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How will I know?

March 20, 2011
By KatieFoley SILVER, Rileyville, Virginia
KatieFoley SILVER, Rileyville, Virginia
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How will I know if he likes me? when he locks his eyes with mine and holds it there for a split second. maybe i'll see something, a little spark to ignite the fire. playfully we balance ourselves on the boards, see who will push who off first. as you grab for me i grab for you, tickling your sides, you fall off laughing. when im looking away i sense his eyes on me, and when i turn, i catch a glimpse of him looking at me just when my eyes turn his way he quickly looks off. or when we're playing a game with friends, you glance at me, lean in close, whisper in my ear for me to pick you. outside in the dark, near the swings you lean in very close to me, your face only centimeters away, then you back away. maybe you were shy, because it was your first time meeting me. how will i know if you like me? it's funny because you're not my type and our taste in music is vastly different. you like playing soccer with me, chasing me down the parking lot stealing the ball and playfully nudging me as we walk to get the ball. but how do i know? i don't want to rush things, i don't want to seem weird. how am i supposed to act? what if i try to hard? i don't want to trip and fall, or look stupid when i laugh. if only i knew what he thought about me. i want to go up to him say i want to see him more, but i don't know if he'd think i was weird, because we just met. How will I know when he likes me? or if I just happen to misjudge the signals and fail completely.

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