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August 9, 2012
By Luna3952 SILVER, Lynchburg, Virginia
Luna3952 SILVER, Lynchburg, Virginia
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“Welcome to the beyond.” The girl with long red hair said to me as I sat up on the ground. What was this place?
“Who are you?” I say to her with my heart racing. Her smile grows from ear to ear.
“Lenda. Call me Lenda.” She says. Her cheeks are red and my heart stops. She’s very pretty, but also very different.
“Lenda, where are we?” she laughs. i look at her. Heat rushes to my face. What’s so funny?
“A place where you’re aloud to make your own choices. Place where you don’t get assigned anything, you chose. A place where love runs free.” She says. The way she says love scares me. Back where I ran away from, love was something they drained you of. You where assigned a mate and you were stuck with them forever.
“What do I do now?” I ask her. She takes me by the hand and leads me to a path. As we walk down it there is a city I can see. Only a mile or so away. This place was different. This place was alive. This place was somewhere you could be happy and no one could report you.
“Tonight, your going to be my date to a party.” She says as we run to the city.
“What does date mean? And what’s a party?” I say to her. I’m backing away from her and her eyes drain of happiness to fill with sadness.
“A date is something you do with someone when your interested into them and they are interested into you. Like falling in love with them. And a party is somewhere people go to have fun and hang out.” She says. And everything is clear. She’s nuts. She doesn’t even know my name! Why is she being so creepy? Is she in love with me?
“ I rather not go to the party. I rather not go on a date.” I say to her. Her expression changes. It’s almost hard and mean. My dad had the same expression all the time.
“What’s your name, newcomer?” she says with not even a trace of happiness in her voice.
“Sky. My name is Sky, Lenda.” I say. My face grows a smile. Last time my face did this I was knocked out by my mother.
“Well Sky, you have a lot to learn here. One thing is you never turn down a girl who wants to go to a party with you and two never say no to a first date!” she says very loudly. We finally enter the city. This place, with happiness looks amazingly beautiful.
“Look everyone! Its Lenda!!!!!” a guy said. He had a ton of other guys around him. They all smile and wave at her. Giving her the same look that she gave me.
“Hi, Brad. Hey boys.” She says in a flirty kinda way, I’ve only seen it in moves and never thought to see it in real life.
“Who’s the new boy?” says the guy who was talking before which I take his name as brad.
“His name is Sky,” she says smiling at me like she did before. “And my date to the party tonight.”
They all looked disappointed. Is it like this with every girl or is there something about her that every guy who has no brain likes? I don’t get it. I let it slide. Ill take her to the party.

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