescued her from that filthy bakery and haven’t told a single soul of us. Love for I, is not aloud until I am married...to a prince. Which is very depressing to Rose and I. 
Thy royals’ thrones are in a line in front of the crowd with their kingdoms’ colors on their divided tents. Now that all the protectors and royals are standing with their trustful steeds in front of their tents, Dean is ready to begin our little competition.
“Ladies and gentlemen. Servants and protectors. Royals and townspeople. Let us begin thy Jousting Competition. To begin, protectors first. Roseline against Alonzo”, Dean dramatically says.
I keep one hand on my helmet, cupped underneath my arm while the other holds the reins. Gently, I guide my mare to our side of the Jousting fence. A servant asks if I’m ready while my competitor takes his side. I nod. Another servant hands me my jousting stick after I put on my helmet. Then I close the mask of my helmet. Alonzo -my competitor- is also ready. Dean makes sure we’re ready, then tells the rules, and we’re off. Slowly gaining speed pointing our staffs -or sticks whichever- towards each other. I pick a point on his body - shoulder, leg face, arm, chest, or stomach? shoulder- then lock my eyes on the target and aim. I hit him and he falls off his loyal steed. Not so loyal now is he?
Yes! She knocked him off! That means he’s automatically disqualified. The crowd goes wild. King Alexander and Queen Diamond don’t too happy. I’m so proud of her. Now Anxiety has pulled over me once again, as it is Valdamere’s turn. 
“Oh! I’m afraid Protector Alonzo of King Alexander and Queen Diamond has been disqualified, as he has fallen. Protector Roseline of King Kurt and Queen Tess has won!”, informs Dean. 
The crowd cheers. Alonzo is taken to his tent with his black arabian stallion and Rose returns to her’s. 
“Now it’s the royals’ turns. Prince Valdamere of King Kut and Queen Tess, against Prince Tanner of King Alexander and Queen Diamond”, says Dean. 
Rose has won. That’s one point for our kingdom. Now it’s my turn to joust. If I don’t win and Prince Tanner does, then they’re still in the game. I have to win this. It’s the only way to get my father’s attention. He’s always thinking of Marie and Rose. Ever since Roseline has come, I’ve gotten less of his attention. Mother still saves time for me, but father treats Rose as if she’s the son he's always wanted. She’s the only female protector we have. And our youngest. Dean is like an older brother to me. Or like a father. He’s trained me just as father’s trained him. Dean use to be a servant of a blacksmith. 
So he was already strong when we found him. He still had a lot to learn though. He was 8 years when we found him. He is now our best protector. But Rose is catching up to him. And getting all father’s attention. Dean has taught Rose and I to joust. It’s her best game. Beating her at her own game is the only way to get my father back. I must win. 

I know that Prince Valdamere should get to the final round for our kingdom and I hope he get’s to the next round. But if we are in the last round together, it won’t look pretty. Marie has told me once before of how much Valdamere dislikes me. Valdamere scares me. Though I must serve him well. And if we both go into the final round, then I have to let him win.  Otherwise I will be thrown into the dungeon by King Kurt. And he has been more to a father to me than that baker was. Hopefully they won’t send me back to the  bakery either.
I am Princess Vivian of King Enzo. I, am Valdamere’s beloved. My father has been taking care of me on his own ever since my mother’s death at my age of 9. She died of a sickness that all doctors could not save her from. I’m 15 now. And if all goes well between Valdamere and I, then we shall be married. My birthday is tomorrow, and two days afterwards I shall be married and take the throne of Europe, my father’s kingdom. He will still be king, but not as big of a deal. 
I love Prince Valdamere and his family, and they love me. We’ve known each other ever since Marie was born. Yes he is older than me, but age doesnt matter. As Valdamere would describe, I have long white wavy hair, with pale skin, light grey eyes, and am as tall as he is. Having been born with natural white hair is normal for our family.
