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The Prophecy: Ember's Story

December 11, 2008
By babybunny DIAMOND, Hickory, North Carolina
babybunny DIAMOND, Hickory, North Carolina
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"there are no friends or enemies in this life; just selfish desires based on instincts and self lustings."

CHAPTER 1 (part 1)

Ember laughed a soft tinkling laugh as she watched the young children chase each other around the playground. They were so cute! It was early November, November 15 to be exact, and it was rather chilly. Ember pulled her jacket tighter around her as another burst of wind tore at her, tossing her hair around angrily. Suddenly, the two children stopped to stare at her. "Look at her hair! It looks like black fire!" one whispered. "I was looking at her eyes, her purple eyes! They're so scary! She's scary!" the second one whispered back tentivaly. "She's a freak. C'mon, let's leave." and with that, they walked away. Ember sighed. For 15 years she had put up with people being scared of her, calling her a freak, and judging her as if they knew her. Next May, it would be 16 years. She got up and started walking alongside the brook that ran along the perimeter of the park. She had always loved nature, especially water. She always that water was the only friend she had, the only friend who understood her. It seemed to her that water was diffrent from all the other elements, just like she was diffrent from all other people. Although water and fire both had a mind of it's own, water was the lifegiver, and, to her, fire was a killer. She climbed down to sit by her secret spot by her only friend. She crossed her legs and assumed the manta position. She loved to meditate. It made her feel closer to the world, and it gave her visions, though she never told anyone this, for she was afraid of condsidered being crazy and taken to an asylum. In these visions, it seemed to her she was always in a diffrent world. The forests were lush and beautiful. There was a castle and a small village and foriegn creatures she had never seen before in her life, but always in the end of these visions, just at the end, the castle lay burning, and the creatures were beating and killing the humans. She hated the endings,(she had always despised violence)that is, she them until she saw a baby being taken away by one of the creatures. The baby had looked somewhat like her so she had tried her best to see the baby everytime she meditated. However, try as she might, she could never see the baby again, until today. As she sat there meditating, she saw the baby laying in a pair of green arms as the fire lay burning around them and bodies littered the ground. The green creature suddenly broke into a run, and behind them, dark figures wrapped in cloaks were chasing them. She heard the creature chant some words, a swirling vortex appeared, and they jumped in. Then, they stood in front of a bloodied girl who was in a serving outfit. "What happened?" asked the green creature. "They took the king and queen and killed everyone else!I was the only one to survive." the servant girl cried. "Where am I to take the princess?" the creature asked. "Take her to the other side. She should be safe enough there." the servant girl ordered, and the creature nodded. A rustling happened in the background. The servant girl's head whipped toward the noise, then back toward the creature again. "Go! Get the princess away! She is our future, the chosen one! You must not let her die!" and with that, she ran towards the noise. The creature turned her back to the way she had gone and once again began to chant strange words, and again the vortex appeared. The creature stepped in with the baby in it's arms as an agonizong screech followed them.

(Class has ended. I will post the rest of Chapter 1 up tomorrow.)

The author's comments:
This is my newest and 8th book.I have gotten up to Chapter 16. I will post a new Chapter every week that we are in school. There will be a sequel t this book. My name is Christine H. Type in my name on the advance search on teen ink and look at the things I have posted. Thank you!

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airi said...
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wow! again, AMAZING! again, I WANT MORE!