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The Zombie Army

January 10, 2012
By Mickey_J_Minty GOLD, Chetek, Wisconsin
Mickey_J_Minty GOLD, Chetek, Wisconsin
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"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king." -Desiderius Erasmus

With eyes glazed, they came out of the darkness in single file, each carrying a torch. My zombie minions marched dutifully down upon the small, pitiful town. This was just the first step I would take. This small town was nothing. What did it matter if a few drunken rednecks ceased to exist? As I watched one of the zombies run past me, I thought about my plans and what would lie ahead in my future.
When this puny town was desolate, we would move on to a bigger town, then to cities. Eventually I, Mikale, a Necromancer, and my army would descend down upon the US government. We would seize the President, the Secretary of Defense, every government official, and I would feed them in pieces to my army.
Then, with the government in my control, I would take my army throughout North America, demolishing everyone and everything that stood in my way. Then, when North America is mine, I will move my army to spread throughout the world. First to South America, then to Europe and Asia, then to Africa and, finally, Australia will bow at my feet.
Of course, there is one fatal flaw in my plan. Once I have taken over the world, once the population is mine, a zombie army to control, who will be left to be my servants? Who will be my loyal subjects? I do not want a zombie to prepare my meals. Unsanitary, to say the least. And what about people to follow me around, begging for more food, or to lessen the intensity of my zombie attacks? These are all things I must consider.
Maybe I shall save one city in each state to be my subjects. One large city. That way, I will have a substantial army, and the people will live on to fear and obey me.

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