Anyhow...Valdamere rides his royal steed to his placement with his helmet cupped underneath one arm and his other hand on the reins. He glances at me before putting on his helmet. He smiles as he looks me up and down in my red laced dress, with my hair half down with a red bow. He mouths, “I love you” And I mouth it back. Then he pulls on his helmet and takes his staff from a servant. He puts down his mask as Dean goes through the same procedure. Then they’re off. His Friesian gallops forward while Valdamere aims his staff at Prince Tanner’s side. Tanner falls as Valdamere’s staff collides with his side. I stand from my throne with Marie and we scream and holler with the crowd. Valdamere has won. 
Valdamere has won. Then they go through the other jousters and Dean begins the second round. 
“And now my good people, it is time for the second round. First up, Protector Roseline against Protector Palmer”, says Dean.
Lets see how this goes.  
Rose leads the mare to their post. She glances at me. I stare back. I nod. She nods in return. She pulls on her helmet then puts her mask down and retrieves her staff from the servant t\without taking her eyes off her opponent. Dean mouth is moving and there are things going on around me but I can’t hear them. All I see is my darling Protector Roseline riding forth on her mare. She aims for the leg then shoves that staff forward with all her strength. The stick breaks as Protector Palmer falls off her stallion. Palmer’s staff get’s Rose in her shoulder as she falls, and Rose starts to fall, but saves herself. Palmer is disqualified. Roseline is still in the game. 
Rose gently pulls on the reins to slow the mare then turns her and starts for her tent. She puts up the mask on her helmet once the mare slows to a walk. Then the mare stops. A servant runs towards Rose and helps her dismount. Another servant takes the mare to the tent and the one with Rose checks on her shoulder. I want to run to her and being to stand, but Vivian touches my arm to stop me. I look at her and she shakes her head slowly. So I stay in my throne, staring at Rose, whose noe walking to her tent with a couple servants. 
Roseline may be hurt but she’s still in the game. She tells the servants to leave her alone. Though everyone can see the blood gushing through the armor. Rose is just ignoring it. She’s not even crying. And she is not acting. She is truly tough. It’s my turn again. I mount my horse and ride to my post. I pull on my helmet and close the mask. I take my staff from a servant and wait for Dean to stop talking so I can knock Prince Miles off his loyal steed. The we’re off. I aim for his shoulder. The staff brakes and sticks in his shoulder as he falls disqualified. I won.
Yes. Valdamere has won. But wait...that means..he has to go against Rose.
Valdamere won. That means we’ll be facing each other. Just as I feared. I have to let him win. This will be painful.
Valdamere is competing for his father’s attention. Roseline is competing for our kingdom. Knowing Valdamere, he will aim for Rose’s bleeding shoulder.  And knowing Rose, she’s going to let him win. I don’t know what I can make of this. I;m concerned for Rose. And so is Marie. Everyone knows about those two except for the King. Even the Queen knows. But everyone outside of the castle doesn’t know besides Vivian. This will not be an even match. This is not how Valdamere should win. Rose will have no way of dodging his staff. And if she wins, she will either go to the dungeon, or go back to the bakery. I feel so bad for her. 
Valdamere and Rose mount their horses then take their posts. The helmets go on and masks go down. With their staves in hands. I go through the procedures and they’re off. Rose get’s Valdamere’s leg. Valdamere get’s Rose’s shoulder. She leans forward. But doesn’t fall. Posts. New staves. Procedures. And they’re off. Valdamere get’s Rose’s side. She doesn’t fall. They go again and he get's her head. Go again. He get’s her shoulder again and she falls, but her foot is caught in her sturrup. I run down and stand in front of her mare to stop her. The mare finally stops and I run to Roseline. 
I free her foot. The remove her helmet and find her unconscious. I shake her but she doesn’t waken. She’s still breathing. I look up at Valdamere. He throws off his helmet and pumps his fist in the air. And smiles. The crowd is dead silent. Queen Tess, Princess Marie, King Kurt, and Princess Vivian, have stood from their thrones.Marie is crying and Vivian is holding her. 
What’s with all the long faces? I have won! My father has to be proud now.
