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Beginning of the Legends

November 9, 2008
By Anonymous


Cold and soaking wet from the night’s fierce storm, William Smith backed away from the old, decrepit woman.

“You wicked man! No mortal shall be deceived in your presence ever again,” she yelled. The woman pulled out a long, cut twig and aimed at him.

“No,” William pleaded, “I don’t want any harm!” He staggered and fell back, knocking over the lantern. Flames rose on the barn floor. The cows moaned and retreated from the fire.

“You might have the body and mind of a man, but your soul is of a filthy animal.” She crept closer, her steady eyes never looking away from his.

“Please, it was an accident,” William begged, crawling on the floor.

“From hence forth, your body and mind will change to match your soul as the full moon rises, like tonight’s. You will deal with the pain of loss, like every human you have killed experienced,” she croaked. The woman lifted the stick up and pointed at him.

“You’re crazy, you old hag!” William shouted. The flames caught on the side of the barn and torched the roof. The cows yelped as the fire grew. He tried to get away, but he was paralyzed with fear.

The woman kneeled down over William and stared into his eyes, deeper than any other person he knew could. “Mark my words, I will have my husband’s vengeance,” she whispered. The woman raised her stick and it started glowing a pale color. Suddenly, she plunged the twig down his throat.

William threw up his hands, but couldn’t fight the woman off. There was an unseen force stopping him from moving completely. His mind started to lose all feeling. He could see the fire all around him, but something was pushing the fire away from him and the woman. He could see the cows running towards the door, trying to ram it off the hinges. But worst of all, he could see the woman laughing; crackling echoes filled the barn.

The woman pushed harder, making it impossible to breathe. The last thought of William’s was “I wonder if this is how the people I kill feel before they die.” But then the roof caved in, revealing the full moon and William couldn’t think anymore, he could just feel pain and hunger. Pain forming in his body as he turned into a monster, and hunger for food. Fresh food.
Hair grew from his body, and fangs from his mouth.

The woman pulled out the twig and continued to laugh. “Go on, and feast on the world, you filthy animal. Feast and feel the pain of hatred from everyone you once knew, because you’re a demon now, and no one will accept you. Flee from me!” Anger filled her voice, but William wasn’t listening anymore. He lunged after one of the frightened cows and started ripping it apart, his claws digging into their skin.

As the woman watched the monster, preying on the cows, she finally realized what her old Master told her not to do.


“Are you ready, my apprentice?” He asked. His breathe steamed from His mouth.

“Yes, my master,” Dracula answered, never looking up to His face. “I have been waiting an extremely long time for this honor, my Lord.”

“Spare me your pity, I’ve heard enough of the Lord, and I don’t want to hear him anymore!” His face was burnt more than ever.

“My master, not to be out of my place, but how will I leave this chamber?” Dracula asked, still kneeling ever since He called upon him.

“DON’T YOU READ?!” He roared. The flames surrounding them seemed to be hotter than ever, making the room unbearable to be in. “You despicable demons waste your time while being down here. Do you even know Hell has a Bible?”

“Yes, my master, but there is nothing about a demon escaping,” Dracula whispered out of fear.

He stood up from His throne and flung Dracula on the other side of the room, laughing hysterically. “Because, my apprentice, the God of heaven made Hell’s Bible. BUT I’M THE GOD OF THIS FIRE PIT! I create the future for us!” He laughed even harder.

Dracula stood back up and kneeled again. “I’m sorry, my master.”

He sat back down in His throne and put up His hand. A flame came from His hands and the Bible appeared. He started flipping though it and stopped at Jesus’ resurrection. “My apprentice, have you ever read God’s bible?”

“No, my master.”

“If you did, then you would know that Jesus dies and descends into Hell.”

Dracula’s face flinched and he spat across the room. The spit barely came out of his lips and it started to evaporate.

“Yes, my apprentice. And after three days, he will rise to judge the quick and the dead of heaven. And there is your escape. As Jesus ascends to heaven, the door to Hell will open and you will leave with him. Then you will make my army of the dead. And God will have to perform the day of Rapture because there will be demons feeding among the humans.”

“My master, a brilliant plan,” Dracula said. “I thank you for correcting me.”
He ran towards Dracula and threw him again. “Don’t you dare thank me!” He yelled. “Thank God for abandoning me! I tell him that humans don’t deserve to live. They’re murderers and molesters and thieves. I tried to tell him he was wrong, that we should take care of these humans, but he forgave them! I wanted to get rid of God because he just kept forgiving and he shouldn’t have. So he made me a God, God of Hell. If you’re going to thank anyone, thank God for his betrayal and this war to stop humans from living without consequences!”

Dracula kneeled once more and replied “I am sorry, my master.”

“Be gone with you!” He yelled.
As Dracula left, the Devil sat down in his throne, and a tear rolled down His cheek and evaporated in the air.


After 5,000 years, I still remember having the Devil in my presence.
He was joyful and graceful, but something didn’t feel right, something in the back of my mind that I could barely reach.

“Are you sure, Lucifer?” I asked.

“Yes, my child,” Lucifer answered. “You can have all the power in the world; you just need a little help.”
I was still struck with his greatness and amazing spellbinding words, yet, that bad feeling was still there.

“But, why would you give me some of your power? It just doesn’t feel right, and I don’t want to be against God’s wishes,” I said.

“Do you think God would choose me as one of his great companions if I wasn’t good? What I’m telling you is true. Use the magic I gave you and grow plentiful crops and help the land of Traubbany. Does that sound like evil to you?” Lucifer asked me.
“No,” I replied, “I suppose you’re right.”
All of a sudden, a terrible chill surrounded me. The floor started to get wet, but it was a while before I realized it was my feet sweating. My hands shook tremendously, and it was noticeable.
“Are you feeling well?”
“I guess not,” I answered. “My head is pounding, like a man’s hands on a drum.”
“Would you like to sit down?”
“No, I can handle it.”
“Now I must tell you something,” Lucifer’s face suddenly straightened and the seriousness was strangely agonizing. “This magic I am about to rest on your hands is extremely powerful. You must not let anyone know about it, or disastrous things will follow. Also, you must be very wise on what practices you perform with the magic. If any harm is done from you, it will return three times greater.”
“Yes, my Master, I will obey every single rule forced upon me. I promise to give my life to keep this meeting a secret.” I was scared, but the power Lucifer talked about kept overwhelming my imagination.
“Ok,” Lucifer said, “put your hands upon mine.”
Lucifer laid out his hands and they started to shine a magnificent array of colors. I rested my hands on top of his and I was struck with something I could never be able to describe. The power was better than Lucifer described, it was exhilarating and exhausting, but I could feel the world at my fingertips. It was all clear, yet there was still so much to offer in my measly life time.

That bad feeling vanished, and I didn’t care what the feeling was trying to tell me. But I soon found out, because Lucifer was in the middle of the transfer when he suddenly flew backwards against the stone wall. He was frightened, shocked, and confused all at once. That scared face will never leave my nightmares, now that I think of it. He slowly got up and paced over to me.

“You will make a harsh decision that no other man will make. If you don’t choose wisely, than life as we know it will perish. No matter what anyone does, you do not have the right to judge them.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.
“A love one that you hold dearly will die. And you have no way of stopping it,” my Master grimly told me.

And just like that, Lucifer vanished. I never saw him after that, only in Bible passages and pictures. There were two things I could never do after he left. One was shaking off the fact that maybe I caused Lucifer to become the Devil when he envisioned something as he touched me. The other was clean the scorch marks Lucifer left when he disappeared.

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