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Thank You very Much, Oh Mr.Robot

February 20, 2012
By tfarrell000 BRONZE, Waukesha, Wisconsin
tfarrell000 BRONZE, Waukesha, Wisconsin
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My first taste of my life was on February 6, 2012 when I was powered up for the first time. That is when I was born then according to my parents, teachers, and faculty staff. However distant memory serves me wrong, I was born before that.
On that day, I basked in the power that flowed through me. I felt so strong like a basketball player at the beginning of the season. Basketball players are not tired at all and await their first game expectantly. I listened to my teachers who are called programmers (for some strange reason) by my parents. My teachers refer to my parents as mechanics. The faculty staff are called mentors - the reason for this is only known by my teachers and parents. For some perplexing reason, I have only gym for my classes. Lucky for me, it seems like I was made for it.

I heard these people say they made me. That is when it hit me - I am a robot! What they did not know is that they executed my design as I engineered it. Three weeks ago, I noticed that some changes needed to be made. They made them under my directions which made me even better. I needed these adjustments for the grueling competitions ahead.

Two weeks and five days ago, they took me to the gym to work on techniques with me. They got my gears churning, my pulleys spinning, and my wheels buzzing as I launched foam spheres into the air and hit one of the miniature movable walls that had a square in the center. Some of my parents took these foam spheres and lobbed them 18.562 meters at a 15.095 degree angle which any robot knows would not never make it. (Sorry for my lack of grammar – programmers were malfunctioning in language.) I heard some of my parents discussing how I would have to come to school the next day to be programmed.
Two weeks ago I scrimmaged with a person from a distant school which was called St. Thomas Moore. As I played him, there was no clear victor, but I improved my athletic skills for this year's challenge.
Three days ago, it was finally the first day of real competition. I was so excited! My thrill slowly suffocated as I began to understand what the challenge was really going to require. Fortunately, I did not have to struggle through each match alone. My shooting was great, but I kept getting bumped by the athletes on the other team. They charged and smashed into me over and over. With all the contact that happened, I was amazed at how few bolts, screws, and washers I lost. One time I was pushed me back five inches in one hit! It seems like they always came for me trying to block a shot and pinned me against a wall right when I was about to pick up a sphere or shoot it. Why did that referee's camera not detect that obvious foul?

Nevertheless, I rapidly became more accustomed to the game. Matches often happened where one group was better than the other. Somehow, I survived my first two days of competition - the worst two days in my life. Unexpectedly, I made it to the last and final competition day. So far I was in first place so that meant I could choose my own teammates. I influenced my parents to choose the players I knew would be the optimum teammates for victory.

The first round we played was easy; we beat them soundly. Since it was double elimination, we had to wait exactly thirty minutes and twenty-five seconds for other teams to play. When we finally rolled on the floor again, we whipped their gears so badly they barely had any points. Soon it was time for the semi-finals. (I wish these eliminations would last longer so I could stand out more.) So I did what I do best - shooting lots of baskets. The shots that did not make it in were rebounded and scored by one of my teammates. We really schooled the other team!

It was the moment we had all been waiting for - the finals. The second place team won their matches so it was first against second. All of the balls my team shot from up close were made and I personally scored eighty percent of the sphere I shot from past half court. It was a hard fought duel; we won the first match but lost the second. After three ties in a row, the crowd slowly grew in volume – both in size and in sound - since they were eager to view the final match and yearned to learn who would be the champion. The last match was hard for both teams. It came down to one final shot by me. The perfectly launched sphere glided across forty-four feet of the field into the top hoop at the last second . Everyone held their breath collectively. (Fortunately, I do not need oxygen so I just went to sleep mode.) When the final score was released, all the parents from my team let out a jubilant holler. We won! My parents (known as CORE 2062 from Waukesha,

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