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Paulina vs Connella: A Rivalry Like No Other

October 18, 2009
By Fashionista828 PLATINUM, Vienna, Virginia
Fashionista828 PLATINUM, Vienna, Virginia
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Once in a far away kingdom, lived two princesses. They had just turned sixteen. They were twins but extremely different. Paullina was known as the kind sister. She loved to wear the colors black and gold. And she loved all the animals. She was small for her age but acted much older than her sixteen years.

And then there was Connella. All the civilians called her the evil sister. She hated animals and always wanted protection. She hated everyone and lived in a huge room. She was tall and some people thought she was a man. Her favorite colors were blue and white, but she would always wear clothes with a circular pattern on it; everyone thought they were ugly.

There was one thing that was similar between the princesses. They loved to compete against each other. So they would always bet. They would make people fight for them. They wanted to be known as the greatest. Even the king couldn’t decide. But once, Connella had enough of her sister’s kindness.

“I bet,” Connella said to her sister. “Sister dear, that I could beat you at more things. We shall have a tournament! Winner of the most things is know as the best princess.”

Paullina grew mad so she said,

“You are on, sister of mine!”

So they went and picked their sports. They had to pick their players first, though. Connella picked the knights because she knew how much she could trust them. But Paullina picked the mighty panther, because she knew how fierce they were. The tournament consisted of 20 games. After two whole days of playing, they were at a tie.

The king picked the last game. He picked his favorite game, volleyball. The girls became nervous. They were both very good at volleyball. But they could not play. And Connella and Paullina knew that the knight would be better competitors than panthers. So Connella thought she would make it interesting.

“Father, I have decided that there will be another prize. I want the winner to get…Prince Bradford!”

Princess Paullina gaped at her sister. Prince Bradford was her lover! She was going to married to him before Christmas! She knew she had to win. But, she knew that the panther’s sharp claws would tear easily through the volleyball. So she switched her panther friends with strong women wearing all black. For some reason, her sister did not notice until it was too late.

The teams played fiercely. The knights were winning at first but at game point the panthers made a comeback. Then the final points were going in between the knights and the panthers. Finally with one false move the panthers won the game! Princess Paullina screeched with joy as she went up to Prince Bradford and hugged him. The whole kingdom was there to see the historic match.

But Connella had a problem with it. So, she stalked off to a carriage and rode all the way to the huge summer palace. She later declared that that castle would just be for her. But no one in the kingdom cared. The good sister had won and no one heard from the evil sister ever again. Paullina was married to Bradford shortly after the match.
And everyone (Except Connella) lived happily ever after…

The author's comments:
This story is based on an intense volleyball game that i played against my school's arch rival.

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