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July 17, 2015
By creativewriter144108 SILVER, Keizer, Oregon
creativewriter144108 SILVER, Keizer, Oregon
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L.A. Headquarters
September 2nd

I, am secret agent J.D. (Jade Dawnawhite). Right now, I’m in L.A. at my headquarters for a meeting with my Commanding officer (Jack). Jack is like a father to me, but he’s actually my uncle. He’s kept me here with him, ever since my mom died. I’ve never met my dad. Jack says I look a lot like my mom. “You have her green eyes, and her pale skin with freckles, and jet black, straight, layered hair”, he’d always say. I’m 15 now. I’m the best agent here at the L.A. Secret Agent Headquarters (L.A.S.A.H.). I’m meeting up with Jack for a new mission. He’s just walking in the door. I’m in his office. He has jet black hair that’s slicked back with some jell. Pale skin, and green eyes. Did I mention he’s tall?
“Take a seat agent J.D.”, he says, motioning for me to sit in the chair on this side of his desk. 
He sits behind his desk and folds his hands.
“What can I do for you commander J.E.?”, I ask him.
His name is Jack Emerald.
“I have a mission for you”, Jack responds leaning forward.
“So I’ve heard”, I say, looking him in the eye.
“As you know, this Agency (LASAH), is built for finding our Creator”, he gets up from his desk and starts pacing by the windows.
“Carry on”, I cross my legs and sit back.
“You, my darling, are going to a normal High School where his grand children are. You will have all the same classes as them and get information out of them”
“How old are they?”
“Doesn’t matter”, he replies quickly.
“How old are they?”, I ask slower and harsher.
He looks over his shoulder at me and stops in front of the window directly behind his desk.
“15”, he replies.
Then he looks out the window.
“What do you mean by children then, how many are there?”, I ask.
“They’re twins. Not identical, but twins”, he answers.
Then he walks back to his desk, and sits like he did from the start, and folds his hands again.
“Their names are Sky and Susan Benson”, he says, looking me in the eye.
“Boy and a girl? That’s rare”, I say.
I lean forward. “When do I start?”
He leads forward. “Tomorrow”, he says after a long pause. 
Dawn Winters High School
September 3rd

My name is Sky Benson. I’m 15, and have a twin sister (not identical) named Susan. We live with our grandfather, who is their Creator. When I say “Their Creator”, I mean the Creator of this world -so called Earth- and everything on it. There’s a special agency (LASAH) who’s been looking for our family for years. Why? I have no clue. Our parents are “technically” gods. I’m not aloud to speak of their names though -ever.
Right now, Susan and I are walking into our High school -Dawn Winters High School or DWHS- For our Sophomore year. Susan has very long straight blonde hair, with dark brown and blood red streaks. She has pale skin with a ton of freckles and hazel eyes. She’s tall. I have blonde hair with pale skin and hazel eyes. Plus I’m tall. Susan goes to her locker while I go to mine. We have separate classes for first period. 
I have math and she has office aid. Sometimes she comes in to drop off some papers for a student. So I walk into my class in my seat -which is in the middle of the room- just as the bell rings.
My friend Justin leans over and says “I’m surprised you’re not late. You were ALWAYS late last year. Susan’s not late to anything”
I shove his shoulder. “Shut-up” 
Justin has dark brown skin with very short ringlets of black hair and dark brown eyes. He’s about the same height as Susan and I. He’s Susan’s boyfriend. It’s weird to be best-friends with my sister’s boyfriend.  Then this girl walks in talks to Mr.Schmit -my teacher- then takes a seat on the other side of me. She’s tall, long layered jet black hair, green eyes, pale skin, and freckles. She’s wearing all white. Pretty, but weird. Oh well. Justin -on my right- leans over again.
“Dude, who is that chick?”, he whispers.
“I don’t know. Someone pretty”, I whisper back, looking at him.
“Well ya, but she’s wearing all white”, he whispers.
“Attention class”, Mr.Schmit stands from his desk. 
Everyone looks in his direction as he walks to the middle of the room then stops.
“Today is our first day of school. Your Sophomore year. Why don’t we get to know each other first. So we’ll go row by row, starting from the front, and working our way to the back. Each time starting with the person closest to the door. When it’s your row’s turn, please stand, then when you’re done you may sit”, says Mr.Schmit.
Everyone does as he says. Starting with the first row. Then it’s time for my row. The whole row stands. It’s Justin’s turn.
“My name is Justin Smith. I went here last year. My favorite color is Blue and I like music”, then he sits.
“My name is Sky Benson. I went here last year. I have a twin sister named Susan. My favorite color is Navy Blue and I like to write”, I say.
Then I sit.
The girl on my left looks at me for a moment then looks back at Mr.Schmit. “My name is June Mitchell. I did not go here last year. My favorite color is Dusty Yellow. And I like Gymnastics”, she says.
I raise my eyebrow as she sits. Then I look at Justin. He has the same expression I do. Surprised. 
September 3rd

My name, is Kurt Colby Benson. I am the Creator of Earth. I have two grandchildren. Sky and Susan. Ya, I guess you could say I’m a god. The LASAH is after me with their best Agent Jade Dawnawhite -AKA Secret Agent J.D. She is my enemy’s niece. Jack Emerald. He and I use to be good friends. Until he found that I was their Creator, when we were growing. I’m one of those gods that you’d say was created by accident. When I was born, my first cry creat Earth. That’s why he sent Jade. To get information from Sky and Susan of me.
I’m not like any other god. I am more of an angel rather than a god because THE god (that no one is aloud to speak of otherwise they’re killed) created me and to other gods to create the humans and watch over us. THE god will not be happy with me once he finds that I have a half-blood child and grandchildren. My father is Jesus, and my mother, an angel.
  The agency is looking for answers on certain features, acts, voices, talents, all that stuff that I have given these people. Even reasons for other things like, why did I create plants in such a way? Or water? Or making it so that these people need air? Jack worked very hard in school.
“I will find our Creator”, he’d said.
“What will you do once you find him?”, I’d ask.
“Find out why he made us seem so miserable, so shameful, so guilty and dangerous and mysterious. Find out...why”, he’d reply.
He’d go on and on with this. Then he’d met met my parents, and my background story and had grown very angry with me. We’d grown apart. He’d never gotten his answers, and now he’ll try to pry them out of Sky and Susan with Jade. How very cruel, if I do say so myself. 

Dawn Winter’s High School
12:30 pm
September 3rd

It’s time for lunch. I walk in the cafeteria when I see them. Justin, Sky, and Susan. Sky looks at me and motions for me to come over and sit by them. I sit next to Sky. 
“June, this is Justin and my twin sister Susan”, says Sky. 
“Sky, we already know her. You had her first period with her and Justin, I had her in second and third”, says Susan.
“Alright then. What school did you go to last year?”, says Sky.
“I’ve never been to a school before”, I respond, being honest, I can’t tell them where I live, who are my parents, or my real name, or anything like that… but I can tell them everything else.
“So you were homeschooled”, says Susan.
“No” ,I respond, again..being honest.
“Then how’d you get so smart?”, asks Justin.
“I read”, I tell the truth.
“Oh..”, Susan’s voice trails off.
“Why are you here now?”, asks Justin.
“I’m tired of reading”, That’s half of the answer.
“I see. Are you coming to Gymnastics after school?”, asks Sky.
“Where is it?”, I ask.
“In the gym”, answers Justin.
“I’ll be there”, I say.  

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