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Eyes Like Fire Chapter Two - Ethan

May 8, 2010
By Shawn333 GOLD, Pinellas Park, Florida
Shawn333 GOLD, Pinellas Park, Florida
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My Algebra II class was very slow and boring. We had a review for an upcoming test which I was already more than adequately prepared for. I will admit though I’d rather deal with ten math tests than head to my next class, my new History class. To top it off I had to have my Gym period moved to Seventh to adjust my schedule which is always a great way to end the day. I slowly made my way to the class and Rebecca joined me, matching my slow pace, I always became nervous around Seniors, they were very arrogant for the most part.

We both finally made it to the classroom, took a deep breath and went inside. Much to my relief nobody paid much attention as they were talking amongst each other about their weekends. Rebecca and I greeted our new teacher and made our way to the first two free seats we could find which were located behind the one person not talking to anybody else. I didn’t pay him much attention as I was busy organizing my materials while Rebecca slowly sank into her seat.

Just as we’d become comfortable another young man came up and sat next to the boy in front of us who’d been reading from the History book. “Ethan. Man, are you reading about Stonehenge again?!” He spoke in disbelief as well as joking amusement, “Dude, some crazy folk probably just-” he paused and looked at me. For a second he examined me which led me to wonder what was on his mind when he finally spoke “Hey, new girl! I’m Leon” he smiled and continued to check me out, I wasn’t impressed. I simply replied politely “I’m Mychaela”, I really didn’t like my name, it wasn’t as common as Rebecca or Larissa which just gave me another reason to be labeled “different”. “Oh? My grandmother’s name is Mychaela, isn’t that funny?” Oh God, his flirting was worse than Gerald’s. The young man in front of me laughed quietly and, turning to me spoke in a very familiar monotone voice “I’m Ethan, and let me just say you don’t remind me of my grandmother, whatsoever.” I couldn’t help but laugh and reply smiling “That’s very good!”

I took a minute to check Ethan out, he had very fair skin, piercing yet warm black eyes, very long black hair, and a very strange aura about him, he was intriguing. It took me a minute but I finally recognized him, he was the mystery boy that had gotten Raven off of my back earlier. It seemed he recognized me too as he spoke yet again “So does that freak always harass you like that?” I just rolled my eyes and said reluctantly “He’s always getting on my back like that, I’m pretty used to it.” Ethan mumbled quietly and all I caught of what he said was “I bet he really wants to be on your back.”.

He became very quiet after mentioning Raven and I felt it best not to disturb him so I decided to make sure Rebecca hadn’t died of nervousness. She looked at me timidly and using her eyes gestured to Leon who was busy copying something from the board. I understood, Rebecca always became nervous around guys she liked and Leon seemed to be her newest crush, I’ll admit I think they’d look lovely together. The teacher finally asked everyone to be quiet and we quickly brought our attention to him. “Just a note for our new students, to bring you up to date I’ve arranged for you to partner with a couple of my students to study with on your own time, I have confidence they will bring you up to speed right quickly. I was amused at his fake British accent, though this teacher seemed to be one of the more likeable bunch which immediately relaxed me. I also liked the idea of having a study partner, I really didn’t want to be behind everyone. The teacher began listing off the pairs and finally reached my name “and Mychaela, you will be with Ethan.” Oh boy, this was going to be interesting. Ethan just nodded his head and went back to reading the History book.

About halfway through the class a student walked in, it was Jackson, I’d forgotten he had this class, the teacher took a minute to scold him on being so late but I knew Jackson and it all went in one ear and out the other. The teacher finally gave up and went back to his computer as Jackson came my way, as he passed by Ethan he turned to him and said “So, how’d the freak enjoy his weekend?” This of course got everyone’s attention including the teacher’s who was already writing a referral for him. Ethan slowly turned to him and gave him the same look he’d given Raven, Jackson didn’t back down however and kept going on.

“Well I was with my girl all weekend, don’t you have one, Ethan?” He continued to smirk, ”or are you a little “short” if you get my drift?” He howled with laughter, until Ethan stood up, then he flinched back a little. “Not the size that counts, kid, it’s what you do with it, which in your case isn’t much at all.” I thought a fight was going to break out but then the teacher called Jackson to the desk to get his referral, Ethan continued to watch him then smirked. It was odd seeing him express some form of emotion, and a little scary, his smirk was nothing short of sinister. “Oh my God why is it so hot in here?!” Jackson suddenly exclaimed his face now reddened, the teacher now looked at him with concern. “Are you alright Jackson? Your face is bright red.” Jackson didn’t answer he began hyperventilating and suddenly fell to the floor.

