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bloodbidders revenge

July 18, 2012
By these-roses GOLD, Bristol, Indiana
these-roses GOLD, Bristol, Indiana
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Millions of years ago, the gods created three wolf lords, The Spirit of Life, Bloodbidder, and Mooningdawn. The Three were meant to keep the race of Lupo alive and well. But little did the gods know, they had created an evil worse than anything they had ever known. Bloddbidder turned against the three, creating evil in the wolf race’s hearts. Bloodbidder turned to world to chaos, leading wars, killing pups, and elders alike. Nothing could stop him. Soon the gods could not bear to see any more suffering and chained Bloodbidder in the land of Immortals.

There he was guarded, moon after moon. The prison was meant to drain Bloodbidders power, but all it did was collect it. As Bloodbidder feed off the prison, his power grew. His memories became sharper and his nemesis, The spirit of life became his priority. He wanted his revenge; it was she that first reported him to the gods. That’s how he ended up here. Bloodbidder made up his mind; he was going to make her suffer.

As his power reached full height; the chains that held him broke. Sirens whined through the building. Wolves and gods alike came to match him. But they all failed. And for every one he defeated, he became stronger. He broke out into the night sky, flames licking at his red tattoos on top of his thick black pelt. His tail was spanned like a peacock’s. His red eyes shone with triumph; finally he was free! He leaped into the starry sky in search of his nemesis.

He had heard rumors that The Spirit of Life was at a grand palace. The fire around him grew and he shot forward like a rocket, running on the stars with nimble paws.

After searching for days he came upon the palace. It was a dull gold with high towers and a forest in the back ground. A palace built for royalty, or a god. Awed by it beauty, he momentarily forgot his purpose.

“Curse this magic!” he growled deep in his throat, knowing that the palace had a beauty enchantment upon it. “I mustn’t look at it in full, focus, Bloodbidder, Focus!”

He set off toward the castle at a run, as he neared he was aware of the guards. Protection tattoo’s on their pelts. He snarled in frustration, she knew him to well. He crouched in the long grass, waiting for his moment. Finally he heard a dismissal woof.

The Guards yawned and slowly and stiffly went inside the palace. Bloodbidder saw his chance and stalked forward at a fast pace. Just as the last wolf walked into the palace, he slipped in after them like a shadow. His fire was gone now, as if it never existed.

His red eyes glittered in the dim light as he snuck forward. The guard’s dorm hall was just as fancy as the outside. Painted with gold and silver, the hall glittered like a sunrise. He shook his head in disgust and kept moving in the shadows. After following the guards he finally saw another hall.

Bloodbidder slipped away from the other wolves and walked down the hall. This hall had been painted the color of blood, torches burned high overhead. There was no chance to hide in this hall. He picked up his pace. At the end of this hall was a magnificent room. Larger than any room he had ever seen. It was painted a warm color of gold, a huge fire roared in the fireplace. The furniture was placed around the fire. Upon a fine couch lay The Spirit of Life.

She had long fur that shone with stars, her wings; graceful rainbows, a long flowing tail hung over the side. He head sleek and elegant. He couldn’t deny her beauty, for he had never in his life seen a more beautiful face. The Spirit of Life looked at him with calm eyes.

“I’ve been expecting you.” She said in a voice like silk “I knew you would break free one day. The gods will not be pleased to know you’ve escaped.”

“You put me there! Traitor!” Bloodbidder snarled

“Put you there my love? No, but I could not bear to see my darlings suffer.” The Spirit jumped down and walked to him. Her pelt shone with the stars of the night. “You’ve stopped loving me, haven’t you?” she asked quietly

“I could never love one who betrays me!” Snarling he stepped forward

The Spirit of Life hung her head “Then so be it.” She lunged at him with sorrowful eyes. Snapping at one another they fought. Hearing the sound of paw steps Bloodbidder knew the guards had heard. They would help her at any cost, even with their lives.

The Spirit was tiring, while Bloodbidder grew stronger. He felt his power drain hers. Suddenly he felt another weight on top of him. Rearing back another guard lunged at his belly. Rolling Bloodbidder threw off his attackers. He lunged at the guards who stood firm. He and the other wolves snapped at one another, rolling and rolling.

“Stop it!” cried The Spirit “I’ll go with you!”

Bloodbidder turned to her slowly. “Will you? Or will you just trick me again?” he growled

“I’ll go with you, as long as you don’t kill again! Please my love, I can’t let you do what you used too!”

“I’m not your love!” he howled “not anymore! Come on then!”

The Spirit of Life stood firm, “promise me.” She shuffled her rainbow wings.

He bared his teeth “I promise.” He spat

She walked to his side head held high with dignity. He led her on baring his teeth at the guards that surrounded him. They didn’t know if they were to attack. They went out into the night, The Spirit matched the night sky, blending.

“Spirit! You shall be imprisoned by your very power. You shall wear the very chains that held me for moons and moons!” he raised his head to the moon, raising his howl to the land of immortals.

The Spirit of Life looked deep into his eyes. “Until next time, my love.” She whispered as chains encased her and she was lifted into the sky. She howled a sorrowful cry then vanished into the stars.

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