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My Boyfriend-The Ghoul Part uno :)

October 24, 2011
By iluvrockandroll2 PLATINUM, Tinton Falls, New Jersey
iluvrockandroll2 PLATINUM, Tinton Falls, New Jersey
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I slide the lock on my phone frantically, pausing quickly to look behind me, my thumb quivering uncontrollably as i managed to scroll through my contacts. I still have time! I'm gonna make it! I'm gonna-
Who should I even call? The police? would they even believe me?
Creeeeaaakk... "You can't run forever, Princess. One of these days, you're gonna have to come out." a low voice sneered. "You wanna try me?" I yelled at his impatient footsteps, threatening to come closer is I didn't move.
"Fine. I have all eternity."

I woke up sweating, the dream and that sexy deep voice in my head that I couldn't manage to get out of my head, as I groggily sat through class. I do remember that, Sari ta invited Sam and I and this guy Jerry and her brother that Saturday, the first night of Fright Fest. I obviously accepted even though, it was that last thing in my mind, going back to the eerie dream, trying to remember the best i could.But when the last bell rang, I forgotten completely about the voice, and proceeding to sing "Last Friday Night" By Katy Perry on the top of our lungs, not caring in the least if that cute senior was watching her or not; feeling relief pushing all her anxiety away. Friday was finally here to stay and that's exactly how she liked it.

"Thriller" blasted through the speakers as I fell into step with my friends walking towards the highly decorated fountain that was spewing blood red water, that Six Flags did every year.
It was also crystal clear that Sarita's bud, Jerry was hitting on me, but I just went along with it, laughing at a few of his jokes, and catching his eye watching me sometimes. i liked the feeling of being utterly appreciated, by this guy.
"Hey y'all wanna go on El Torro before dark?" Mike asked, a little of his southern twang seeping into his voice. "Hell yeah! One more time before the ghouls come out," Sam fist pumped. "Will someone tell me the deal with the ghouls?" Sarita asked impatiently her eyebrows arching slightly. Jerry gave a small sigh, his giant goofy grin, breaking out as he put an arm around Sarita's slim shoulder. "You poor old Southerner!" he yodeled gleefully, as Sarita slapped him away giggling in the process. We all laughed half halfheartedly; Sarita and Mike have both been in Jersey for a year and still hasn't gotten the use of language up here and we always teased her and her bro about it.
That's when I precisely saw him, out of the corner of my eye, but saw him nonetheless.
He was hopelessly pale, except for his blue face makeup that set from the other visitors immediately. He had dark kohl lines that made look a tad like Frankenstein threaded from his mouth and his eyes looked slightly deranged as he watched he intently with a rapt expression on his face. His eyes, themselves, were intense, holding me captive as I watched him move from crowd to crowd scaring people with a metal shovel by scraping it against the ground, making his way towards- "That," Jerry pointed to the guy I was entranced with, "Is a ghoul." "Wow. Lame," Sarita yawned but barely trying to hide it. "Moving on. You wanna see that show at 8:00?" I went back to find my ghoul, but he was gone... Disappointingly, I sighed and stretched went to turn behind me to talk to Sam, when... Holy Crapppp He was behind me, in that same eerie expression, an odd smile lighting up his face, making his impossibly bold red lips standout. I slowly leaned forward, watching his face staring at his lips, as though i couldn't help it. He gave a small surprised grunt. " You know, if I were caught kissing a visitor, I'd probably no doubt lose my job." My face burst aflame. "Whatthe-? Oh! no, no I wasn't going.." i ducked away looking for Sam again. "But we can if you like," He replied softly, offering his lips to mine. "Look, Dude," I whispered, my voice tentative.Damn he smelled delicious! " My name's actually Julian, but anyways good." he whispered breathlessly into my ear. Omigod - I knew that voice; i knew it so clearly it felt like a dream. Was it? or might've been anyways. "Kiss me." Julian raved, his voice was a urgent drug, that needed to fulfill his demand. "Julian, I don't want you to lose your job," I murmured softly, pushing him away, his eyes a psychotic question that wanted a real answer. My answer
"Besides if you get fired, how will I see you again?" Julian had a snarky smile plastered all over his pale face.
"Oh, i have my ways, Evelyn Jones." He kissed my hand softly, as if he didn't want to hurt it it, and was gone as soon as he appeared. "Evie, oh-my-baby-Jesus, were you just hit on by a ghoul?" Sam snickered. "Yes, I do believe so," I grinned. "And, he was very cute too." "Girl, yo already have Jerry droolin' all ova you. Isn't that enough?" Sarita's wide innocent eyes asked. "It's not my fault, that he was hitting on me!" I protested feebly, stomping my foot. "Yes it is, 'cause you're a ginger!" Jerry answered, as my group erupted into nervous giggles. I gave him a friendly slap, and slung my arm over his shoulder, content. I felt Julian envious glare burning through me, but saw no one as the five of us, entered the gates of the Maze.
I stumbled blindly through the maze, with my best friends as we kept a watch for ghouls; They've been popping up at almost every turn, scaring the living daylights out of us, each time, as we grappled for an exit.
There wasn't any exit in sight.His was a really stupid idea," I grumbled, the straw crackling under my Uggs. "Whose was it, anyway?" "Probably Mike's, he absolutely loves this stuff," Sarita muttered, feeling around a turn. "Hey Eve, What if your ghoul comes back? Like during the maze?" I kept thinking nonstop about that, and didn't answer. What would he do? Julian was strange but- "Jerry would probably, fight him first," I said, trying to be light about it. But, this time, there wasn't any self-assured giggles, just a foggy silence.
Creeeeeaaaaakkkk... Suddenly, my senses snapped back to life. "Sarita.." i whispered loudly. "Omijesus, what now?"
"There's someone behind us,"Sam filled her in, her voice almost too soft to hear. "If its that ghoul, I swear," I growled. "If its what ghoul?" Mike twanged, as we jumped back five feet. "Where have y'all been?" Sarita yelled at him and Jerry, who were both pretty happy with themselves. "Lost," Jerry replied. "Our cells didn't get any reception and we've been chased for hours." :"Alright, well we're together now, right?" Sam reasoned. We all nodded gratefully, ans looped arms as we skipped happily for a short while. Then, I happened to get lost. Very lost.

