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Mr. Jacob Smith

December 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Mr. Jacob Smith was a young man in his twenties who was just starting out his new life. He just got married to his beautiful wife Sophia, and they were deeply in love. He felt as if everything in his life was falling into place. As if his dream life was finally becoming a reality. It was a fact that Jacob couldn’t be happier, until Sophia told Jacob that she had to tell him something. Jacob had no idea what to expect, but he knew he would stand by Sophia through anything. She went on to tell Jacob that she had cancer and that she didn’t have a lot of time left to live. This just crushed Jacob. He couldn’t bear to think of how his life would be without Sophia.

Jacob knew that he had to do something to help Sophia, but he didn’t know what. He tried to get a better job so he could be able to afford all of the new expensive medical bills, but there were no high paying jobs out there. So instead of just having one good job Jacob had a few menial jobs. Even though this was helping pay for Sophia’s treatments it didn’t make Sophia’s life expectancy much longer, and now he didn’t see her anymore.

One day Jacob just had to unwind. He decided he would go to a local pub with a few of his friends. While at the pub he met this man who called himself Luke. He was a shady character that was hanging out by the bar. Luke and Jacob talked to each other for a little bit. He told Luke about Sophia and how she was dying. Luke showed remorse for him and he tried to make him feel better. He bought Jacob a drink and about an hour later Luke told Jacob who he really was. He went on to tell Jacob how he was the Devil himself and how he could help Jacob. He told him that if he sold his soul he would give Jacob one really high paying job and would cure Sophia’s sickness. Even though he knew it wasn’t the right thing to do, he had to do it to save the love of his life. To make it final he signed a contract and both Luke and Jacob went their separate ways.

The next day Sophia went to the doctor for her annual appointment. The doctor was shocked when he saw that the cancer was gone. She ran home to tell Jacob the news and both of them were ecstatic. Jacob realized what he did, but he didn’t care. Sophia and him would now be able to live their lives together. Not only did Jacob receive great news about Sophia, but he also got a phone call that stated that he got an amazing job. The pay was so good that they were now considered in the high class and they had everything they ever dreamed of.

As time drifted on Jacob forgot about his agreement with Luke. He just lived his life as if he never had signed that contract. He kept working hard at his job, and was still in his loving marriage with Sophia. He began to make a family by having one son named Peter and one daughter named Sarah. His life was even better than before and he just wanted it to stay that way.

Now Jacob was about forty years old and in the contract this was the age that the devil would collect Jacob’s soul. So at midnight the bell rang and it was Luke. He told Jacob that it was time to give him his soul, but Jacob refused. He told Luke that he had too much going for him and that he had to take care of his family. Even though all of this was true Luke didn’t care he said that he signed the contract and to be fair he had to give him his soul. Jacob was terrified and the only thing he could think to do was pray. He prayed to God and told him he was sorry. He said he wanted to live and be with his family. He begged God to save him.

When God heard all of these prayers from Jacob he came down from the heavens. He wanted to save Jacob since he believed that even though he did something wrong by making a deal with devil, that he was still a good person. God felt as if Jacob shouldn’t have to give up his soul and that he should be allowed to stay with his family. So God began to argue with the Devil. They went back and forth with their opinions on what should happen to Jacob because a contract is concrete and it was only fair that Jacob give up his soul. God fought so hard for Jacob and eventually won. God and the Devil came to the agreement that Jacob would keep his soul, but would no longer have his high paying job. Jacob now would go back to middle class, but this seemed like such a small price to pay to keep his soul.

Jacob was so thankful to God for saving him. He knew what he did was wrong by making the deal with the Devil, but he felt as if it was worth it. He felt as if the deal even though it was risky made his life amazing. His life would mean nothing to him if he didn’t have the love of his life and his beautiful family to share it with.

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gillian said...
on Jan. 2 2009 at 7:51 pm
THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!! Make a book <3