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The Best of Both Worlds. (Part II)

October 20, 2009
By nancyy. SILVER, Strawn, Texas
nancyy. SILVER, Strawn, Texas
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The next week at school it was obvious that Clint had gotten discouraged by her rejection. Although this was true, Clint continued to ask her on dates. Isabella was so lost though. She wanted to go places with Clint but didn’t want him to find out her secret. Every time she saw Clint, she wanted to pull him aside and just tell him, but she knew she couldn’t.
The week of Homecoming was even tougher. Everywhere she looked, she saw Whitney all over Clint. Isabella was almost sure that he was going to ask Whitney to the Homecoming dance but still held on to the possibility that he still shared mutual feelings for her. She was determined to find out when art class came around that Friday.
“So, have you asked anyone to the Homecoming dance?” she asked, dying to find out.
“Well, I was going to ask…”
“Yes?” Isabella asked hastily.
“I was going to ask Whitney. Do you think she’ll say yes?”
Not wanting to believe what she just heard, Isabella ran out of the building, all the way home.
Tears seemed to fall endlessly out of her eyes. She needed her fairy godmother, now. Before she could even call out for her, she heard the sweet voice say her name, yet again.
“What’s the matter, darling?”
“I love being big and everything, but I hate that I don’t get to be big at night. Clint, this guy I really like, has asked me out so many times, and I’ve had to say no all these times just because I turn freaking small again. Now, he doesn’t even act like he likes me. Now he likes freaking Whitney, who does not even deserve him, and now I’m pretty sure that they are going to the Homecoming dance together.”
“Well, honey, that was part of the deal. I’m sorry but the—“
“Please. Just for tonight. Can I stay big? Please?!”
“I don’t know Isabella… What if I just extended the time? Let’s say until about midnight?”
“Ah, yes! That’s absolutely perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
“I’ll have a dress for you in the closet and everything. I’ve actually been watching that Whitney girl, and I don’t like her one bit.”
“I know, me neither. But really, thank you so much!”
Smiling, the fairy godmother waved her wand and left knowing she had done a good job.
After her fairy godmother left, Isabella ran directly to the closet. The dress was amazing. It was long and cream colored with golden trimming. She knew this was the perfect dress for her. She couldn’t wait to blow everyone away. Especially Clint.
By the time the dance came around that night, Isabella was ready. As she walked into the gymnasium, there wasn’t one eye that didn’t stop and stare. She was beyond gorgeous and everyone acknowledged this. After waiting for about twenty minutes, Clint, the boy she wanted, and Whitney, the girl she wanted to go away, came through the door together. This vision tore Isabella to shreds, but she knew she had to remain poised. Without a doubt, Isabella was the first girl Clint saw as he entered the room. Their eyes met and they both smiled.
“Wow, you look great,” he said, smiling.
Blushing, Isabella thanked him and he asked her for a dance. The moment in each other’s arms was perfect. Enraged, Whitney noticed and pulled the both of them outside. By now, it was eleven o’clock and she knew that time was running out quickly.
As they went out to the parking lot, Whitney grabbed Isabella by her soft, long hair.
“Whitney, what are you doing? Let her go.”
“Clint, we’re supposed to be together and when this freak gets to Richardson, you’re all over her. Seriously?”
Clint grabbed Isabella by the hand.
“Let her go.”
She finally let go and stomped off back into the gym. As soon as he got Isabella in his arms, he went in for a passionate kiss. She knew that every obstacle, every moment leading up to this kiss, was totally worth it.
Instead of going back into the dance, Clint and Isabella went for a walk in the park. She was so wrapped up in him that she lost track of time.
“Oh my gosh. What time is it?”
“It’s about to be twelve. Do you need to be home or something?”
“Oh no, this can’t be happening. Not now.”
“Baby, what’s wrong?”
Isabella knew she had to tell him the truth. Scared at first, she revealed her deepest, darkest secret.
“Is this a joke?” Clint asked playfully.
“Just close your eyes.”
The clock struck twelve and the transformation occurred. Clint opened his eyes, only to find no one there, or so he thought.
“Hello? Where’d you go?”
There was a long pause before he heard a tiny voice say, “Clint, down here!”
He bent down and picked up tiny Isabella.
“I was afraid to tell you because I thought you would stop liking me… And you see that tree stump; well that’s where I used to live with my parents.”
“Oh, wow. I don’t even know what to say… Maybe we should… How about I just catch you Monday? I’m sorry, Isabella.”
On impulse, Isabella went home to her parents, where she knew she could be comforted and loved, unconditionally.
Each day she awoke playing back the Friday night like a broken record. That’s all she could think about. Monday morning finally came and although she did not want to, she knew she had to go to school. Reliving the feeling that she had her very first day she went to school, Isabella walked in unsure of what to do, or expect. All eyes were on her as she walked through the crowded hallway. This time, it was a much different kind of stare than the one from the first day of school, or even the Friday before. She slowly but surely made it to her locker. As she opened it, she heard a voice from down the hall.
“Isabella, I was wrong for walking away. I didn’t want to hurt you. I just really didn’t know how to react.”
Her head remained directed towards her worn our, Keds.
“Please look at me. I’m sorry. I have something for you.”
She looked up and saw the painting he had been working on.
“You were my inspiration. While I was painting, I really got to thinking and I realized you were the one who accepted me for who I was. You deserve to be accepted, too. You’re beautiful and I would do anything and drop everything, to be able to be with you.”
“You mean that?”
“Of course I do.”
“Well, there is one way.”
With no questions asked, the fairy godmother appeared and everyone watched in amazement as she waved her wand and turned the two of them, small. They opened their eyes to find themselves back at the park, and took in the permanent transformation. She knew this was how it was supposed to be. They both knew. Hand in hand, they began a new journey together, firmly believing that bigger was not always better.

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