I stumbled almost blindly through the dark night of the maze, panic seizing my gut, as my breathing quickened at every turn. "Sarita?? Sam? Jerry? Mikeeeeeeeeeeeee?" I called, only to hear my exhausted echo. I kicked at the straw carpeting the floor, as I padded through the next left, feeling the walls. A twig snapped loudly, as I turned back slightly watching. "Boo!" a whisper lulled in my ear. I neatly avoided landing into his arms, as his smile spread like sunshine across his face. "Evelyn, Evelyn, we have to stop meeting like this!" his voice a slender caress, but this time, I was too smart. "Julian, what the hell are you doing here?" "Why are you mad,Princess?" he perched down o a small wooden chipped bench, his eyes intense unblinking. I ran, feeling my way through the left-hand side, feeling absolutely numb, even though i finally saw him. Again.
Creeeeaaakkk, crack! squueeeaaak. I push my legs faster, speeding through the maze, checking my cell's reception, groaning in defeat. Snap! Before I could move or even react, Julian's face came crashing down over mine. Jesus, is he delicious... "You can't run forever, Princess,"he whispered soundlessly in my ear. "Oh yes I can," I growled fighting a silent war against his lips. "You fight too much," he replied loosely. "And what's that supposed to mean?" my voice scratchy against the frosty air. "You gotta loosen up," he smiled, his grin this times, was odd, possessing a strange light. "I--" "I like you, Evelyn." His face brightened a touched but stayed in a stony expression. Almost like it was frozen. "Julian, really like you too, but can we talk about this, when I'm not in a maze?" "Uh, no," He took me by my shoulders, gently, as i slowly evaluated the fierce look in his eye. "I know you, Evelyn. And I also know that our relationship, will be different from your friends here."he snorted. "Dude, you're starting to freak me out..." I took a few steps backward. This guy's insane, Evie, time to back away now! Just as I stepped away, retreating from his lunacy, I noticed something, that i haven't observed before. Something up until then, I didn't think was possible.
He was...glowing. Like he had an aura, except unlike angels in paintings and movies, this aura was dark. I advanced a step, and looked directly into his eyes, for the final test. Seeing the thing I kept missing before; That everyone seemed to miss.
They looked totally dead. There was no light shining through them.

The author's comments:
This short story is based on a real ghoul, at Six Flags, who very much scared the hell out of me, and still proceeded to look amazing in costume and face makeup.
Gotta love the supernatural! <3

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on Oct. 28 2011 at 8:18 pm
Imperfectlife SILVER, Rochester, New York
7 articles 0 photos 74 comments
Now I'm scared. Good job, it's pretty hard to get me having turn my back at every second... epp... well in sum, the story was amazing, I love it!

artlover said...
on Oct. 26 2011 at 10:15 am
This was such a captivating short story. How intense and suspense driven the writer's words became. It sounded like a real live ghoul. I bet they really do exist. Loved this!

grammy said...
on Oct. 26 2011 at 9:03 am
i really loved the detail you expressed in this essay...really drew me in and made me "see" the story...scary powerful and beautiful...