We’re now in the town’s hospital. Kurt, Tess, Marie, Valdamere, and I, are all gathered in Roseline’s room. Marie is sitting in the chair next to Rose’s bed. King Kurt is sitting next to her and Tess is on the other side of her. Valdamere and I are standing behind them. 
“Father, aren’t you proud of me?”, asks Valdamere.
“For what? Nearly killing one of our best Protectors?!”, King Kurt raises his voice.
Kurt stands from his chair to face Valdamere with a stern face and stands up straight. They’re the same height. 
“I was just trying to make you proud”, Valdamere respond.
Kurt shakes his head and leaves the room.
“Mother?”, Valdamere asks.
No response. Valdamere turns to look at me. He smiles and puts his arms out for a hug. I take a step back.
“Vian?”, he says in a hurt tone.
I look down. Valdamere out his arms down and loses his smile.
“Why is everyone so upset about me winning?!”, he raises his voice.
“You shouldn’t have one in such a way”, I say.
He looks at me with cold eyes.
“What?”, he questions coldly.
I look at him. “Believe me Valdamere, I wanted you to win I truly did. But you shouldn’t have won like this”, I say, questering towards Rose.
His eyes soften. “You too?”
“Valdamere, I cannot take this anymore. I do not want to deal with this. I will not be with you if you keep competing with her for your father’s attention!”, I raise my voice.
“What are you trying to say?...”, he lets his voice trail off.
“Unless you find some way to fix this...I will not marry you”, I say, my voice in a softer tone.
I leave the room before for he can say anything more.
As Valdamere leaves the room, Dean enters. Mother and I look in his direction.
“I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Roseline shall waken soon. The bad news is a lot. She has stitches on the left side of her face. She had surgery on her shoulder so she won’t be able to use it for a while. And she is so weak that they gave her strength by using some chemicals in the lab and they don’t know how she will react to it yet. But it won’t be bad so she’ll be ok”, he informs.
Dean takes my father’s seat. I hold Roseline’s hand and gently squeeze. She squeezes back.
Someone is gently squeezing my hand. And based on the size, and feeling, and elegance, I can tell it’s Marie. So I gently squeeze back. I slowly open my eyes. It feels like my eyes are swollen, and my whole body feels stiff. But I ignore it and look towards Marie, Queen Tess, and Protector Dean.
Tess smiles. “You’re ok”
I slowly nod and rub Marie’s hand with my thumb.
“I’m so glad you’re ok”, Marie says.
I can tell she’s trying so hard to stay calm.
“We were so worried about you”, says Dean.
“Fill me in”, I say quietly.
I’m still waking up. Dean tells me everything that happened while I was unconscious.
“What kind of chemicals?”, I ask.
“I don’t know. They told about them making you stronger, faster, and healing better and faster than ever”, Dean responded.
I slowly nod then look back at Marie. She smiles with tears in her eyes. I bring her hand to my lips and kiss it slowly. Then set it back down.
“You’re not aloud to use that arm”, says Dean.
“It doesn't hurt”, I say, looking back at him.
“But how?...”, his voice trails off. 
It’s late at night and everyone’s back at the castle, asleep. I’m wide awake. The ball has been canceled due to what’s happened during the competition, and shall proceed tomorrow night depending on how everyone’s doing. I creep out of bed and walk towards the door in my aqua-silk- nightgown. I slowly open the door and walk out to the hallway. The close it behind me. Now I quietly walk to Rose’s room and open the door softly. She lay on her back with with her eyes open. Then she looks at me and sits up. I walk all the way in and close the door behind me. Then I walk to her bed. She moves the covers and I sit next to her. Then after covering us up, we lay down and she puts her arms around me. I snuggle close. Her hair is down and not messy. She’s wearing a regular white long sleeve, with red-silk-pants. She looks tired. But she jus strokes my hair that’s also down.
“I’m sorry to wake you”, I whisper.
“It’s ok, just rest”, she whispers.
“But your shoul-”
“I don’t care. It doesn’t hurt. I’m ok”, she says.
