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Eyes Like Fire Chapter One - Mychaela

May 8, 2010
By Shawn333 GOLD, Pinellas Park, Florida
Shawn333 GOLD, Pinellas Park, Florida
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Ethan wandered around for centuries, fascinated by the new world around him. He enrolled in schools meeting several different people, yet not befriending a single one. It hadn’t occurred to him that being the son of Aodhan meant that he, himself was immortal. For this reason he had to be very clever and very cautious, who knows what would happen if people realized that a member of the class of 1879 was also a member of the class of 1991. To his great fortune his physical body remained young, resembling one who is between the ages of fifteen and eighteen, he could easily pass for a High School student, wait for the people of that generation to die and then go to another school, or even work if he so willed.

His power over the fire element had matured and he wielded it brilliantly. The countless centuries of defending himself and hunting food with his father’s blade had strengthened his body significantly. He had grown into a man, no longer was he the stubborn, reckless and might I add, rebellious child from Wiltshire. He was now brilliant, attractive, even charismatic. He had also become quite a leader, for this country, now known as the United States, was not peaceful, it had seen many ages of war and peace, sometimes with other countries, sometimes with themselves and always he had fought, slaying countless men yet sparing as many as possible. He was now quite grateful to Cordelia for teaching him the art of combat. He also owed Derryth for his teachings as it granted him the knowledge necessary to fight in these wars and remain unknown.

He would often hear Selma’s whimsical voice as the win blew around him, as a child she would lull him to sleep, but now she spoke to him as more of a sister than a mother, she and Cordelia, who spoke to him through the streams and the oceans, played the roles of good sister and bad sister, Selma would constantly speak of how she misses him while Cordelia would criticize him on the mistake he made. Though he hated being scolded, Ethan took Cordelia’s words to heart, and decided to finally prove himself to her by building an immunity to his one weakness, water. Cordelia simply laughed at the idea and told him that if he were to drown she would not save him again. Of course Ethan didn’t take these threats seriously, nor did he care, he would never be overcome again.

It took Ethan ninety-five years of meditating under waterfalls and swimming in ponds and lakes going from one end to the other. As the years passed the unbearable pain began to become less and less severe and Cordelia’s scolding only pushed him harder, he was the son of Aodhan, he would not surrender to one who was “below him”. He was quite pleased with his success and this newfound strength and will also taught him one thing that Derryth could never have thought to teach him, control. One disadvantage to being a fire apparition was that the fire was everything, even your body. Anything that touched his bare flesh would burn, he first noticed this when he touched a tree trying to speak with Derryth. As his hand touched the rough surface it had sparked into flames and in no time he had caused an entire forest fire. Training in the water gave him the strength to control his body temperature to a degree. His body temperature stayed at one hundred and seven degrees Fahrenheit. To anyone else he would seem to be nothing more than an abnormally warm human being. He had become interested in many activities that normal folk enjoyed and had participated in just about all of them. He was quite the athlete, excelling in Soccer, football, competitive swimming, even the extreme sports like skateboarding.

With his superior charisma he was also able to convince people who became suspicious of his origins that he was a normal human being who’d lost his parents to the war, or to the current epidemic or simply by mere fate itself. All it took was one small conversation with him and a person would never again question him. His influence along with his cunning made it nearly impossible for one to figure out who he truly was, or rather, what he truly was. It became more difficult in the later centuries when records of everyone were kept by the Government. This is probably where his charisma came most handy, he simply led everyone to believe that he was someone else, maybe a young man he’d seen at a diner or a guy he saw playing baseball at the park. His course was set and nothing could ever interfere, or so he thought.
In the city of Chesapeake Virginia, there was a girl born in 1992, this young girl’s name was Mychaela Whitten. This young girl would be the one thing that would change Ethan’s course completely. It is now the year 2009 and Ethan is currently a Senior at Oscar F. Smith High School, respectively called OFS by the students, and Mychaela is a gifted Junior about to be moved up into his history class. It is currently Monday, and Mychaela is preparing for school.

I must say that my alarm clock isn’t exactly what I look forward to hearing in my dreams. It’s the most obnoxious noise and always occurs right when the dream is about to reach its conclusion, and I hate cliffhangers. Finally I shut the stupid thing off and stayed still for a few seconds. Of course eventually I gave in and got up, what a drag. I looked myself over in the mirror, in my opinion I looked like a character from a horror movie, my blonde hair was tangled from tossing and turning in my sleep, I could see dark circles from the sleepless weekend and well let’s face it, I didn’t look happy.

I tried to make myself look as good as possible, let’s face it those Seniors are the most critical people ever and the better I look the less they’ll bother me. Oh, did I mention my friends were being moved up into the same History class as I was? Well to most that sounds grand, but my friends didn’t act very friendly towards me, that is when they actually chose to act toward me. Larissa was the worst, always taking whatever guy I actually liked and had the slightest chance with. Then again I couldn’t see much likeable about me, I mean how many other blondes go to our school, about most of the girls at OFS are blondes, my skin was pale, my eyes were again, nothing new at our school, the same shade of green as everyone else’s, I basically had no body, just another short girl with a tiny waist and hardly had a figure. Who in their right mind would go for me?

