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A Speech of Proposal

April 29, 2012
By firelord SILVER, Queensbury, New York
firelord SILVER, Queensbury, New York
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"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference." -Robert Frost

I can look into your eyes and I can easily see myself reflected back. That doesn’t mean much to some people, but to me it’s everything. It means I see myself in you; a part of you that I don’t ever want to let go of. Being in the same room as you just makes my heart buzz and beat with excitement. I lose my breath; my voice is whisked away just by the essence of every word that brushes past your lips. When we lock eyes, I can feel a jolt go straight into me, past my physical being. It’s overwhelming and it belongs to you.

Every year when Valentine’s Day comes around, and our anniversary, I know I have to be better than the last year. I’m so worried I’ll pale in comparison to what you do for me, or the present year won’t live up to the previous. But when I stress, that’s when you put on that ever-so-charming smile, look right at me and say, with the softest voice, “Listen, gifts are superficial in the sense that they only excite our feelings of joy; barely scratching the surface. But what matters is so much deeper. Our hearts beat the same rhythm on the same time scale along with the feelings that are so much more than hormones. And for that I love you.”

And when it’s my birthday we stay inside for a very romantic dinner and wine, surrounded by our closest friends who shed tears before the cake is even brought out. But when they go home and it’s just us, you bring out your present. Each year it’s a single lilac, because you know it’s my favorite flower. We smell it at the same time, taking in its intoxicating scent and our lips lightly meet, and the silence is perfect. I want to freeze this moment and just live in it forever.

But as we’re sitting right here, right now, in this sundrenched kitchen, as we drink our morning coffee in our pajamas, I’m pouring out my feelings to you.

Every pair of star-crossed lovers always finds their destined partner in time. Always. The stars are now tangled in web of love, passion, and friendship.

Will you marry me?

The author's comments:
I'm trying to write something as if I were proposing to someone. I'm entering it in a magazine for my school. Hopefully it stirs up some emotion; it was rather hard to write a proposal speech. I hope you enjoy :)

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