I look up at her and gently touch the side of her face where her stitches are. She just relaxes and doesn’t stop me. Then I remove my hand and just lay there with her until we eventually drift off to sleep.
I’m assuming everyone else is asleep. But knowing Vivian, she’s still awake to look at the stars. So I walk to her room. I slowly open the door and see her standing at the window. I walk all the way in and close it behind me. Her hair is braided to one side and she’s wearing a yellow-silk-nightgown. I walk up to her and gently touch the small of her back. She doesn’t stop me.
“Can we talk? Please?”, I ask.
She looks at me. As usual, I’m not wearing a shirt for bed. Just red-silk-pants. But she keeps her eyes at mine with a sad face. I touch the side of her face and she gently touches that hand.
“What can I do to fix this Vivian?”, I ask.
“Apologize to Roseline for one”, she responds quietly.
“Then just tell your father how you feel”, she says calmly.
“What if it doesn’t work?”
“It will, trust me”
“Then, will you forgive me?”
She pauses. “Yes, I will forgive you”
I lean in to kiss her, then she puts her hand on my chest to stop me.
“But fix it first”, she says.
I nudge her chin to get her to look up at me. Then stare for a moment. “Ok”
I wake up after a nightmare and quietly sit up, breathing heavily. Then I slowly run my hand over my bruised side and stitched up face and my shoulder. Marie opens her eyes and sits up. I look at her. She looks at me with a hint of concern in her eyes.
“It’s ok, it was just a nightmare”, I say, taking my hand off my shoulder.
“Obviously, it wasn’t ‘just a nightmare’”, she mocks me.
I ignore her and just stare at her with a frightened expression.
“What was it about?”, she asks.
“I can show you”, I reply.
I close my eyes and touch her forehead with my index finger. I feel my energy soaring through my body and into her’s with my vision. I’m in the lab on a marble table, and doctors are putting millions of needles in me. A  nurse’s notepad says “Roseline White: Powers of visions, speaking in other peoples’ minds, strength, speed, self healing, moving people without the law of touch, smarts, self defense….” And that was all I saw. Then they put something in one of my arms’ needles that made my eyes shoot open and turn bright white. Then they injected my neck with another needle and put me back to sleep. I remove my finger from Marie’s forehead and leave my eyes closed.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”, she asks.
“I didn’t know how to”, I look at her.
“Roseline, you can tell me anything”, she says.
“Yes, I know…”, I let my voice trail off.
There’s silence for a moment.
“You should tell Dean of this”, she says quietly.
“No”, I say.
“If you can trust anyone it’s him”, she continues.
I get out of bed and look in the mirror.
“You can trust him. I will go with you”, she finishes.
My expression stays calm as I look at her.
“Ok”, I say.
Marie nods and gets up. She walks towards me. Though she is older, I am taller than she is.
“I should get going”, she says.
I look down and nod. She kisses my cheek as she stands on the tips of her toes, then lowers to her regular stance and leaves the room. Soon a maid comes in and offers to help me get into my uniform, but I tell her that I can manage today. She curtsies and leaves the room. I remove the plain white long sleeve and I pull on a white shirt that’s tighter and has whiter straps instead of sleeves. Then I remove my red-silk-pants and pull on a pair of white pants and tall brown boots that stop a few inches below my knees. I lace them up all the way to the top on each boot. I brush my dark curls and tie them in a low ponytail with a red ribbon that I’ve tied in a bow around my hair. Then someone knocks.
“You may enter”, I say.
Then Valdamere walks in. He’s wearing the same uniform except with a red long sleeve. He must be here to walk with me to train with Dean in the training room. His shoulder length hair isn’t slicked back like usual, it’s down and untamed like it’s always been for training. He’s here early. I tense up.
“Relax, I only came to apologize”, he says.
He walks all the way in and closes the door behind him.
“I should be the one apologizing, it wasn’t a fair match”, I say. 
“No,no. It was because you were hurt and I had badly injured you. And I apologize for this”, he informs. 
I relax. “I’m fine”
He walks over and gently touches my shoulder. He touches the fully healed scar. His expression changes to be confused.
