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My Little Techie

November 27, 2011
By CrazyCreative95 SILVER, North Fort Myers, Florida
CrazyCreative95 SILVER, North Fort Myers, Florida
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If most animals of the same species but different colors and origins can get along, why can't we??

Glasses, a buzz cut, a serious expression on each inch of his face; if you were to get a glimpse of his Facebook profile, you would think his father was a drill Sargent. Not to mention his clean cut JROTC uniform, the gigantic feet, huge and bulky, because of his boots and his posture, so seamless and unspoiled. When compared with your Facebook picture; a relaxed, smiling and bubbly photo, people would think that you two couldn’t be farther apart in personalities and that very assumption couldn’t be more inaccurate. Underneath his misleading photo, comes this guy with a vast heart. Someone who, when he knows he does something wrong, cries. Someone who is the most ticklish guy you’ve ever met. When he’s with you, he always makes sure you’re happy, and if not, would go out of his way to make you smile. When he smiles, you smile back because his smile lights up your world. His giggle, yes giggle, so harmless, and innocent, makes you giggle with him. His obsession with World of Warcraft; although sometimes drives you insane, makes him even more innocent. You want to call him your little Techie, or your little nerd, in a playful way of course. The way his fingers interlock with yours makes your heart melt, and even though half of the things he says sound like they come from PickUp Lines R’ Us, you know that he means them. The way, when you’re sitting on the bleachers in a high school football game, and it is pouring rain, he holds you the whole time trying to keep you warm, even holding the umbrella over you because your fingers are so cold and numb, that they can’t really grip the umbrella too well. I'm not sure what makes him so great, but this guy is amazing, and I’m happy he’s mine.

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My boyfriend is one of a kind :)

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on Dec. 6 2011 at 2:36 pm
CaseyDawn BRONZE, Princeton, Indiana
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You're only as good as you make yourself out to be.

This is really good:) I like the descriptive imagery. A+ haha