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Riku and Aya

November 15, 2011
By Shadow-Huntress BRONZE, Rocky Mountain House, Other
Shadow-Huntress BRONZE, Rocky Mountain House, Other
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Aya: Silver and pale. What could be more divine?
Riku: I'm not sure.
Aya: Maybe if he had aquamarine eyes.
Riku: Umm, I do.
Aya: Maybe if he had a noble heart that is fighting the darkness inside of him.
Riku: Nope did that too.
Aya: A desire to get stronger to protect the people who he loves.
Riku: Did that, done that got the t-shirt.
Aya: Being the person that I've known for a long time.
Riku: I was.
Aya: Then what the hell is wrong with you?
Riku: I'm in love with my best friend's sister, that happens to be you.
Aya: Sap.
Riku: You know you love it.
Aya: True. Now where was I?
Riku: Maybe if he was dashing and charming too?
Aya: Yes, I know that.
Riku: Maybe if he happened to have a big-
Aya: Shut up and stop bragging.
Riku: Should I start with how beautiful you are?
Aya: Don't you dare.
Riku: Then back to bragging it is.
Aya: Fine! But please keep it kid appropriate.
Riku: Aw, do I have to?
Aya: Yes.
Riku: Marry me.
Aya: What?
Riku: You heard me.
Aya: But I'm only fifteen!
Riku: So I'm nineteen.
Aya: B-b-but.
Riku: I will always love you.
Aya: I know but!
Riku: But what?!
Aya: My brothers will kill you.
Riku: Sora said it was fine.
Aya: Lair.
Riku: (pulls a ring out of his pocket) Am I now?
Aya: S***. (faints).

The author's comments:
This is a quick poem I wrote. my Friend Talked me into doing this.

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on Dec. 16 2011 at 10:56 am
DarknessForever13 SILVER, Gainesville, Texas
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"What's right isn't always popular, but what's popular isn't always right." - Unknown

I loved this, its absolutely amazing!! I think I died laughing at the ending! X-D

Keep writing, you are very good, and your humor is awesome at that! ;-)