“How did this heal so quickly?”, he asks.
“They put me in a lab”, I reply.
“Ah”, he nods.
He touches my side. I don’t move. Then he looks at my stitches.
“I don’t understand”, he says.
Then he touches my stitches and I close my eyes. He gets a glance of my vision as I shy away.
“What was that?!”,he snatches his hand away and rubs it as if I burned him.
I open my eyes and see that I did burn him. I ignore it and walk to the closet to grab my red long sleeve and pull it on. Then I close it and look back at him.
“Was...that you?”, he asks.
I look down.
“Answer me, I won’t hurt you”, he continues.
I look into his eyes.They seem hurt and Trustworthy, also with honesty.
“Yes, it was I”, I reply.
He nods. “You should tell Dean”
“I was planning it”
“Good, he and I can protect you. Have you told Marie?”
I nod.
“Good. lets go”, he says.
Valdamere walkins in wearing his training uniform, with Roseline in hers, and I’m assuming Marie is borrowing Roseline’s extra. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Marie in this sort of clothes unless they were for horseback, which they’re not.
“It is not right for a princess to be in a training session”, I say looking back down at my blade I’m polishing.
“I wish for you to train me, if you disagree then I will change it to a command”, Marie orders.
I look back up at her and nod. Marie had her hair in some fancy braid that’s pulled off to one side. She actually looks darling as usual. I guess I’m just not use to seeing her in such attire.
“I need your help Protector Dean”, Roseline says calmly.
I set my blade down and walk closer to them.
“What is it?”, I ask.
She closes her eyes and touches my forehead with her index finger. She’s sending me a vision with all her energy. I see her on a marble table in the hospital with doctors and nurses gathered around, injecting needles in her. Her vision focuses in on one nurse’s notepad that shows their little experiment. “Roseline White: Powers:” Then as I read the notepad, I feel her energy running faster. She removes her finger and opens her eyes. As I look into them, I can tell how frightened she is of this. Marie too. While Valdamere looks very determined to find out what’s going on.
“These are the symptoms the doctors were speaking of”, I find my voice.
“What do you mean>”, Roseline asks.
“Your posers. They may last and they may not”, I say.
Roseline nods.
“Let’s train and see what happens I say.
  Marie has trained with Dean before. But never in front of anyone but him. It was when she was very little. And after Dean started training Rose, father decided is was inappropriate for a Princess to be involved with such violence. So they stopped. As Dean goes over simple sword techniques, Marie starts showing how….intense she can really be. I’m also very impressed with her fighting skills. But she still has a lot to learn. Just as we started to suspect that Rose’s powers were controlled..we were wrong.
“Ok Roseline, I want you to go over some fighting techniques with Valdamere, no weapons”, orders Dean, as he folds his hands behind his back.
Dean is in the same uniform as us. His hair is down and untamed. He looks restless. We got into positions. Then Dean said go. I started walking towards her and then when I moved forward to touch her side, she pushed me back without touching me.
“What was that?”, I ask.
“I don’t know. I’m sorry”, Rose responds.
Dean nods and we start again. This time, I grabbed her wrist. Her eyes turned white and she quickly gained strength then threw me on the ground. Her eyes returned to normal. I stay on the ground and look at Dean. His eyebrows are raised now. Then he relaxes.
“Ok let’s try something different. Valdamere, I want you to stand and this time I ant Roseline to come to you. Let’s see what happens”, he ordered.
“Ok..”, my voice trails off as I stand.
Rose takes a deep breath. Then she tenses up and her eyes go white again. She rushes toward me, then grabs me and teleports and I end up shoved against a wall with her big white eyes staring at me, and her gripping me tightly. Then she relaxes and lets me go as her eyes return normal.
“wow...this is...amazing”, says Dean.
Marie’s mouth is dropped with her eyes wide and her eyebrows raised. Then she relaxes. Rose is breathing heavily and shaking. Dean runs over to her as she closes her eyes and faints. I help catch her. 

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