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Love Is a Battlefield

November 5, 2008
By Anonymous

“Ready….. Aim…” It was those three little words that the general spoke that crushed soldier Sam’s heart. He was forced to choose between the possible love of his life and the war….the only reason his family is proud of him.


It was love at first sight. When the guns were pointed and the spears were aimed they knew they were each others life long partner….. Except there is a few problems. They are on the opposite sides of the war, they are both men and it is absolutely forbidden. These two men will do what ever it takes to be with each other even kill.

“Hey there young lad how has your day been?” asked the nurse.
“Well ya’ see I’m in here with a huge gaping hole in my leg and blood everywhere how do you think I am doing?” I responded being pain filled.
“Okay I understand I really do. So other than that how is it on the battlefield?” the nurse replied with a bit of curiosity in her voice.
“Get this I was standing there with my riffle pointed directly at the sergeant on the opposing side just as General Brad told me to and when he said those three little words, something inside of me wouldn’t let me do it. I tried and tried and tried to get my finger to pull the trigger but nothing happened. My finger just wouldn’t respond to the message being sent by my brain. I was completely helpless and the next thing I know the General attempts to take my riffle from me and shoot the sergeant himself, so I fight him for it and next thing I know I am on the ground screaming and in massive pain because the damn general shot me in the thigh. My fellow soldiers brought me to the nearest hospital to be aided and now I am lying here having a conversation with you” I responded with a bit of snootiness.
“Oh my! What happened to you darling why couldn’t you pull that trigga. What was it that was holdin’ you back sonny?” the nurse questioned me with kindness in her voice.
“Well my name isn’t sonny it’s Sam. Tell you the truth I don’t know what my problem was. There was a strong force inside of me that told me it wasn’t the right thing to do. In that split second when I looked into his eyes, my heart took control of my mind and body and wouldn’t let me pull the trigger” I replied with a hint of shame in my voice. Nurse Bailey sat there with a saddened look on her face and wondering what she could do to make Sam feel better. She sat there and thought for a while…. And she knew exactly what to do. Suddenly she burst into what she called singing. She began with the song, “where did our love go”
“I’ve got this burning, burning yearning feelin’ inside me Ooh deep inside me and it… hurts… so… bad…?” I remember laughing hysterically at her wondering what she was doing and why she was doing it. I paused my hysterical laughter just for a moment and managed to spit out a few words before continuing to laugh.
“WHOA and you call that what?” I questioned her with a bit of interest in my voice
“Oh… sorry… I was only tryin’ to make you laugh a little” she replied shyly
“Well it worked. You had me scared at first and then I realized you were doing it out of kindness, and only trying to take my mind off the unfortunate situation that took place earlier, thanks” I replied, with a smile that covered my face. I looked up from whipping the tears from my face and seen the nurse look at me as though she was still curious as to why I couldn’t truly pull the trigger.

“Sam if you don’t mind me asking what was that truly kept you from pulling that trigga?” she looked on with wonder waiting for a response. I was hesitant to respond but I did and I told her the truth.
“Not many people know this about me, but I trust you and I think you’re a good person so I will tell you what I think it was. Now I’m not like most guys. I don’t get all googly eyes when somebody mentions the word breast or sexy women. Rather I get all tingly inside when someone mentions an attractive young man, with a lean body ripped with muscles. My heart starts beating fast when I think of a tall dark and handsome man. Anyways it is true I am gay and there is nothing I can do about it. I am the way I am so if you don’t like it deal with it some other time and patch me up now” he said in a timid voice. Nurse Bailey stood there in awe, trying to consume all of what she was told. When she finally got every thing sorted out she looked at him with a smile on her face and said,

“Hun that ain’t anything to be ashamed of, I don’t judge people for what they do but by who they are and how they act. I think you should be allowed to express yourself just as you please. Now tell me what is it about him that caught yer’ eye?” nurse Bailey replied with a smile on her face. Soldier Sam sat there looking at Nurse Bailey with that look of curiosity as to why she was so accepting of him. When he finally replied he said this,

“Well it was like I knew he was meant for me. I had this deep feeling inside me telling me that who ever made him knew that I would need someone to live my life with, and that is why he was created just for m….” right in the middle of his sentence the sergeant was being brought in on a stretcher with a bullet wound to his knee. The wound looked like it hurt, but the way the sergeant was acting told us a whole different story. The sergeant lay there singing along to the ever so popular song Wild Thing by the Troggs. He sat up in the middle of his singing to see what every one was laughing at.

“What is so funny if I may ask?” he asked with a snooty voice

“Nothing really just thought it was a little funny that you are singing when you look as though you are in such pain. I have never meet any one else who does that.” Sam replied with excitement.

“Wow I felt the exact same way. All of my fellow soldiers seem to think I am really strange and most of them don’t except me for who I am.” He said with a sigh

“Just because you sing when in pain?” I asked curiously

“Well that and ah some other reasons” he said with shame.

“What is it if I may ask?” I asked him with kindness surrounding my question.

“Well I am uhhh gay” he responded with a shy voice as though I would be disgusted.

“If you are just trying to yank my chain don’t do it, because when I saw you on the battle field I was absolutely love struck. I couldn’t shoot you so the general shot me, and that’s why I’m in here and I was hoping to see you soon so I could tell you just how I felt.” After I confessed my feelings to the sergeant I sat there with a look on his face saying please love me back.

The war soon ended and we planned on going our separate ways but fait had another idea. While I was boarding my bus to leave I heard the sergeant screaming my name. I turned to see him running full speed to me with a smile covering his face. He convinced me to come home with him and meet his family and I accepted the gesture. During the long trip back home we had a lot of time to connect with each other and learn more. We decided that we would live out our lives together remembering that fait filled day and never forgetting that love is a battle field.

The author's comments:
I only wrote this to have some fun in class. when i was editing it i realized what a great message it sent. to me it tells people to accept one another for who they are and not judge them for what they do. Acceptence is the key to living a great life.

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I just love how deep this went!! ^^ love this!!

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Favorite Quote:
courage cant see around corners, but will go around them anyways.

your story is amazing! Loved all the details and the expression "Love is a battlefield" The military refernece is amazing I look forward to reading more of your work!