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Perfect Day

November 25, 2010
By keembahhh SILVER, Fullerton, California
keembahhh SILVER, Fullerton, California
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the past is the past[: put it behind you and let it go and it wont come back to bite you in the ass

I lived a mile down from the beach, so I took him there for our day together. I always feel shy around boys, but for some reason when I’m at the beach, I can’t help but feel calm and that nothing will go wrong. It gets cold at the beach in the winter, but I still can’t help myself from coming here. We walked straight towards the water and put our stuff down. He sat on the sand, while I jogged to the water. I let my feet be surrounded by the icy cold water, having it send chills throughout my body. I looked onwards into the faded blue water, watching the small waves crash and roll into one another; the white ripples having a shining aspect to them as the sun reflects on it. I was so lost in thought; I didn’t hear the near silent footsteps walking behind me. I was surprised when I felt his warm hands wrap fully around my waist and his head bury itself into my neck. I put my hands over his and watched the ocean and heard the sounds of the water rush on over each other.
“Hm… so beautiful”, I heard him say as he took his face out of my neck and rested his chin on my shoulder.
I gazed at the sea and said, “I know, it couldn’t be any more beautiful then today”.
He laughed at me. I looked into his gorgeous chocolate colored eyes and asked “why are you laughing?” as I smiled.
“I was talking about you, silly.” His gorgeous smile warmed my heart. “I mean the ocean is pretty too, but not while you are on the beach.”
I laughed this time. “Ha-ha, you are too cute you know that? But I can’t compare myself to the ocean. That’s a challenge I know I can’t win.”
Then I saw the playfulness in his eyes. He always gets like this.
“Wanna bet?” He turned himself in front of me, and pulled me over his shoulder. And before I knew it, he was running towards the water. I heard myself laughing at the same time I was screaming “no” to him. He ran waist deep into the water before bringing me down into the water with him. I was enveloped by the glacier water with his arms wrapped around me, keeping my body warm from his touch. I gasped for air as I reached the surface of the water. I was partially out of breath from laughing when I went in, causing me to lose air under water. But when I opened my eyes, I saw him looking at me with those playful eyes. “See? Even the ocean is jealous of your beauty as it took your breath away.” His smile was huge and I couldn’t bring myself to argue with him any longer. I swam over to him and kissed him on the cheek. I knew it drove him crazy when that was all he got. I got out of the water and looked back at him with a teasing smile. I lay on the sand, having the cool wind brush over my body. I put my hands behind my head as I closed my eyes. This time I heard the footsteps, but they stopped right beside me. I opened my eyes and saw him lie next to me. My eyes skimmed over his perfectly sculpted body. He brought his arm into the air and then let it rest beside me, pulling me closer to him. I rested my head on his chest and my hand on his stomach. I could feel my body getting warmer already.

Before I knew it, I was awakened by the sun about to set. It must have been two hours ago that I fell asleep. I looked over at him to see if he was sleeping. He was, and wow did he look beautiful. I carefully brought myself out of his clutch, and walked to the water. I sat and hugged my knees to my chest and gazed at the sun ready to rest for the night. There were footsteps behind me again. I look behind me to see him walking over to me. “Hey beautiful”, He sits behind me and pulls me into his arms. We watch the sunset until it is right at the ocean edge. I look up to his face, then into his eyes. He stares at me for what seems like the longest time. Finally, he brings his hands to my face and pulls me in to kiss him. He kisses me as if I am a fragile flower, ready to wilt at any movement. I reposition myself so that I am sitting in his lap and wrap my arms around his neck. Our kiss deepens and he brings us to the sandy floor. I lay myself onto his body and kiss him until the sun was out of sight. As the sun disappeared and the stars showed themselves, I gazed at them with him until my heart’s content. It was at that moment I felt I was in heaven. And it was that night, I feel asleep in the arms of an angel.

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