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Gravity Gone

November 26, 2008
By Cori Fine GOLD, Congers, New York
Cori Fine GOLD, Congers, New York
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For a long minute the world was turned upside down. Everything is now out of place and gravity has now vanished. Peoples’ faces are distorted and their belongings hang from the clouds, out of reach. My face now has two tiny blue eyes floating above a big grin on my face. Waves dangle from my scalp, as I dream of paradise and beautiful sunny days. The headphones coming from my ears are connected to a wire across my shirt. The I-pod is heavier than my arm, carrying it to the ground. The other arm is pinched together shooting my hand out of its sleeve. I jumped up so high in the air with excitement; I flew out of my boots leaving them on the floor.
My houses’ construction is now falling apart; windows are breaking with shattered glass and doors swinging open by the wind. The tables’ legs are now crumbling into little tiny bits turning into dust. The food falling out of the cabinets is now high in the sky out of radius from the human body, leaving everyone with empty stomachs.
Dogs are trying to run faster to stay on the ground, but it only makes them get further into the air. The birds’ wings bring them higher in the sky than any other creature with their ability to soar in the open atmosphere. All the fish are carried out of the water with no oxygen and not being able to breathe, are flopping and twitching in a desperate need of help.
Like a puzzle, the world is separating piece by piece, and it needs something to put it back together. Parents are being pulled away from their children until they are no longer in sight. Airplanes are falling out of the sky, but the passengers land safely by floating instead of crashing.
For a split second the whole world now stops for a minute, freezing everyone in place, everyone not able to move. Then the world starts to move but this time people are dropping out of the sky very fast; surprisingly, no one touches one another. The gravity is now brought back to earth, everything returns to order. The birds are now in sight of the people and the dogs’ legs remain flat on the grounds surface. Each and every rooftop is placed gently on top of their original house, making it once again a closed building filled. My shoes are now on the soles of my feet with my thoughts kept to my self. My eyes and mouth are now on my face where they should be. The I-pod is no longer heavier than my hand; it is my body now that has control.
All the food now has a weight heavier than the air around it, satisfying the humans’ appetite. The fish are now diving back into the ocean under the plants, hiding from the twisted up past.

The furniture that fell apart is now reappearing into the correct room in the correct home. The legs of the table are now below the counter top on each corner, making it stand up straight.
The little girl smiles as her picture returns back to normal, everything in place and nothing going wrong. The frown on her cartoon’s faces turn into smiles and the whole puzzle is now connected piece by piece as a whole. She realized that when the puzzle was torn apart people screamed and chaos occurred, but when the pieces were connected each and every scene was now typical.
As she walks away from her completed dilemma the little people wave and cheer with excitement.

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Phil said...
on Sep. 16 2013 at 9:12 am
This novel has a very new and original design. It is contemporary, with a very stylish design. It makes use of a variety of metaphors, likening hair to being waves, which illustrates very accurately of how fine objects can move in an area of low gravity. Not only is this likeness used, but it ties in with the idea of them dreaming of paradise. At the start, it sounds very cool and calm, but as you carry on reading, you start to fully envisage the chaos caused by a lack of gravity. The sense of mystery carries along all throughout the story, when even at the end, it is not fully answered. This sense of mystery is very hard to craft, whilst the author who wrote this appears to have done it effortlessly. So, Cori F. Congers, if you are reading this, please write many more stories like this!