Leon raced over and felt his forehead quickly pulling away. “He’s burning up, sir! Call 911, I’ll go get some ice from the clinic!” He quickly sped out of the room, I looked over to Ethan as the teacher rushed to his classroom phone, he was still smirking at Jackson, I was astonished! I wanted to ask him what was so funny but Leon quickly rushed back with a few bags of ice and placed them on Jackson, I saw the smirk quickly fade from Ethan as he closed his eyes and Jackson became conscious once more. He gasped as his eyes shot open throwing the ice off of him.

“You hit me didn’t you?!” He was glaring at Ethan who still had his eyes closed. “You knocked me out while my back was turned, you coward!” The teacher was taken aback by his bold accusation and quickly explained what had happened. Jackson was speechless for a minute but finally came to his senses and replied “I don’t remember anything of the sort!” However he didn’t bother arguing any further, he gave up and returned to his seat, embarrassed by what had just happened. I couldn’t help but stare at Ethan for the rest of the period trying to figure out just what had happened, but nothing, there was no logical explanation. As the bell rang to dismiss me to my lunch period I just gave up and decided Jackson had just had a bad moment there.

Rebecca and I sat at our normal table in the corner of the cafeteria, Larissa and her group of friends never really bothered to sit with us during lunch, but today Larissa came over completely ecstatic. “Oh my gosh, Mychaela, did you not notice that hot guy sitting in front of you? What was his name? Ethan?” Of course, she just wanted to talk about her new sexual fantasy. While Larissa rambled on about Ethan, I noticed Jackson talking to Raven and Raymond, no doubt about what had happened, probably twisting the story and blaming Ethan for it as well, none of them were really that muscular but three on one always gave them the advantage, I felt sorry for Ethan knowing they’d probably thrash him.

Speak of the devil, there he was, I must have seen a dozen heads turn as he entered, he really had a way of catching people’s attention. Larissa was by far the worst of them, giving him that lustful look and biting her finger, she made me want to throw up sometimes. I simply ignored her and everybody else and decided to leave the cafeteria five minutes before class, I couldn’t stand the sexual tension any longer. I never understood why every girl at my school was in such a rush to rape every hot guy they saw, it’s like they all wanted to get pregnant.

None were worse than Larissa though, she always played the “I’ve been so lonely, I just want someone to make me feel loved” card, for some reason the guys at my school found helplessness and desperation to be a major turn on, I spent the extra time clearing my mind, my day had gone from good to weird to just plain awkward. I was only grateful that it was halfway over. My Physics teacher was surprised to see I’d come early, he knew I wasn’t too fond of him or his class. There were no words exchanged though, he just went back to writing instructions on the board which I quickly began to follow.

We were writing a report today in class which would count for forty percent of our grade for this grading period. I’d soon realized that coming early had perhaps been a mistake, I’d finished my essay about twenty minutes before the class ended and was left pondering the recent incident with Jackson yet again. How did somebody just suddenly burn up so badly that they passed out and then had no memory of it whatsoever? It hadn’t occurred to me though that he could have been feigning ignorance in an attempt to avoid looking pathetic. Yes, that seemed to be the only logical explanation, after all, Jackson did have a reputation to uphold and would be just pitiful enough to pull a stunt like that.

Fifth period finally ended and I headed to my sixth period, which was my Teacher Assistance period, I was a TA for my old English I teacher, whom was rather fond of me. Today however was the worst day for this, as this class period would have me thinking about the mystery boy, Ethan which is not something I wished to do. The teacher was comparing Romeo and Juliet to some other couples from movies, literature and folktales. First up were Tony and Maria from West Side story, a more modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet from the perspective of two gangs instead of families, one being a gang of white folk and the other Puerto Ricans, we saw their version of the famous Balcony Scene.

Next up were Prince Siegfried and Odette from the famous ballet Swan Lake two lovers who chose death rather than a life without each other, torn apart due to the curse placed on Odette. Finally the one that really reminded me of Ethan, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan from the movie Twilight, I myself never read the series or watched the movie, but Edward reminded me of Ethan, mysterious, unpredictable, the typical stranger. All of this made me wonder even more about Ethan, it was rather new to me, I’d never really been interested in a guy before, at least none of the ones here, they were too immature, but there was also something about him, a foreboding you might say, I left it alone for the time being though. The bell rang and I slowly moved on to seventh period, which made it easy to forget about Ethan for I now had more important things to worry about, and by that I meant Gym class.

The author's comments:
This is the second chapter of my work in progress and is when Mychaela first meets Ethan, the male protagonist.

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