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Genie in a lamp

January 3, 2009
By claudiia, GOLD, Caguas, Other
claudiia, GOLD, Caguas, Other
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If there had been an Aladdin. If I could have been that Aladdin, I could have had a genie in a lamp. Oh, the things I would do. If it was as simple as you have 3 wishes, your wish is my command.

First, I would wish for love, all the ways in which someone can have love. Then, I would have family, friends, a lover, and a loved homeland... Second, I would wish for money, and then I could maintain and help my loved ones. Third, I wish for three times the amount of wishes I had before. That way I could wish for more because I would have 9 more wishes!

Third, I would wish for zero world hunger. Fourth, I would wish for complete political peace. Fifth, I would wish for zero racism. Sixth, I would wish for no global warming. Seventh, I would wish for family unity around the world. Eighth, I would wish for no violence. Ninth, I would wish for complete world peace. Tenth, I would wish for no social class differences. Eleventh, I would wish for complete perfection in a human’s life. You know how people say nothing is perfect, but that way people would be happier and there would be no injustice in life, like God wishes…

But if the genie really did what I told him, completed every single desire for which I had wished I would’ve turned our world into a different one. Humans wouldn’t have freedom of speech. We wouldn’t have liberty to make decisions; therefore we wouldn’t be able to see the consequences to our actions or our decisions.

There wouldn’t be a heaven or a hell. There wouldn’t be a reason or purpose for any of us because everything would be more or less decided. God didn’t give us the free will for nothing. Even though there wouldn’t be poor or racists or anything of the sort, it wouldn’t be right. This is because God wants us to want to be good.

If we had perfect world peace and justice, would we still have something to fight for? Something to be who we are? Something to live for? Would people have something to rebel against? Would we still be ourselves, such a thing as human behavior? All this leads to; ARE WE EVER GOING TO HAVE WORLD PEACE AND JUSTICE?

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