I finally got downstairs where, no surprise nobody else was up, and I was already running a little late, so I grabbed a granola bar and ran to my bus stop. It was relatively warm outside, I wasn’t really biased towards hot or cold, whatever felt right for the season, this was rather nice. Finally the bus pulled up at its usual time and I took my usual seat in the back where Gerald, who was somewhat an outcast waited for me. I could tell he liked me but he wasn’t my type, nice guy, really good grades but just not for me. So far it was a typical day, Gerald talked about the essay he had to write in English class pretending to be nervous, but let’s face it, he wasn’t fooling anybody, and very subtly hitting on me. I’ll be honest as annoying as it got I’d much rather take this than deal with Raven, the bad boy of the school hitting on me, which sadly he did very openly. My response was always the same, blunt and very honest, “I don’t date potheads”. I wish he’d just give it up already.

The bus finally arrived at OFS and I had fifteen minutes left to spare before I had to head to my English III class, so naturally I spent it at my locker. Larissa showed up with her fake smile asking me how my weekend was, of course I had wanted to say “What do you care?” but I didn’t want drama on a Monday so I just said “It was ok.” I think she got the message because she ended up leaving. A few minutes later Rebecca showed up, I didn’t mind her, she wasn’t like the other girls that hung out with Larissa, just very timid and easy to manipulate.

She looked a little nervous and embarrassed as she came up to me, she finally spoke “Hey, Mychaela? Is it alright if I sit next to you in our new History class? I’m a little annoyed by the other girls cheating off of my paper.” What did I tell you? Well I wasn’t bothered, I was actually happy that she was beginning to see what scum those girls were, so I of course said she could. She looked quite relieved by this, she smiled and walked off and I couldn’t help smiling myself, today was going better than expected.

I finally decided to head to my English class which was located across the courtyard on the other side of the school. On the way I had the misfortune of seeing Raven along with his usual little group, Jackson and Raymond. They were the three tallest students in the school, some people said that they’d been held back a couple years and that was why, however I’d known them since Middle School and knew that that wasn’t the case. They all looked pretty similar, Tall, lean but not very muscular, Raven had medium length greasy black hair, fair skin and very light brown eyes, Jackson had shorter brown hair with blonde tips, tan skin and blue eyes and Raymond had short brown hair, constantly went from normal to tan because he kept changing hobbies and gray eyes. Most people didn’t mess with them only because their height was intimidating.

Luckily they didn’t notice me as I quietly made my way to class and I decided not to take any chances, I went into the classroom and took my seat. The topic of discussion amongst my friends today had nothing to do with English, in fact quite the contrary, it was all about this boy in the History class who was supposedly drop dead gorgeous. Oh and their favorite part was he wasn’t seeing anybody, I tried to tune them out but by the last ten minutes of class I’d given up, I’d finished my work anyways and big surprise Gerald had the best essay. I was very relieved when the bell finally rang. I didn’t have second or third period with Larissa.

The unfortunate part was that Raven and I had the same second period, and as usual he wouldn’t leave me alone. He pulled out his usual Monday comments like “Oh, I couldn’t sleep during the weekend because I kept thinking of you.” or “Is it just me or are you sexier after the weekend?” I swear I wanted to hit him, this had gotten old years ago. I was able to ignore him for the most part until he started moving his hand up my thigh, then I had to shove him away. As usual the class went quiet and stared, but the teacher knew the drill, he just sent Raven out of class and as usual, called his parents. I swear, how many times would it take to get this kid to stop? Well I only had a little over a year left to deal with it. My friends always say if I would just get a boyfriend it would be much easier, but I won’t lie, I can be a picky girl, I don’t want to just date anyone, I want somebody I can really see myself with in the future.

I had enough time to switch out my Spanish textbook for my Algebra II textbook at my locker, which was conveniently located next to my Algebra II class. The day still hadn’t been ruined despite Raven’s little stunt, but like any other annoyance he was back, right at my locker. He tried to look cool leaning against the locker next to mine as he said “You know, Mychaela, I go through a lot of trouble for our love,” Oh please, we didn’t have any love between us, what a joke. I didn’t respond but he continued anyways “and all this time you haven’t given me a single kiss.” I wasn’t oblivious to the fact that he was leaning closer, but I became nervous, there were no teachers around to stop him here.

I felt my heart racing, I thought it was going to explode, but luck was on my side as we heard a band right behind him. He slowly turned around and another boy stood there staring up at him blankly. “What do you want, kid?” Raven was clearly annoyed by this interruption. “You, off of my locker, now.” He spoke in a monotone voice, but it was quite threatening despite. Raven didn’t want to get in anymore trouble for the day so he slowly just walked away from the guy. I was very grateful for this perfectly timed intervention and cheerfully continued with my day.

The author's comments:
This is the first chapter of my work in progress, it introduces the female protagonist, Mychaela, which is a Celtic name for pure or innocence

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