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New Ending for the Three Little Pigs

July 7, 2009
By Anson Lee PLATINUM, Chai Wan, Other
Anson Lee PLATINUM, Chai Wan, Other
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Deep in the woods, a wolf chuckled. His father had nearly caught the infamous three little pigs when he was small and was boiled up. He had been planning revenge since that day. Now he was going to get it!

Far away in a small brick house one of the little pigs was reading the newspaper.

"My goodness! It seems that a wolf has been seen slinking around this area, and is suspected to be heading to this house! I bet it is son of the wolf we killed years ago and he wants to chomp us up for good!" he exclaimed.

"What should we do?" asked one of the pigs.

"Hmmm.... we have quite an amount of money. I think we should buy the surrounding area with a perimeter of 90 yards and fit it with wolf tracking devices. Then we can be sure of the wolf's whereabouts and can plan our attack," the other pig suggested.

"Good idea!"

Two days later, the first and the second pig was busy setting the devices.

"The trackers are all in place. You can now start monitoring the area," Pig Two reported over the radio.


Pig Three, who was sitting back in the house with a flashy PC picked up all the trackers' readouts.

"Er, brothers? I think you should get back fast. I picked up a wolf on the edge of the perimeter, just 50 yards away from you. I can't confirm which position he is in, but it is about 50 yards away from you. The GPS displays a few possible positions he can be in and they are all 50 yards away from you."

Pig One and Pig Two gasped, "Quick!"

After running back as fast as they can, they started checking everywhere.

"I'm about to confirm his position. The computer is calculating the wolf's position," informed Pig Three.

Suddenly he gave a whoop of joy.

"I've found him! The wolf's position is 78 yards away from the house! It will soon get a bit too close. We must operate the defense systems soon. The pepper gas spray is ready."

Pig Two nodded nervously.

"The wolf is in firing range! One, two, three - FIRE!"

SPLAT! The wolf growled as the gas met his eyes and drove him back. He wondered who had devised this mechanism against him. Although it stung his eyes, he was not going to let this stop him. He continued, trying to ignore the gas as it squirted into his face.

"Oh no! The pepper gas did not do much effect on him! We must try the hot chili sauce!" Pig One and Pig two gasped.

They had expected the pepper gas should be able to make him run. Now they had to try their second weapon.

"FIRE!" The wolf growled in surprise.

Suddenly hot chili sauce had sprayed into his face. The chili sauce burned his tongue and was impossible to ignore. He tried shutting his mouth, but the sauce seeped inside. He let out a roar of pain. More sauce squirted directly into is tongue. Soon he could take no more and made a run for it.

"Yes! The chili sauce has effect on him! We must keep squirting while we use the pepper gas to back it up!"

Suddenly pepper gas smashed into the wolf's face. Letting a howl of fury and pain, he finally ran deep into the woods, never to try to attack the three little pigs again.

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on Jul. 15 2009 at 11:36 pm
Hope_Princess BRONZE, Hebron, New Hampshire
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Favorite Quote:
"Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible."

That was really cute. I love how the pigs used modern devices.

Keep writing!