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March 18, 2010
By GraceGallows PLATINUM, Plainville, Massachusetts
GraceGallows PLATINUM, Plainville, Massachusetts
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It started out with a horrible scream waking me up at 1:47AM that morning. The second I heard the piercing shout I leaped out of my bed and quickly ran to my open window. I heard my neighbors German Sheppard named Lucy start barking very protectively. Then I heard a voice, well it was more of a hiss with an otherworldly beauty to it, it sounded annoyed though. The only reason I could even hear it was because, like my window my best friend, and neighbor Anzalki’s window was wide open. “Do you zee what zu hass done!” The voice spoke. “I-I’ve done nothing, the human doesn’t know anything, As far as she knows I’m from Alabama and my family moved here in second grade!” Anzalki’s said to the creature. Was I the human they were speaking of? I couldn’t help but think it was me. “ve have two choices, eizer ve kill it or ve make it one ov us!” The otherworldly sound hissed. “What?! You can’t kill her. She didn’t do anything! She doesn’t know anything either!!” Anzalki’s shouted. “Then I guess ve vill have to make her one ov us!” It spoke before flying out of his window and running through the air to my window. I tripped backwards and fell onto the floor as the creature came into view. It was…scary? Beautiful? I don’t even know! It had huge circular neon green eyes, and purple moving tattoos in the shape of swirls. The tattoos framed its face and surrounded its arms. Despite this it looked mainly human. Its hair was very dark black. The same color as Anzalki’s. Also one of its hands was surrounded by a glove-like thing. It surrounded its hand and stopped a little after the wrist. The robotic glove did not, however, cover the fingers. On the hand opposite this, it wore a silver ring…kind of…At first this hand was closed into a fist. Then it opened the fisted hand, exposing a needle on the part of the ring I could not see at first. It slowly walked toward me, “Hello Aya, I am Zandia, leader of the Quilket Vampians. We are what humans would think of, ‘Vampiric Aliens’ I have come to tell you, you have been chosen to be one of us” The creature spoke. There was no hiss in the voice anymore. Its voice was now soft, but very powerful, like a warm summer wind mixed with thunder, or like the air before a lightning storm. I wanted to say something but my voice wouldn’t work and my mouth wouldn’t speak any words. All it seemed like I could do is to just stand there like an idiot! The creature walked toward me, the needle, that I imaged held some kind of poison was pointed towards me. My mind was screaming at me to run away, but still I stood still and silent, hypnotized by the creature in front of me. All of a sudden a burst of pain hit my neck, I knew the needle had struck me, the blood circulating through my veins seemed to turn into lead, I felt lightheaded. Then I collapsed to the floor as everything went blank.

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