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Story Of My love...

January 1, 2011
By Supriya PLATINUM, Palampur, Other
Supriya PLATINUM, Palampur, Other
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Poetry spills from the cracks of broken heart, but flows from the one which is loved.

As soon as you came in my life, you changed everything. These love struck words may seem silly to you, but I am sure you will definately feel something as you read on.

The day you got the nerve to ask me out to meet you for the first time, we went on the school terrace and your gloomy eyes stared right into mine. Suddenly you pulled your head towards my lips and I saw a beauty running wildly over you. Those sensual lips were the most beautiful thing I ever saw. That was the first time you held my hand. When your fingures touched mine, my heart beat a million times faster then ever. My hands were trembling, and I guess you noticed that because you smiled gently- an innocent smile which means a lot to me.

I remember the day when your hands were right into mine and you softly whispered in my ear 'I Love You, Baby'. I knew it wasn't love unil I felt the urge to see you everyday. On my 15th birthday, you gave me ten reasons telling why you loved me. You made it the best year of my life by doing so. That one day when I had to cancel our date due to some silly reason. I was ready for you to be mad at me... But no, you were so calm, and for a second I thought you'd end up everything. Your love almost seemed unreal to me.

Our first fight was over something very silly. It was almost an year since we were living together and on that day, for a moment I thought everything was going to change. You were ready to leave....suddenly for the first time you stopped me to touch your hand and your lips refused to touch mine. I remember myself yelling over the phone, almost for over a hundred times now. Today, I realize that most of the time the fault was always mine. But how could you be so calm and never yelled at me? I remember myself crying in front of you several times. How can I be so stupid? I exactly always knew how you'd be feeling but still I was acting so stupidly.

But you’re going now, you are not here anymore. I’m sorry that sometimes I could be a real pain for you. I have hurted you million times but I never meant to. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Every moment spent with you is abdorable, is unforgetable... Each and every day I spent with you was my new favorite day. You taught me how to love and how to be loved.We have together, made up a lot of memories, which have made a special part of me. I love you. Take care sweetheart... And wherever you go never forget me and come soon..your angel will always be waiting for you..

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