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Eyes Like Fire Chapter Six - Changes

May 8, 2010
By Shawn333 GOLD, Pinellas Park, Florida
Shawn333 GOLD, Pinellas Park, Florida
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As I looked at my reflection I began to criticize myself on my behavior last night. It was inexcusable, what was I thinking? Now Ethan probable thought I was a freak, or worse, a sl**! I showered twice that morning hoping to wash the shame away. However even that could not erase the image in my mind or the memory of how it felt. His fiery lips, his rock-hard body, and the way he looked at me, it was… I couldn’t even describe it, no one had ever looked at me like that. I won’t lie, I really liked it. What was wrong with me? All day my mind kept replaying that moment.

All day long Larissa kept pestering me, asking what happened after she and the other girls left. I kept replying “Nothing” but I could tell my blush was giving them a hint. As to whether or not it was the right hint I wasn’t sure. Of course to my displeasure Raven kept talking about him, “Ethan sucks at this, Ethan blows at that” which made me blush, just hearing his name. Damn it what was going on?! I couldn’t be this obsessed with him! Or anyone for that matter!

At this point I couldn’t even focus on the bigger picture, what was Ethan hiding? Did I not care? It seemed not. I couldn’t handle this, I had to talk to Ethan, about what I wasn’t yet sure. To my relief History came sooner than I expected it to. Ethan was in his usual place in front of my desk, and as soon as he saw me he completely surprised me. I expected a look of anger, as if to say “How dare you.” but instead he looked at me just as he had last night! Slowly I made my way to my desk and sat down facing his unusual stare.

“Hello, Mychaela, you’re looking simply-” without thinking I interrupted him “I’m so sorry about last night! I-I didn’t mean to! I just had an awkward moment! I-” almost as quickly as I had interrupted him Ethan placed his index finger on my lips. “Mychaela”, his whispery voice spoke, “This is not the time to discuss this. Lunch, that is when we shall, you know where I sit.” I looked at him in wide-eyed shock, was he serious? Where was the anger? Where was the aggravation? He was so calm! However what he said next surprised me even more so “If you’re going to get hysterical like this I may rethink kissing you again.”

I had to bit my tongue to stop myself from yelling “Again?!” What game was Ethan trying to play here? What was he seeing that I wasn’t? When and where did he exactly plan to kiss me again?! Why on Earth was I asking myself these things?! He smiled warmly and turned around. I had not noticed the substitute at the desk or the assignment written on the board. I was glad to see it was a big one, the perfect way to distract my train wreck of a mind. It seemed like no more than a few minutes that I had began working and the bell rang to dismiss us to our lunch period. I quickly gathered my things and as I began to dash out of the room Ethan grabbed my arm. “You, my dear, are not escaping me.”

Great, I had hoped to get away from him, I was really nervous about discussing this, whatever “this” was. Then again after thinking about it on the way to the cafeteria I realized that we really did need to talk, otherwise my mind would never be able to relax. We sat down at his usual table alone and just stared at each other for a minute. He was the first one to break the silence, “Did it burn Mychaela?” I blinked a few times confused, but slowly I realized what he was asking me. “No”, I quietly replied, “it tingled, it was unusually warm, but it did not burn. To be honest I’d never felt anything more pleasurable than that.” Now Ethan was the one who was astonished, his mouth gaped slightly and he slowly composed himself.

“Mychaela, that’s not normal, do you realize how much my heart was racing? How much my blood pulsed? How… Aroused I became?! You’re lucky that the car didn’t blow up and kill you!” I was confused now, but somehow not too confused to speak “Blow up? And kill me?! And I suppose you think you would survive something like that? And might I ask why the car would have blown up?” He remained calm speaking slowly “No, I would have survived, I’m always the only survivor when I get excited, and never before had I felt such excitement.”

I blushed at the last part, “So… You enjoyed it? Kissing me?” He didn’t answer that one, he just stared at me. I swear the silence lasted for about ten minutes, lunch was almost over before he finally spoke again. “Do you realize what vulgar thoughts have been going through my head? What I’ve thought of for the last twelve hours?” I laughed quietly and replied “It’s nice to know you’re keeping track of time.” I finally became serious again “not any worse than what’s gone through mine.”

His reaction once again surprised me, he smiled, a very satisfied somewhat cocky smile. “I suppose it was nicer than kissing Raven would have been, no?” Without thinking I said “if I ever kissed that jerk I’d kill myself!” A few seconds passed and he and I were both laughing at what I had just said. “My my Mychaela, your little violent side seems to have revealed itself” He playfully flipped my hair out of my face and I stiffened from his touch. “Well you know, that’s not all that’s revealed itself within me.” I was now blushing, yet not as embarrassed to talk about it, “I can’t stop thinking about you… And well, me.”

His eyes lit up slightly and he now looked completely satisfied. “Mychaela, this may very well be the biggest decision of my life and one I never thought I’d make, but I think it’s time the truth came out. In fact I think you are just the person to reveal my own little secrets to.” Finally I was going to get some answers it seemed, I was so anxious now, the thought of finally figuring some things out was the most relieving thought I’d had all day! I couldn’t even respond without stuttering! Finally I managed to get something out “I-I’m so glad to hear that! So you’re not angry I tried to kiss you?!” I couldn’t believe it, I was actually smiling and so was he. He replied “I was actually rather flattered, though surprised.”

The bell rang and I felt the excitement die. “Don’t worry, we can talk more after school, I’ll drive you home. There’s going to be quite a few changes I think.” He got up and left not speaking another word and I made my own way to my fifth period. Everything was going to change even if I didn’t know it then. Ethan was going to be the turning point of my life.

The author's comments:
This is the sixth chapter of my work in progress, the relationship between Ethan and Mychaela is established and things begin to change.

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